Daily Habit

In order to make this a daily habit, one must first have something to say.

I have a lot to say, some would even go so far to claim I’m a bit of a wind bag.

When people meet someone new, they tend to test them. Certain things are said to see what kind of person they appear to be. Most people are totally unaware that they do this. Christians will say catch phrases during a conversation like ‘God Bless’ and ‘Jesus loves you’ to see what kind of response the other person will give them in return.

In my research work I encounter a lot of students from overseas, catch phrases to them are worth gold.

Catch phrases are not idioms, it is not the same thing. They are more better described as localized slang versions of idioms. If I say to someone ‘He is dry behind the ears’ English proficient students understand that I am referring to him as being young and immature. Sub-cultures have their own idioms, so do fan groups. If I ask ‘What is the Ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything?’ Christian will reply with ‘Jesus’ or some such thing, but fans of Douglas Adams know right away the answer is ’42’.

I ask such questions myself all the time when I meet some one new, in fact, I have a set of questions that I usually ask, and I’m aware that I do it. The ability to understand where a person is coming from is an important skill. It allows for better communication, and acceptance.

We change our approach to people depending on how they relate to us. We tend to classify some people into groups. This is where things go wrong with catch phrases. Con artists know this, they know they can enter into any group and be considered part of the group. But that isn’t the worst thing that can happen when we tend to group people together based on what we think they are about.

Racists do this. In fact, all groups, do this.

Rainbow Families are not different in that regards. We have our own catch phrases too, although they may alter slightly from tribe to tribe. And we tend to place an ego barrier between us the LEO’s. It’s not suppose to be that way folks.

Just something to think about.


Originally posted on July 19, 2004 @ 9:40 am