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Banner advertisements on the Internet can be a good deal, but they can also be a complete rip off. Part of the problem for publishers is setting the price at which you will advertise a banner. If you over price the banner costs, no one will place an ad on your site. If you under price your ad space, you miss out on making enough money to continue doing what ever it is that people feel is worth spending their time on, namely your site.

Enter an idea. What if you could make money off of banner ads on your site, without anyone having to pay for them? I’m not talking about affiliate ads, those tend to be a rip-off to both the advertiser and the publisher, I’m talking about a banner system which generates currency for both the advertiser and the publisher. This is the future of advertisements… namely crypto-currency, and in this case one based on Steem.

Currently I have system in place that uses the Steemit crypto-currency system to “pay” for banner sponsorship on my blog,  0.001 in Steem sent my account (if you follow instruction below), will currently get you over 5,000 views of your banner on my site.  (That’s really cheap! See the calculator below).

This is how it works…

  1. Open a Steem Account.
  2. Add some Steem Coins to your wallet, by either creating content,
    or exchanging from another crypto currency.
  3. Choose your banner. (size is currently set to 250×250 square)
  4. Copy the Public URL to your banner and the link where it should go to this form
  5. After you submit the above, you will get a code via email to paste into the memo on a steem transfer (nothing else, just the code), choose how much you are going to pay (in steem) and send it to @wolfeblog with the code in the memo.
  6. After you send the steem wait at least 30 minutes and check the ledger here to see if your banner is in the que.
  7. If your banner does not appear in the ledger use my contact page, and I will help you out.

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