My Book Wish Lists

Last Updated: Jan 10th 2019

OK, here it is, my book wish list. It is not by any means complete, although very long, but I will try to update it as time goes on. I am mainly interested in “How To” books, anything published by Foxfire Fund, Inc. Basically, DIY guides related to getting back to the land, gardening, homesteading, survival. My collection is mostly Non-Fiction, including history, crafts, self-efficiency, early trades, activism related topics, environmental issues, human rights, and politics. The fiction books I do collect are almost all “End of the World” and dystopia.

My funds for this wish list is rather limited, so it will take time to complete.

Items with a strike threw the text have been gathered already. And should be on a “Books I Own” list. They are left on this list encase I have some other disaster like my house fire a few years ago. Some books are still on this list as a result of that.

You can add comments to this post at the end if you want to recommend something, email me for actually selling me one on the list.

If you happen to be looking for any book listed here yourself, or are interested in getting my copy that has the strike threw in it (I won’t sell it), contact Robert or Peter at BookTown (this store has since closed) that’s where I buy most of my books these days, and will likely still get them there even if I move to Ontario. In fact, the primary reason this list is posted on the net is so that they can read it when new stuff comes in.

My apologizes in advance for the books not being listed in alphabetical order, or by author. I did manage to list them by subject though.

– Wolfe

Early Trades:

Alex W. Bealer wrote a book called “The Art of Blacksmithing” published in 1995 (Castle Books), it was part of a set which included a book on Glass Blowing, and another on Carpentry sold in Canada by Cole’s Bookstore. I’m not sure if there were any other books as part of the collection, but if so I’d be interested in them as well. I do have the “Art of Blacksmithing” ISBN: 0-7858-0395-5, but none of the others.

I have a small collection on Ceramics and Pottery, and am looking for more. As well as some woodworking, metal smithing, and various early arts and craft books. So the scope of what I am looking for includes the basics to advance how to’s in the early trades.

  • Country Tools by Fred Davis
    Part of the “Finder’s Guide Series” #7
    Publisher: Oliver Press. Willits, California. (1974)
    ISBN: 0-914400-06-1
  • “Art of Blacksmithing” ISBN: 0-7858-0395-5

Technical Books:


Radio Shack published a series of small binder insert booklets which included “Getting Started in Electronics” by Forrest M. Mims, III from 1983 to 1994 (Radio Shack Catalog Number: 276-5003 A) I am seeking the rest of the set as well as the other tiny helper books which were about half the size in dimensions as a standard novel with high gloss paper coverings.

Technical Trades and Textbooks on Electronics are also on this mental list, an example would be Donald M. Hunten’s “Introduction to Electronics for Students of Physics and Engineering Science” (University of Saskatchewan textbook 1964) if they are published/required by a University or “Recognized” trade college I’m likely interested.

  • Donald M. Hunten’s “Introduction to Electronics for Students of Physics and Engineering Science” (University of Saskatchewan textbook 1964)
  • Modern Dictionary of Electroics by Rudolf F. GrafStore Commemorative Editon – Unabrdiged
    Publisher: Howard W. Sams & Co, Inc. 1970
    LCCN: 68-13873


Do not offer me “Glencoe Pre-Algebra: An Integrated Transition to Algebra & Geometry” (ISBN: 0-02-833240-7) it’s a waste of paper. If you do, I won’t be interested in any other textbooks you offer. I desire hard mathematical science textbooks related to prime numbers, and encryption security. In fact, if it has “Glencoe” in the title, your better off burning the book, and I hate the idea of burning any book.

Computer Programming:

C programming how to books, please take note that I am not interested in C++ or GUI programming. I am a ‘nix geek after all folks. If the book even mentions Windows, don’t bother to contact me.

Might also be interested in scripting books on BASH (which I could likely write my own), TCL scripting, Perl, and Python. I am not interested in Java. If there is a history book on LISP, I’d be interested. Programming books which cover encryption, mathematics, “imaginary” high prime numbers, double keys, security, network security, linux kernal programming, firmware (linux), would be cool to add to the list. I prefer Debian, over Ubuntu BTW. Nothing on Red Hat/Fedora Core please.

  • SAM’S Teach yourself C Programming in 24 hours (NOTE: NOT THE C/C++ version)


I am looking for the answer to what might be a simple question to a chemist.

How do you bind a carbon chain to benzine?

It’s likely in a first year college textbook, but I could be wrong. Don’t ask me why I want to know this, and for you chemists out there, no comments about law enforcement issues.

Other chemistry like books I am looking for, relate to the homesteading crowd. A very good example would be any book that would be placed next to Stark Research Associates’ “The Formula Manual” 1974 (ISBN: 0-8362-2701-8), or the smaller version “The Formula Book” by Norman Stark 1975 (ISBN: 0-380-00840-8)

  • Stark Research Associates’ “The Formula Manual” 1974 (ISBN: 0-8362-2701-8)
  • “The Formula Book” by Norman Stark 1975 (ISBN: 0-380-00840-8)
  • Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis 2nd edition
    Publisher: McGraw-Hill 1960
    Department of Chemistry New Mexico Highlands University
    LCCN: 59-14446

Medical (Western Medicine):

I am collecting editions of “The Merck Manual”, not the home editions, but the ones that are sitting on the book shelf which belonged to your grandfather when he was practicing medicine.
I own the 8th and 12th editions already. They are published by Merck & Dohme Research Laboratories in Rathway, New Jersey.

Also in this set of Medicine books are the “Gould’s Pocket Pronouncing Medical Dictionary” by Maple Press in York, P.A. I have the 11th edition already.

