Did you get a call from the IRS Criminal Investigation?

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There is a robot calling my American phone number, claiming that I have committed fraud with the IRS and am under investigation (I’m not even American, yet). It wants me to call the number (202) 621-0123 which by the way is not the IRS. The IRS does not call people, they do everything legal, this is a scam to bilk people out of money, and if you Google the scam you’ll find that they are suspect in providing money to ISIL.

So here is my idea. There are a lot of people out there on the net who have there phones set up like mine. There is no connection to my real name, my address, etc and I get unlimited calling in North America. (I use a VOIP called Nettalk for less then $3 a month) you can buy this unit at Best Buy, Walmart, or similar stores and get a whole year free of the service as well. I also have what they call a disposable cell phone…

So I called them back… I muted my mic, they eventually hung up.
So I called them back… I muted my mic, they eventually hung up.
So I called them back… I muted my mic, they eventually hung up.
So I called them back… I muted my mic, they eventually hung up.

They eventually stopped accepting my calls, so I started using “Call ID Faker” (It’s a free app on the cell phone)…

What I want is as many people as possible to do the same, tie up their phone lines. There are also other numbers we can call, please add them in the comments, as well as any fun you have with these creeps.

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