Looking for Land: Second Part of Concerning Water

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In my last post I left out all of Ontario, this was due to time, not because the whole province is off the list. There are many areas in Ontario that have good water supplies, but I want to finish off the issue of water in British Columbia.

Besides the islands, left to last by purpose, there are still Rock Creek, Sayward, Trial Rural, and Westbridge. I am also interested in other areas of British Columbia that didn’t make it to the search list, in the event something turns up in the future.

The first thing I came across while searching for information on Rock Creek via Google, was the actual Water Act for British Columbia. An important quote from which follows:

1.1 (1)Subject to a regulation under subsection (2), Part 2 [Licensing, Diversion and Use of Water and Related Matters] and Part 3 [Water Users’ Communities] of this Act do not apply to ground water.

(2)The Lieutenant Governor in Council may, by regulation, fix a day on and from which some or all of Parts 2 and 3 of this Act apply to ground water in British Columbia or in an area of British Columbia the Lieutenant Governor in Council designates in the regulation.

(3)A regulation under subsection (2) may

(a)describe the area that it designates by any delineation of the area that adequately describes it including, for example, name, map, plan, legal description, reference to a stream, reference to an aquifer or other geological formation or part of one, depth or other dimension, or by any combination of methods, and

(b)modify or add to any provision of the Act or regulations as the Lieutenant Governor in Council considers necessary or advisable for the purpose of making some or all of Parts 2 and 3 effectively applicable to ground water.

What this amounts to is that the Act does not apply to ground water, but does apply to everything else, unless the Lieutenant Governor that is currently in power changes his mind. Scary shit. It is phrases like “modify or add to any provision … considers necessary or advisable” that prove that British Columbia is under [[British Common Law]] instead of [[Civil Law]]. However, in practice water rights are not closely monitored in British Columbia.

Rock Creek is locate in what is called Boundary Country, in the southern coast mountains of British Columbia, it is mostly small grassland areas around the Kettle river. Even though Rock Creek is really close to Grand Forks, they don’t seem to share the same water table, (gotta love Google satellite images). My first concern had little to due with water, but rather how close Rock Creek was to the United States border, besides the whole lower mainland being 30 miles from a nuclear strike zone, I question the ability of Canada’s finest and it’s politicians to maintain our sovereignty in the best of times. But it turns out that water and the USA is a concern, and has been for some time, especially from a farmers point of view.

I’m not 100% convinced that if Grand Forks stays on the list, Rock Creek would too. I’ll keep you posted.


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