(NOTE: There was no general Post last week, not because I didn’t learn anything, it’s just that it was the start of a week from hell.)

OK, I’m not even sure where to begin. Nothing really big happened over the course of the last two weeks, but a lot of little ones did. Well, maybe more then a lot. It was as if Murphy Law decided that it was behind in my life, and wanted to catch up.

There is also one other thing that has been bugging me, and it is hard for me to put into words because I do not want to sound like a total nit. It comes in two parts.

The first part is that some people think that the posts on Survival Times, and the links that appear on my Face book to it, as well as other social networks are written by me. Their not. Most of the posts that appear on Survival Times are written by members of the American Prepper’s Network, if the people of that network were a group that liked dogs, all the posts would be about dogs, puppies, and breeds of dogs. They would post content up about Vet bills, brands of dog food, and how to give your dog a hair cut. But the American Prepper’s Network, and all the other sites that the RSS feed reader known as Survival Times, is not about dogs, it about being prepared for disasters, emergencies, and doing things yourself. All the authors are also into other things, but their blogs are about being prepper’s or survivalists. Some of them are into dogs, fishing, hunting, trucking, arts and crafts, and just about everything else you can imagine. Those other interests just prove that they are all well balanced people, they just write about one narrow topic, like myself.

The other thing a lot of the authors on Survival Times have in common is a belief that politics matter, and many of them, but not all, are also libertarians. Perhaps I should narrow the label to classical libertarians who also believe in private property rights, and privacy rights, with a strong leaning towards being anti-gun control. If they were of the belief that apples were the ideal food, they would likely mention it every few posts, encouraging others to eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away, it’s the same thing with their, and mine, political view. We want to keep an illness away that we call socialism from this planet we care about, we want to support a political ideology that we believe will benefit all equally. So yes, we write about it.

This doesn’t mean that we are a collection of survival nut jobs, it means that this is our passion. Like I already stated, if our passion was about apples or dogs no one would think twice about it. But mention that we believe you should prepare to take care of yourself in a disaster, that you should be able to defend yourself, that you should know how to take of yourself, and suddenly you’ve crossed the line.

Which brings me to the second part. Where the hell did common sense go?

Why is it that we never seem to learn from history. That sometimes something may look like a good idea on paper, but in reality it becomes a death trap. Take communism for example. There are those that believe that after reading Marx and Lenin, that classless, stateless society, and common-ownership are good ideas. But in reality it doesn’t work. Being classless means there is no where to go to improve your lot in life. Having a stateless society means there is no law and order, I’m not interested in constantly watching my back, anarchy sucks folks. Common ownership means that no individual owns anything. Do people even really think about this? Before those of you who still think that communism is a good idea, and that the only reason it hasn’t worked so far is because it hasn’t been done right, let me state this. Communism only works if all the people are willing to work for each other and give to each other selflessly. Common sense tells us this is impossible.

Socialism is the same path as communism. A rose by any other name is still a rose. The ideals, politics are exactly the same. To state that this is not true is to ignore history, and to intentionally be ignorant of double talk. Common Sense tells us that full blown Socialism is exactly the same as the Tyrant Communist Police State. History tells us that this system is deadly, ask any Jew.

If Communism, and Socialism are classless, stateless societies, with so called common-ownership, then this system also has another name. It’s called the New World Order.

I do not believe that there is some secret organization bent of world domination via a system called the New World Order. First off, it’s not a secret in the smallest sense. Second off, it is more dangerous then an organization, it’s an idea. Worse, it’s camouflage for an anti-sovereignty ideology.

Some people also believe that Capitalism is evil. They often use Sam Walton’s family as an example, because they have so much wealth, it is greater then some countries GDP, and that the store that family controls (39% of the voting shares), is also evil because it is involved in the destruction of the environment, and the labor it is built on is close to slavery.

First, I am no fan of Walmart. But do not come bitching to me about it, I do not shop there, and I am in the middle of learning to make the things I want and need for myself. If you are to lazy to do so yourself, go cry on your mom’s shoulder, I do not have time for you. People reap what they sow. If the autoworkers of North America are screaming because the business is dying, and their own families own foreign imports, they have no one to blame but themselves. If a community has lost it’s gross tax base, and still has a Walmart within city by-laws, you elected the morons, you can deal with the consequences.

Although I am no fan of the Store Walmart, I have a lot of respect for a farmer’s kid from Oklahoma who grew up during the great depression. Sam Walton, whose only purpose in life was to support his family, deserves the greatest respect. Do not tell me it is not fair that his family is wealthy while others are poor, that family proves that Capitalism works, and if you think that National Socialism works you don’t know my own family history, and the odds are, you don’t know your own.

Finally, at the end this rather long Monday Rant, I have one more.

Recently, within the skeptic community, have been some posts about the fall of the Christian Church. Currently the number of people in North America that believe in traditional Christian spiritual beliefs, such as Jesus Christ is the only son of God, the belief in a Creator God, that salvation from eternal hell can only be a gift from God as a result of accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and savior is the only way to heaven, etc, etc, has fallen to an all time low.

Since I am not a Christian you would think that this would not bother me. But it does.

Christianity is more then a belief in God. Although it’s has many black marks, and there are Born-Again Christians that really piss me off, there is a few things about Christianity that can not be allowed to die.

I do not believe that The United States of America was founded on Christianity, but I do believe that The United States of America, and likely all of the Western Civilization was built on traditional christian values and beliefs. There is a difference, a classic example would be the biography of Thomas Jefferson.

It is those traditional family values, that sense of community, of fellowship, and of belonging, it’s common sense, and sense of purpose that can not be allowed to die. It comes from the culture of the christian church, and it is likely that those beliefs influenced the church rather then other way around.

This beliefs, and many connected with them such as the work ethic, are what made our civilization the most advanced, most secure, the most liberty based. Without them we are nothing. With out the structure of the Christian Church we run the danger of other cultures invading our lifestyle, our way of life, and our quality of life. We need to get back to our roots.

We need to stop handing out divorce settlements like candy, married couples need to remember that the institution of marriage is based on belief that it is for life. We need the family to understand and believe that it is the cornerstone of our great nations, and without it, we all fail. We need to stop reinventing the wheel, no other shape will work. We need to understand that work means blood, tears, and sweat. That production means to actually produce something, not sit on your ass.

Lesson Learned: A tree without strong roots, dies. We are no different.