Projects Update: April 2nd 2017

geralt / PixabayHelp Ticket Related:

Down to 4 tickets! I love making progress. The tickets that are left are only minor un-important ones, had a couple of new ones since the last update, but they were solved rather easy once I figure what was going.

Turn out that wordpress sorta sucks on just one thing since the last major update. If you run a MySql Process scan you might find that tonnes of tables end up getting locked, this causes the sites on your server to slow the hell down to the point of even crashing. There is a simple solution that can be found at

Pretty mush saved us from massive headaches.

Main Blog:

More posts, from me and a few guests! If you want to guest post on my blog or even APN, check out the Guidelines. Yes, I will be adding more sites to the list later. Much later, as I currently have three jobs in the works now.

Reports and HowTo’s:

I am working on a major update to Darkspider, see below, and I am also in the middle of a review / how to for a gadget I got, AnonaboxPro that is connected to the Darkspider project. It is also loosely connected to a post I did over at APN you can see here.

TV Guide:

Yes I know I still haven’t finished teh Kodi xmltv feed. Sorry for taking so long, I am also looking into the iCal feed for it as well.


I am going to have to do another AirTimePro hack for Prepper Broadcasting. Hmmmm, maybe 4 tickets left.


I personally haven’t been visiting the chatroom a lot lately, and with new work coming in the monrth chances are that it will be a month before I do spend anytime there. But there are a lot of active chatters in both the main chatroom #preppers on the Rizon IRC server, and the radio station’s chatroom #prepperbroadcast during live shows. You should drop by and say hello.


Still updating the old bookmarks to the new system. Added a few new ones as well. Prepperbot posts these to both Facebook and Twitter. Look for it.


Biggest update here. Darkspider main purpose original was just to be a list of ever onion URL it could find. Boring. What it is now, or rather what is happening in the background now, is a collection of HowTo’s and a directory listing with user input to review those sites, as well as score them based on uptime, and accesssability. Each step effect the next step in the project so it is taking me way longer to complete then I first planned, all I can say is watch this as it grows. Beta could be released as early as next month.


The forum on my blog is sorta dead, but I am leaving it up anyway. It takes a long time for a new forum to attract members, and even more so if the forum’s intent is to adept and grow as the users want. Feel free to join it and try to take over it, I mean that litterally, as I am trying to set it up so the users themselves set the direction it goes.

Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing:

Haven’t had time for this. Sorry. I know a lot of people want me to finish Hollowmen, it will get done, but I am simply to busy right now. Feel free to email me suggestions on where the story could go, I’ll give credit.


Fixed. Finally, working on add ons for the bookmarks now.


Nothing new there, might add the MySql fix mentioned above to it so that if the original post get deleted I’ll still have it.


It works, but I’m not happy with it. Looking for a new engine, and I really don’t have the time this month to rewrite the current one, or find another.

~ wolfe



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