Looking for Land: First Steps

Before I begin this I should mention a better source for information for those of you from the United States, my interest in buying land will likely be more specific for my needs, and will not likely match your own needs. Therefore I suggest that you check out www.survivalblog.com, although some of the leads to posts on that site make it to www.greenmilitia.com none of the really good posts on buying land do, mainly because they weren’t part of the reason the bot includes the feed. The wealth of information James Wesley Rawles provides on his site is worth the visit.


There are several reasons people buy a piece of property, they can range from finding a place closer to where they work, needing to reduce their mortgage payments, or any other range of possibilities. My reasons are just as complex, or as simple as the next guy, but I’m sure I can wrap it up into a few lines.


Privacy is the number one reason for buying land in my book. Having neighbors that know everything about you has always bothered me, and having a landlord who can enter your home is a pain regardless of what the reasons could be. There is an old saying that one in five will screw you over, reducing the number of people involved in your life to those that you choose to have involved improves those odds. That is assuming your a good judge of character.


A few days ago, Dusty and I traveled to an off beaten path to look for land, the main reason we decided on this area was how close it was to the city. I have a son who has a good job and I would like to see him keep it if we buy land, it is a union job so it shouldn’t be to much of a problem to move for him, but he does like it where it is, and he has friends who live in the area. I knew before we went that the places that were in the area were going to be way out of our price range, but it was needed in order to get an idea of what we would be looking for.


The idea is simple, look anyway, you might notice something some one else has done that you hadn’t thought of before. And then knowing something new, keep it in mind when you come across land you can afford.


I did notice something, there was a lot, to small for our uses, that was completely cut off from it’s neighbors. There was a railroad line along one side, a small beach on another, and finally a small creek on the last side (not counting the road it was on). It reminded me of an odd thing I have noticed with people in general.


People are creatures of habit. I know of a guy in Chicago that has lived his entire life inside a five block radius, including the hospital he was born in. I often think of him when I question on how far I should travel in my search for land, there are generation of the poor living in the slums of New York City, simply because their families are there, never realizing that life would be better if they just walked, literally, away and never came back. When I lived on the streets of Toronto and New York, I noticed the same thing. The street kids that hung out at the Yonge Street Drop in Center never cross the street to the same side as the Delta Hotel, there was some kind of psychological barrier in place, you just didn’t go there.


The same thing happens here where I live now, I live on the south side of a major street in the Lower Mainland, on the the other side is a rental building which has a reputation for housing drug addicts, I notice them when I goto the store on the north side, but they never cross the street.


That lot I mentioned is the same way, you could build a house there, and never be bothered by those that live in a two minute walk to you door. I’m looking for land that is large enough for what we need, and still has those features that are only psychological in nature.


So that is the main reason I am looking for land. And that is only the one aspect. I guess it is going to take more then a few lines.


– Wolfe

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