by Dan Wolfe

copyright 2011
all rights reserved

“See I told you they knew where it was, this guy called Columbus sailed a boat to it!”, said Jimmy as he ran into the room carrying a large dusty book.

“What are you talking about?”, Jenny was annoyed again with her little brother, every time they came across a building filled with books he just had to explore it. Time would be better spent looking for rabbits, and rabbits didn’t eat books!

“It’s a history book, or at least I think it is. Some of the words are to hard for me, but there was this guy who sailed to the end of the world, I knew they had found it and left!”, Jimmy was excited, which meant he didn’t listen to well to his sister. “Do you know what that means Sis! We can find the end of the world, all we need is a boat!”

Jenny sat down on the floor and looked up at her brother, taking him by both shoulders, and tried really hard to speak softly, “Jimmy, there is no way for us to get to the end of the world, if there was, they would have come back for us.”

Jimmy’s face turned red, “THAT’S NOT TRUE! MOM AND DAD DIDN’T TELL THEM WE WEREN’T SICK! THEY THOUGHT WE DIED!”, crying he pulled away, and ran out of the room, still holding the book.

She sat there thinking, there was no way they were leaving today, he’d hide away somewhere, and spend the rest of the day reading. It was times like this that she wished Uncle Nick was still alive. He would have been able to explain to Jimmy that the end of the world was just to far away, as far away as where you were born he used to say. But only if it was possible, she knew why Jimmy wanted to go there, it had everything. Magic still worked there, it made the sun shine at night when you were scared of the dark, it could keep you warm in winter without a fire. It glowed, it sparked, it was powerful.

There was two kinds of magic, white magic and black magic. Before everyone left for the end of the world, they all used Black Magic.

Black Magic could do anything, and that was the problem, it made it so easy to have a fun life that people forgot stuff, even simple things like how to catch a rabbit. She could see why, Uncle Nick said you could open a box that used black magic and inside it would be cold as ice, and there was always food in the box, then you put the food in another black magic box, and it would cook it for so fast you couldn’t even sing the star song before it was done. If you could do that, why would you learn how to catch a rabbit? Everything was made with Black Magic, it even grew plants you could eat, and it move the plants to the box with the ice in it.

Uncle Nick said they should have used White Magic instead, Black Magic made you sick, it made the Earth sick, you had to find the Black Magic in the ground by digging holes down to it, White Magic came from the sun. But using White Magic was harder, so people just used Black Magic instead.

She remembered when everyone left. Their were people in the streets holding signs tell them where to go, “The End Of The World”, everyone was yelling, and scared. Uncle Nick explained they were all afraid they’d be left behind, that they wouldn’t make it to the end of the world.

She once ask her uncle what it was like beyond the end of the world, and he just smile. He said it was a lot like where they were now.

Mom and Dad had died because of Black Magic, it made you sick. It also kept you alive. Black Magic made the food, and Black Magic made a medicine called In-Soul-Lens. The Food made you sick because it didn’t use White Magic to grow, but the In-Soul-Lens made you feel better and kept you alive.

To be continued … – Wolfe