Goals for 2008

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It’s been awhile since I wrote in this personal blog of mine I know, it’s also been awhile since I’ve had the time. Between Xmas, and doing the administration thing for greenmilitia.com (all the little tweaks and whistlers seem to be working now BTW) I’ve just now had time to think of the changing landscape that is not only my life, but the area on this planet that I live on.


Vancouver is changing, and not for the better. People are more rude, stressed out, and worried. The effects Road Rage, has even entered my life, and I don’t drive. I’ve noticed an increase in drug, and alcohol abuse in the neighborhood. And the media is sounding more like FOX News from the states, rather then the good old Canadian CBC. The homeless have invaded the Tri-City area, pushed out and off the street of downtown by Uncle Sam, (that’s to say I don’t see a difference between the tyrant of the south, to the tyrant of Vancouver, thank the gods their both leaving this year).


I’m sure that there are a lot of people who live in the lower mainland of British Columbia who could greatly had to the list of ills that I have mentioned here, but none of that matters, if your ready for it all.


Preparing for the worse, seems to me, to be a better option then hoping for the best.


My Top Five Goals for the coming new year…


#1 Buy Land!


This may be a bit premature in saying, or even planning, but my family and I originally came out to British Columbia with the intention of buying land and making a go of the whole homestead lifestyle. This year we are either going to do it, or bust. If it hadn’t been for a house fire we might have made it five years ago, but the set back was greater then we thought.


#2 Quit Smoking.


Yes, I have “that” problem still. I’ll quit completely by December 31st. Rather then a New Years Resolution that will be dead by January 10th, I plan to quit smoking by trying every available option out there, which means I’ll have to find them all first. I’ll take my time, plan it out, look for help.


#3 Buy a Truck… and Bio-fuel convert it.

Because of the size of my family, the need for a truck on the ‘land’, and I’m a green nut, I’m not looking for a new truck, but rather an old truck that can be converted more easily to PVO. I’ll post how that is done as a go along.


#4 Get off the Grid, Become Self-Sufficient

There are so many options here, so much involved I’ll have to break this done into another step by step plan.


#5 Post all the above and the progress of each.

I guess this is more of a “I promise to post more on this blog” thing then anything else, but what I really want out of it is something for the reader. I hope to include enough information about each of those other goals so that a reader of this blog can follow in my footsteps, or even better avoid any mistakes I make along the way. If I can pull off all of this in a year I’ll be surprised, let’s see what happens.

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