Better Encryption Intro

Better Encryption Intro

The best encryption code is a ‘one time pad’. It simply cannot be cracked. The practical problem of it is passing of the pad. It has to be done in complete secrecy or it is useless. That is the primary reason that public key based systems like PGP and GPG are so common, there are two keys, one public and the other private. The level of encryption is high enough to meet almost everyone’s need.


There is one flaw that is never talked about with encryption methods currently being used on the internet, at least as far as I have noticed. And that is the fact that if you see an encrypted message, you know it’s an encryption.

So I’ve been working on alternatives.

Take for example the ‘secret message’:

“The quick brown fox”

When you pass this through a numerical base converter (obase 62), it ends up as:

212488 391404532 169068815 59181

You still know it’s an encoded message. But numbers can be converted into anything. For example:

“Moved back Chris’ electric screen system. Not just luck, you almost erased Fred’s drive monday. But Greg took unix quick systems in September first. For timed backups in Unix.”

It’s a bit long, but it’s a start at sending a human readable message that really means “The quick brown fox.”, and it doesn’t look like a coded message, well at least not much.

I’m getting there.

– wolfe


Dan is a Linux geek who still writes in BASH for fun, a scripting language used by UNIX & Linux to run back end processes. He has spent the last 20+ years actively learning and writing, about the self-reliance lifestyle. Dan grew up in Toronto, Ontario and met his wife Carol of 25 years. They moved to the outskirts of Vancouver, British Columbia in the early ‘90’s where they raised four sons. Now a new grandfather, he is more than ever inspired to help  educate people to properly prepare for emergencies.

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