I would be interested in adding medical textbooks to this list, but older textbooks. It’s the recent history I’m interested in, not in studying to become a doctor. (PRE-1950′s?)

  • The Merck Manual 1st editions till present
  • Gould’s Pocket Pronouncing Medical Dictionary 1st edition till present


Anything written by John Seymour, or M. G. Kains, or even by any author who has co-author a book with either of them along the same topics. Reminder crossed out books mean I already own them.

  • Title: The Encyclopedia of Country Living: An Old Fashioned Recipe Book (Paperback)
    Author: Carla Emery
    Publisher: Sasquatch Books; 9th edition (May 1994)
    ISBN-10: 0912365951
    ISBN-13: 978-0912365954
  • Title: The Contrary Farmer (Real Goods Independent Living Book) (Paperback)
    Author: Gene Logsdon
    Publisher: Chelsea Green (May 1, 1995)
    ISBN-10: 0930031741
    ISBN-13: 978-0930031749
  • Title: Flight from the city;: An experiment in creative living on the land (Harper colophon books, CN 1005) (Unknown Binding)
    Author: Ralph Borsodi
    Publisher: Harper & Row; [1st Harper Colophon ed.] edition (1972)
    ISBN-10: 0060910054
    ISBN-13: 978-0060910051
  • Title: Handy Farm Devices: And How to Make Them (Paperback)
    Author: Rolfe Cobleigh
    Publisher: The Lyons Press; First edition (February 1, 1996)
    ISBN-10: 1558214321
    ISBN-13: 978-1558214323
  • Title: The Open Door to Independence
    Author: Thomas E. Hill
    Publish Date: (1920s?)
    Publisher: R.C. Barnum Company (Cleveland)
    Volume 1 “The Health Book”
    Volume 2 “The Engineering Book”
    Volume 3 “Agriculture Book”
    Volume 4 “The Stock Book” – “Poultry Raising”
    (more ?)
  • Title: We Took to the Woods (Paperback)
    Author: Louise Rich
    Publisher: Down East Books (January 1, 1970)
    ISBN-10: 0892720166
    ISBN-13: 978-0892720163
    – Also interested in the 1942 edition
  • Title: Building a Multi-Use Barn: For Garage, Animals, Workshop, Studio (Paperback)
    Author: John D. Wagner
    Publisher: Williamson Publishing Company (July 1994)
    ISBN-10: 0913589764
    ISBN-13: 978-0913589762
  • Title: Cold-Climate Gardening:
    How to Extend Your Growing Season by at Least 30 Days (Paperback)
    Author: Lewis Hill
    Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC (January 2, 1987)
    ISBN-10: 0882664417
    ISBN-13: 978-0882664415
  • Title: The Woodlot Management Handbook:
    Making the Most of Your Wooded Property For Conservation,
    Income or Both (Paperback)
    Authors: Stewart Hilts & Peter Mitchell
    Illustrator: Ann-Ida Beck
    Publisher: Firefly Books (April 1, 1999)
    ISBN-10: 1552092364
    ISBN-13: 978-1552092361
  • Title: Raising Milk Goats the Modern Way
    (Garden Way Publishing Classic) (Paperback)
    Author: Jerry Belanger
    Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC; Rev&Updtd edition (January 3, 1990)
    ISBN-10: 0882665766
    ISBN-13: 978-0882665764
  • The Guide to Self-Efficiency by John Seymour (Hardcover)
    Publisher: Hearst Books – New York
    ISBN: 0-910990-66-2
  • Five Acres and Independence by M. G. Kains
    Publisher: Dover Publications, Inc. (1973)
    ISBN: 0-486-20974-1
  • The Home Workplace
    Compilation of “Oragnic Gardening and Farming Magazine”
    Publisher: Rodale Press Inc. Emmaus, P.A.,(1978)
  • The Homesteader’s Handbook to Raising Small Livestock
    by Jerome D. Belanger
    Rodale Press INC. Emmaus, Pennsylvania 18049 (1974)
    ISBN: 0-87857-075-


There are a few key areas that I am looking for in history, and are some what limited by topic. First, I have an interest in the 30′s, 50′s, 60′s, and early 70′s. Although anything within the last 100 years related to sub-cultures in North America would also interest me, my primary focus is on the Beatniks, Yippees, Hippies, Weather men, Anarchist Black Cross, Anarchy, Woodstock Nation, Chicago Seven, Abbie Hoffman, Activism, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Women’s Lib, Diggers, and similar topics. I don’t give a shit about Enron.

  • Making of the English Working Class (Paperback) by E. P. Thompson
    864 pages
    Vintage (February 12, 1966) Language: English ISBN-10: 0394703227 ISBN-13: 978-0394703220 Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 5.2 x 1.6 inches

Fiction Books: (EOTW)

Like I mentioned before I am seeking some fiction books, recommendation are welcome, however the scope of fiction that I am looking for is rather narrow. I would be interested in fiction that is a possible scenario for the end of the world, end of civilization, and the fall of our ‘modern’ way of life. Not books which have as it’s main plot as something which cannot be are less interesting to me.

Examples would include “Farnham’s freehold” by Robert A. Heinlein, “On the Beach” by Nevil Shute, and “Pandemic” by Daniel Kalla.

George Orwell’s’ 1984 would be a dystopia I would buy. (But that one falls under classics, and I have four copies)

  • “Farnham’s freehold” by Robert A. Heinlein
  • “On the Beach” by Nevil Shute
  • “Pandemic” by Daniel Kalla
  • “Day of the Dolphin” by ??
  • “The Chrysalids” by ?? (Note: I think I do have this book just can’t find it)
  • “The Shape of Things to Come” by ??