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I’ve been real busy the last couple of weeks with the move of not only this site, but several others. Well for the most part everything is backed up, and moved.

It’s also tax season up here in the great white north, and although it shouldn’t be to much of a headache, I’ve lost a couple of papers I need… so that’ll have to come first.

Now onto the Farm news… we’ve been given a huge lead towards something that interests me very much. It turns out that although there is no such thing as a ‘Homesteading Act’ in British Columbia anymore, there are mineral rights. (Ceramics!) There is also a tax sale thing happening up here as well. Now there are two catches to each, so listen carefully if your thinking of going this route.

First, mineral rights will only get you what is below the surface, that mean you cannot grow food on the land, build a house, etc unless it is directly involved in getting what ever it is that you have a mineral claim too. That being said, if you happen to be a ceramic artist like myself, look for getting mineral rights on ‘white quartz’ and encompass that with all the regular items you need for ceramics like terracotta clay, feldspar etc. the reason you want white quartz is because if the land has it, it has everything else you need as well. (Ah, the benefits of a college )

Second, tax sales either are sold for just the owed back taxes, which means the former owner can take it back within two years, (I’ve heard of some areas allowing the former owner to make a claim within seven ask a lawyer in the area!), and are not always “FREEHOLD”, or sold at aution where the starting bids are close to market value.

Freehold means you own everything, including the mineral rights, lumber rights, and sometimes even water rights, hydro right etc. What it also means is that if you can find out about a piece of land under a tax sale, that is not freehold as well, you can likely get all those other rights to the land before you try to get the surface rights as well. Why, you ask, would you want to do that? Cheaper! Tax sales tend to goto auction at market value, nobody would want to buy at auction a piece of land that is being mined by someone else for the next thirty years, except the guy whose mining it! they can’t cut down the trees to build their dream house or development without permission of the guy holding the lumber rights (Activist PAY ATTENTION HERE!) Get the picture?

The question is, if you own ALL the rights to a piece of land (The same as Freehold) could you convert the title to freehold? I’ll have to ask a lawyer.


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