Letter: “Great American Farm Tour.”

NOTE: I’m on Marjory Wildcraft’s message list, this one was worth the share due to my old caravanning days. -Wolfe

Hi Wolfe,

Lots of buzz this week…

… My dear friend, Justin Rhodes, is getting ready to kick off his “Great American Farm Tour.”

He’s going to be driving across the country with his family of six, living out of a converted school bus, visiting regular folks … and some not-so-regular folks … who are growing their own food…

Justin Rhodes converted schoolbus

… Giving you private tours of sustainable yards, homesteads, and farms across America.

He’ll be sharing daily YouTube videos of his journey.

And even better, he’s planning to create a documentary of the entire experience.

I’m happy to report that I’m going to be one of the farms featured on Justin’s tour…  I’m expecting him to arrive here in Texas, sometime in the Fall.

(So stay tuned for video of that.)

Plus, I know he’s planning to visit Paul Wheaton in Montana, Joel Salatin at Polyface Farms in Virginia, Jack Spirko in Texas … and that’s just for starters.

You can see early highlights of all the characters and experts to be featured on his tour on his Kickstarter page, linked below.

And while you’re there … why not consider donating a few bucks to help fund this project?


As you might expect, Justin really needs community support to fund a documentary project of this vision and scale …

… And I really believe in what he’s doing here.

So please know that I have no skin in the game when I suggest that you consider donating $15.

For $15, he’s giving all his early backers access to watch the full, feature-length documentary when it’s completed in early 2018.

Plus, in the meantime, he’s rewarding his backers with some fun deals and gifts.

At the very least, consider throwing Justin $5 and make sure you follow his journey on YouTube.  It’s going to be one heck of year for him.

Personally, I can’t wait to climb aboard his converted school bus when it rolls down my driveway in the Fall!

Linking arms to sustain our community is how we’ll move closer towards putting homegrown food on every table.

So again, please consider donating even $5.  Or $15 if you’d like a copy of the documentary.


Marjory signature

Marjory Wildcraft
Founder, The Grow Network
Author, Grow Your Own Groceries

P.S.  Last chance to contribute is 10 p.m. EST *tonight*.

So don’t procrastinate on this one.  Kickstarter will automatically shut this down.


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