Costco Cashing in on Preppers’ Paranoia: Company Overtly Tries to Sell Year’s Worth of Canned Food to Apocalypse Crowd

Between climate change, extreme weather events, nuclear proliferation, economic instability, food insecurity and the increasing unpredictability of politics both here and abroad, it’s not surprising that more people are becoming “preppers,” self-styled survivalists who are actively preparing for the worst to happen. “It’s really hard…

Five Facts You Likely Never Knew About ‘M*A*S*H’

You’d be hard-pressed today to find someone who has seen just one episode of “M AS*H” and not fallen instantly in love with the program. The 11-season military-themed show set during the Korean War featured an authentic dry humor that few programs before it possessed….

This is why you should keep a bow over a fishing rod in your survival kit

I’m a keen bowman, I love the sport and I’m always trying to come up with a new perspective on why bows are great tools for different situations, so I’m here to give you my perspective on why I think you should consider a bow…

Reusing Old Items In Unique Ways to Prep For Survival

The basic survival instinct of any prepper can have them come up with unique ideas to ensure their safety. When you are preparing for something disastrous, then anything available to you must be made into something usable instead of being wasted. When going through a…

How to Preserve Meat with Salt without Ruining It?

Life can become extremely inconvenient without electricity. If you don’t believe us, then turn off the power and look into your fridge. Meat will be the first food item to get spoiled quickly followed by perishables. So don’t you don’t think you need to learn…


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