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COVID19 - What's next?

Community changes in Covid-19

I've seen a few social media posts that tend be polar opposites. On one hand there is the camp that we should just get back to work after the 14 days. And on the other hand that we should do what ever it is we can to give the medical industry time to get a vaccine out, somewhere in the range of 18 months from now.... Read More

Hollow Men - Prelude

A Flatworld Story - Book #1

"Hollow Men" is a online novel that I have been working on for sometime. This is the fourth rewrite, although the prelude itself hasn't been change, hence why it's public here on Patreon. For the most part, all my stories take place inside a world I am creating, the stories themselves might not seem to be connected, but they are. I'll leave it to the reader to figure out the connections, telling you would spoil the fun. And another thing, even this prelude to Hollow Men contains easter eggs, feel free to mention which ones you find in the comments on Patreon - Wolfe... Read More


Question and Answers about Covid-19

Note: I have included all references at the bottom of this post. Please read this document in full even if you are looking for a specific detail. I'll try to answer as many questions as I can.... Read More
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