There are several ways to contact Dan Wolfe. If you have been given an email to use, please don’t loose it or share it. I use email filters to sort incoming email so your email gets marked as important and not spam.

For example, if I am working on a project for you called “Bob’s Blog” it is likely I will give you an email address like which pushes your email to the top of the list of emails I get.

Other Contact Methods:

  1. Call me. My Delaware phone number is: (302) 747-1517 it is a VOIP phone, so if I don’t pick up the message you leave me on voice mail gets sent to my email inbox
  2. Text Message me: If your message is really short, like less than 140 characters, and it’s really important like “My site Bob’s Blog is down!” send a text message to  make sure I can tell who is sending the message! Just saying “My site is down!” doesn’t help. (I do get a copy in my archived inbox via email for the headers so I can technically check, but not if I’m driving somewhere) And please don’t message me at 3am PST this really is a text message and goes to my cell phone. By The Way: if your site is on the Liberty Server, GuyFawkes Server, or DustDevil Server and the server itself is having problems, I already know, the servers text message me directly when there are problems.
  3. See if I am in the chat room. Want to just chat about preparedness, preppers, etc? There are lots of good people who join it for social, and learning reasons. When I’m not busy, I try to join the chat after dinner (about 7pm PST).
  4. General Information? Email me at

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