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Energy fears looming, new survivalists prepare
By SAMANTHA GROSS, Associated Press Writer

BUSKIRK, N.Y. - A few years ago, Kathleen Breault was
just another suburban grandma, driving countless hours
every week, stopping for lunch at McDonald's, buying
clothes at the mall, watching TV in the evenings.

That was before Breault heard an author talk about the
bleak future of the world's oil supply. Now, she's
preparing for the world as we know it to disappear.

Breault cut her driving time in half. She switched to
a diet of locally grown foods near her upstate New
York home and lost 70 pounds. She sliced up her credit
cards, banished her television and swore off plane
travel. She began relying on a wood-burning stove.

"I was panic-stricken," the 50-year-old recalled, her
voice shaking. "Devastated. Depressed. Afraid.
Vulnerable. Weak. Alone. Just terrible."

Convinced the planet's oil supply is dwindling and the
world's economies are heading for a crash, some people
around the country are moving onto homesteads,
learning to live off their land, conserving fuel and,
in some cases, stocking up on guns they expect to use
to defend themselves and their supplies from desperate
crowds of people who didn't prepare.

The exact number of people taking such steps is
impossible to determine, but anecdotal evidence
suggests that the movement has been gaining momentum
in the last few years.

These energy survivalists are not leading some sort of
green revolution meant to save the planet. Many of
them believe it is too late for that, seeing signs in
soaring fuel and food prices and a faltering U.S.
economy, and are largely focused on saving themselves.

Some are doing it quietly, giving few details of their
preparations — afraid that revealing such information
as the location of their supplies will endanger
themselves and their loved ones. They envision a
future in which the nation's cities will be filled
with hungry, desperate refugees forced to go looking
for food, shelter and water.

"There's going to be things that happen when people
can't get things that they need for themselves and
their families," said Lynn-Marie, who believes cities
could see a rise in violence as early as 2012.

Lynn-Marie asked to be identified by her first name to
protect her homestead in rural western Idaho. Many of
these survivalists declined to speak to The Associated
Press for similar reasons.

These survivalists believe in "peak oil," the idea
that world oil production is set to hit a high point
and then decline. Scientists who support idea say the
amount of oil produced in the world each year has
already or will soon begin a downward slide, even amid
increased demand. But many scientists say such a
scenario will be avoided as other sources of energy
come in to fill the void.

On the Web site, where upward of 800
people gathered on recent evenings, believers engage
in a debate about what kind of world awaits.

Some members argue there will be no financial crash,
but a slow slide into harder times. Some believe the
federal government will respond to the loss of energy
security with a clampdown on personal freedoms. Others
simply don't trust that the government can maintain
basic services in the face of an energy crisis.

The powers that be, they've determined, will be
largely powerless to stop what is to come.

Determined to guard themselves from potentially harsh
times ahead, Lynn-Marie and her husband have already
planted an orchard of about 40 trees and built a
greenhouse on their 7 1/2 acres. They have built their
own irrigation system. They've begun to raise chickens
and pigs, and they've learned to slaughter them.

The couple have gotten rid of their TV and instead
have been reading dusty old books published in their
grandparents' era, books that explain the simpler
lifestyle they are trying to revive. Lynn-Marie has
been teaching herself how to make soap. Her husband,
concerned about one day being unable to get
medications, has been training to become an herbalist.

By 2012, they expect to power their property with
solar panels, and produce their own meat, milk and
vegetables. When things start to fall apart, they
expect their children and grandchildren will come back
home and help them work the land. She envisions a day
when the family may have to decide whether to turn
needy people away from their door.

"People will be unprepared," she said. "And we can
imagine marauding hordes." 

So can Peter Laskowski. Living in a woodsy area
outside of Montpelier, Vt., the 57-year-old retiree
has become the local constable and a deputy sheriff
for his county, as well as an emergency medical

"I decided there was nothing like getting the training
myself to deal with insurrections, if that's a
possibility," said the former executive recruiter. 

Laskowski is taking steps similar to
environmentalists: conserving fuel, consuming less,
studying global warming, and relying on local produce
and craftsmen. Laskowski is powering his home with
solar panels and is raising fish, geese, ducks and
sheep. He has planted apple and pear trees and is
growing lettuce, spinach and corn. 

Whenever possible, he uses his bicycle to get into

"I remember the oil crisis in '73; I remember waiting
in line for gas," Laskowski said. "If there is a
disruption in the oil supply it will be very quickly
elevated into a disaster." 

Breault said she hopes to someday band together with
her neighbors to form a self-sufficient community.
Women will always be having babies, she notes, and she
imagines her skills as a midwife will always be in

For now, she is readying for the more immediate work
ahead: There's a root cellar to dig, fruit trees and
vegetable plots to plant. She has put a bicycle on
layaway, and soon she'll be able to bike to visit her
grandkids even if there is no oil at the pump. 

Whatever the shape of things yet to come, she said,
she's done what she can to prepare. 


They're back!

This  article was on Yahoo News  

Jeff, they are all in upstate NY... Personnally I
think the marauding hoards from NYC would gas out
before they could hike all the way to the finger
lakes, but that is just my take on things.



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