Intelligence versus Smarts

Not many people realize that they can learn anything; they think it requires a high IQ to attain certain knowledge; that simply isn’t true. Being smart is something completely different, and there are more people that are smart then are intelligent.


Take for example something as difficult as paying your bills on time. Smart people know there are penalties involved in paying late, so they pay on time, people with high IQ’s have the highest debt load, maybe they spend to much time trying to think of ways to come up with the money.


The misunderstanding that it is more important to have a higher IQ, then to use more common sense comes from those who not only have a high IQ, but have learned to use it wisely, they are also smart. Einstein, Steven Hawkins, and others have had the same problems as the rest of us; they just came to the answers faster, and also had the smarts to publish their results.


Students with high IQs fail more classes and subjects in middle and high schools, then those with below average rates. There are two reasons for this; the first main reason is that the pace of the lessons is so slow it literally bores the teen to tears. The second reason it that having a high IQ doesn’t mean you’ll develop good social skills, logic and reason have little to do with empathy, and you need that to create a network of friends. School can be a lonely place for someone who the rest don’t understand.


It is likely that your own boss has a lower IQ score then yourself, but remember, he is likely also smarter, you are the one doing the work. It takes more then a high IQ to learn certain things, not everything can be absorbed into the grey matter via a book. Practical know comes from years of hands on work, you just can not learn that you need to twist the handle of a pipe binder just so in order not to kink the pipe.


Imagine that an IQ test measures is the same as an acceleration test for a car. The better the engine can convert energy to speed the faster the car can go, an old clunker will still make it from Vancouver to Toronto, but the sports car will get there faster. IQ works the same way, if you score below average on an IQ test, you can still learn what you need to know to be an engineer, and the person that has a high IQ will just learn it faster then you.

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