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So I have to admit, waiting for the Steem token system to come out sometime in the next year, has been just to much to bare. So I wrote a set of functions to add to my word-press theme to add a bit of an information block to posts that I push to Steem, mostly for my fiction writings. (I am still messing around with the code for the Steem based banner advertisement system as well.)

The first function is just a curl cache implication, I do this to reduce the amount of loads that steemit.com ends up getting. (I’m a nice guy after all) make sure you set the correct full path to the cache folder, mine is above the public folder.


function CurlByCache($url, $cachefolder) {

$cachefile = $cachefolder.md5($url).”.curl.cache.txt” ;

// define how long we want to keep the file in seconds. I set mine to 5 hours.
$cachetime = 18000;
// Check if the cached file is still fresh. If it is, serve it up and exit.
if (file_exists($cachefile) && time() – $cachetime < filemtime($cachefile)) {
$cache = file_get_contents($cachefile);
// if there is either no file OR the file to too old, render the page and capture the HTML.

$ch = curl_init();

// set url
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url);

//return the transfer as ain plain txt encoding
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_ENCODING, “text/plain”);

//return the transfer as a string
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);

// $output contains the output string
$cache = curl_exec($ch);

// close curl resource to free up system resources

$fp = fopen($cachefile, ‘w’);
fwrite($fp, $cache);
// finally send browser output

return $cache ;


The second function grabs the json encoding of the post on steemit itself. You need to set the username, (without the @) and the steemit permalink (slug) for this to work, but if you are publishing to steemit via the wordpress plugin written by @recrypto then just make sure you use the wordpress $post->post_name in your themes single.php file like so:

global $post;
$steemslug = $post_slug=$post->post_name;
$steemuser = “wolfeblog” ;
$cachefolder = “/home/myuseracct/cache/” ;

SteemExtra($steemslug, $steemuser, $cachefolder) ;

Within the function below I set the class id for the division to author2 you might need to change this to fit your style.css file, mine already had an author id so I just added the author2 to it. Remember that these functions should be added to a child theme instead of the original since any updates might delete your hack.

function SteemExtra($steemslug, $steemuser, $cachefolder) {

$datalink = “https://steemit.com/curation/@”.$steemuser.”/”.$steemslug.”.json”;

$json = CurlByCache($datalink, $cachefolder) ;

$steemdata = json_decode($json,true) ;

// check status first
$status = $steemdata[‘status’] ;

if($status == 200) {

$display = “<div id=’authorbox2′>” ;
// created
$created = $steemdata[‘post’][‘created’] ;
$timestamp = strtotime($created) ;
$created = date(“F j, Y, g:i a”, strtotime($created));

// tags … [tags]
$tags = $steemdata[‘post’][‘json_metadata’][‘tags’] ;
if(!is_array($tags)) {
$tags = explode(” “, $tags);
$display .= “<p>This post was on published on Steemit.com <b>(“.$created.”)</b> under:</p><p>” ;
foreach($tags as $tag) {

$display .= ” <a href=’https://steemit.com/trending/”.$tag.”‘ target=’_blank’>#”.$tag.”</a>” ;
$display .= “</p><p>”;
// steemit.com/[url]
$url = $steemdata[‘post’][‘url’] ;

// [pending_payout_value]
$total_payout_value = $steemdata[‘post’][‘total_payout_value’] ;

// total_pending_payout_value
$total_pending_payout_value = $steemdata[‘post’][‘total_pending_payout_value’] ;

// supporters [active_votes][$n][voter]

$curator_payout_value = $steemdata[‘post’][‘curator_payout_value’] ;

$supporters = $steemdata[‘post’][‘active_votes’] ;
// sort by highest payout? done by the json already?

$display .= “Posts on steemit earn the author Steem coin, a crypto-currency. “.
SteemPayout($total_payout_value, $total_pending_payout_value, $created, $url, $curator_payout_value).”<br>” ;

$display .= “Supporters: ” ;
foreach($supporters as $voter) {
$display .= ” <a href=’http://steemit.com/@”.$voter[‘voter’].”‘ target=’_blank’>@”.$voter[‘voter’].'</a>’ ;

$display .= ” </p></div>”;

echo $display ;

As an added bonus you can add  a do_shortcode('') within the last $display above (google the do_shortcode('') instructions, and see the bottom of this post for a link to the steem to US dollar convertor)

Hopefully, @recrypto will steal this code and turn it into a plugin for the non geeks. 😉

– wolfe


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Copyright 2017 Dan Wolfe

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