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Learning to do things yourself.

I am in the process of uploading the archives of past blog posts, and fixing the blogroll. Yeah I know it's not the only thing I need to fix. The main alert page works, the filters need to be added to for the sub menus in it. Watch this space for updates. - wolfe

Book Wish Lists

Fiction, Non-fiction, I love them all.

This is an ongoing list of books that I am interested in buying/reading and haven't completely got around to it yet. Feel free to make some suggestions to me. - wolfe

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Personal Changes

Do we really choose our careers?

Career choices, what a concept! Over the years people have thought that I have been changing careers like some people change socks. If the truth be told, it didn't really work out that way.

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Intelligence versus Smarts

Well, maybe after all is said and done, no-body is smart after all...

Is IQ the same thing as being smart?

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Survey Says

How much should you trust a survey result?

I get target fixated. If I need to find the answer to a question, I hunt it down ruthlessly. I simply don't stop till I know what the whole answer is. I think this is what started my book collection. I enjoy co-op radio (www.coopradio.org), but I must confess that it isn't the radio station I listen to via my alarm clock. I have a crappy radio alarm, and haven't found one at the thrift store yet that can get co-op like my stereo in the living room, (or via the Internet). So when I set up the alarm clock I choose the channel closest to co-op I could get, hoping to fine tune it later. Well, it turns out this channel (which I won't name, partly due to not wanting to advertise them) has an “Impossible Question” every morning. The object is, they ask a question, and callers try to phone in the correct answer to get a prize.

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Do Not Bug Us

SARS in Toronto again?

Not since the SARS outbreak has the Canada's Health Watchdogs jumped. It appears that a group of Japanese students have been quarenteened in Banff because one of their lot has a case of the measles. You remember the measles don't you? That is the one that itches and gives you spots, pretty much dealt with a vaccine these days. Or is it?

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Thank You Adriane Carr

OK, maybe not so much.

This is one of the posts in the archive, that I was tempted to delete. Back in 2007 I was still a supporter for the Green Party of Canada, although I was at this point having doubts. The Green Party comes across as a single platform party for most people, but they are far from the environmental interest group they proclaim. If anyone ever tells you that they are not “Socialists” they are lying. But back then, that wasn't the problem I had with them, and why I left the left.

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