More Power To Australia!

There are few places on this earth where I would want to pull up and move to, Australia has often been near the top of a very short list, recently it has moved to number one.

Japan is by far at the top of a list of places that I would not even visit if someone paid me to go.

I am an anarchist by default, that means I feel I really don’t have a choice in my political view of support of any current government, rather then say, a well thought out view point on how a society should be run, I just know the way it is run now isn’t the best it could be. I have voiced my opinion on China here on these pages, including how well I think their smaller levels of government are run, and I approve and disapprove according to what I think is better, and worse.

In the area of political leaders of the world I have never voiced an approval of any of them. they are either to wishy washy for me, or out-right evil for me to bother to tell the public how much I wish they were better off dead. Never have I said “HERE IS A GOOD LEADER” there simply haven’t been any that I could see….. until now.

Kevin Rudd is the Honorable Prime Minister of Australia, and has done something which I cannot ignore. He has threaten to stick it to the international DMZ (1959 treaty) in the Antarctic and send in the Australian Navy to enforce the 1966 International Whaling Commission agreement, to stop dead cold the Japan threat to various whales being hunted there.

I wonder if they will rename their flag ship “The Other FARLEY MOWAT!”.

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