Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook, Revised Edition

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Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook, Revised Edition

Author: David Werner, Carol Thuman, Jane Maxwell
Pages: 446
Publisher: Hesperian Foundation
Publication Date: 1992
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First Edition? No

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Hesperian's classic manual, Where There Is No Doctor, is arguably the most widely-used health care manual in the world.

This 2015 updated reprint features updated medication information, a newly revised family planning chapter, new treatments for a variety of infections, and more.

All Hesperian books are regularly updated and reprinted to reflect accurate medical information.

Useful for health workers, clinicians, and others involved in primary health care delivery and health promotion programs, with millions of copies in print in more than 75 languages, the manual provides practical, easily understood information on how to diagnose, treat, and prevent common diseases. Special attention is focused on nutrition, infection and disease prevention, and diagnostic techniques as primary ways to prevent and treat health problems.
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