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I can’t believe that I am going to write this. I do not know the teacher in Quesnel, British Columbia by the name of Chris Kempling, from what I do know it is likely that I would not like him at all. In fact, I have already stated on this blog My Opinions on Same Sex Marriage , and I am pretty sure he does not like me to much either.

That all being said, I repeat that I can not believe that I am writing a post in support of him.

It appears that the College of Teachers seems to think they belong in league with Joseph McCarthy, in the sense that they want to stop Chris Kempling from speaking his mind.

Chris Kempling is a Christian in the traditional sense, and a supporter of the Christian Heritage Party. He is also very opinionated about homosexuality.

I am a firm believer in the separation between church and state, I’m an atheist with pantheist leanings, and am known for supporting Gay Rights. All of these things place me at odds with Chris.


Chris has a right to free speech, a right to associate with other Christians in any organization, and a right to believe that there is a cure for being gay, his opinions maybe wrong, may even piss me off enough for me to want to punch him in the nose, but he still has those rights.

The College of Teachers has a token authority to dictate to it’s membership what the requirements are for teaching formal recognized education in British Columbia, in such matters as Reading, Writing, and Math. They can enforce logical skill building rational skills, real science, and dictate that religious views not be expressed in schools, and even political views. They can not tell me not to write my personal opinions on my blog, tell me what I can not say to the local papers, or what articles I write to a German magazine in another country regardless if the students discover that these things were written by me, why would they think they can do these things to a teacher in British Columbia, the last time I checked this was not China!

If Chris has done anything illegal it is up to the law enforcement organization in this country to deal with it, and then if it is a requirement that a teacher in Canada not have a criminal record they can dismiss him, the College of Teachers is not an elected law enforcement agency in this country they are crossing the line between a democratic society and tyranny.

In addition, I do not believe that they have to the right to investigate, record, and bring to record any issue that takes place outside of the school system, if Chris was a stock holder of Walmart, I would not have the right to fire him on that basis if he worked for me, even thou my opinions on Walmart are well known and that I would never want to support that company directly or indirectly. What a person does outside the scoop of his agreement for employment is not the interest of the employer. Interfering in a person’s life in anyway, beyond the scoop of employment is criminal by an employer.

We in Canada seem to lack common sense in what authority is. I have told people for years that we can no longer accept token authority, that it would turn our free society into an Orwellian dystopia. We need to take a step back and think about who have authority in what areas and scream bloody murder when they cross the line. An electrician does not have the right to tell a plumber what size pipe to use when providing water to a house. No one with half a brain would claim otherwise, sure the electrician is an authority on electrical codes, but he/she is not an authority on waterworks. Neither is the College of Teachers an authority on morals, freedom of speech, or the religious beliefs of any of the teachers part of the organization.

Just my opinion.


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