Month: August 2009

NOTE: The following has been “fictionalized” to protect the guilty. The essence is true, but details have been purposefully changed to prevent identifying the city. While continuing to work on the mental exercise that prompted this series of articles, I

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This might be a bit of a tangent as I am not advocating carrying a fire extinguisher in the BOB/GOOD/GO bag. Much better to get oneself safely out of harm’s way. But I’m such a big proponent of extinguishers being

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Getting Ready   Well, summer is half over and there are a few things left to tie up before the school, and harvest season starts. The first on the list is to finish the legal paper work and associated mailings

The potential emergencies for the skyscraper dweller includes what most other preppers have listed – hail storms, fire, radioactive release, blackouts, civil unrest, etcetera – just with some twists. Specifically, the impact of the density of human beings, the height

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