My Book Wish List

OK, here it is, my book wish list. It is not by any means complete, although very long, but I will try to update it as time goes on. I am mainly interested in “How To” books, anything published by Foxfire Fund, Inc. Basically, DIY guides related to getting back to the land, gardening, homesteading, survival. My collection is mostly Non-Fiction, including history, crafts, self-efficiency, early trades, activism related topics, environmental issues, human rights, and politics. The fiction books I do collect are almost all “End of the World” and dystopia.


My funds for this wish list is rather limited, so it will take time to complete.


Items with a strike threw the text have been gathered already. And should be on a “Books I Own” list. They are left on this list encase I have some other disaster like my house fire a few years ago. Some books are still on this list as a result of that.


You can add comments to this post at the end if you want to recommend something, email me for actually selling me one on the list.


If you happen to be looking for any book listed here yourself, or are interested in getting my copy that has the strike threw in it (I won’t sell it), contact Robert or Peter at that’s where I buy most of my books these days, and will likely still get them there even if I move to Ontario. In fact, the primary reason this list is posted on the net is so that they can read it when new stuff comes in. 😉


My apologizes in advance for the books not being listed in alphabetical order, or by author. I did manage to list them by subject though.

(UPDATED: Click Here)

– Wolfe

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