This blog is about me, it is about how I plan to get off the grid, get back to the land, and hopefully contains enough information for other to either follow in my foot steps, or skip mistakes that I make. I don’t like using labels such as ‘survivalist’ on myself, but the shoe fits.

This blog will be an attempt to include as much useful information as I can possibly write concerning being self-reliant.

I have been in the past many things, but I was an information broker for close to twenty years, and also a full-time working traveler (caravaner) for about 14 years. I’m not retired, don’t believe in it.

This blog hasn’t always been about the view point of self-reliance, hence some older posts no longer apply to who I am. I am changing, and this blog reflects that, you have been warned. Old posts tend to lean politically left, and even atheism in nature. However, I can clearly state that I am not an atheist, but a pantheist.

I was influenced by both the left wing, and the right wing, I consider myself neither. At times in the past I posted about issues that fall into the political realm of left wing views, right wing views, survivalist, artist, activism, and various other stuff. Like I said, this blog is about me, I am all those things and none of them, this is about improving myself, learning to do things myself, and recording as much of it as I can here. Part of the growing I have done as a person in recent years is that I no-longer feel that I can support any current ‘left-wing’ political view. It just leads down a path that doesn’t end. There is still one exception, which I don’t think actually belongs in that class of thought, and that being about supporting those with the public trust, those that are disabled and elderly.

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– Wolfe

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I am still in the process of updating this site, and transfering all the code and posts from wolfeblog.net, please bare with me - wolfe


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