Ecozoom For Your Bol

Ecozoom cook stove, this is THE prepper stove, nothing else even comes close. My first impression, WOW, and maybe a few more awes tossed in! It’s huge, I can cook anything on it. But this stove goes way beyond what you would think of as a prepper survival type cook stove… it’s a bio-mass fueled burning cook stove, … so I tried everything in it.

First thing I did with this stove was a very simple test, I dug out old charcoal from the bar-be-que, you know, those little bits and pieces left over from the last time we had ribs etc. I wanted to see if the ecozoom was more efficient then just using a pail with holes in it for air, tossed in some scrape wood, sticks, leaves for lighting it up…. those left overs lasted almost FOUR HOURS!

This is the next generation bio-mass stove. It was designed by Aprovecho Research Center for sending to third world countries, in other words this stove was intentionally made for long term survival situations.

This stove can burn any dry biomass, and is incredibility efficient . We ended up using the stove more then just testing it in the last couple of weeks since we’ve had it. It can boil water with very little fuel which impressed me a lot.

I need to to stress here that this is the stove you bring to your BOL before SHTF, as it is to heavy to haul in a pack sack at the 11th hour. That aside, I figure I could do with a couple more, since when we made spaghetti sauce on it, we realized we needed another to cook the pasta.

Some things should be added to the shopping list if you get one of these. As it is just a basic fire pit you can put on a table. There is a pot guard that comes with it, but for the most part I found the guard useless. It also comes with a little wire feeder rack which despite it’s simplicity works amazingly well.

The important, or should I suggest for the preppers who are looking for something like this, is that there was almost no smoke once the chamber heated up. Good for OPSEC if you ask me.

I took the smaller grill off my smoker to make some simple flat bread, it’s one of those treats we like to has with salsa while watching movies on a Friday night. They came out pretty good for an open flame, we usually use a cast iron frying pan on the kitchen stove, or the Coleman when the power’s out. The direct touch of the flame added a little different taste. I’m willing to bet that if I made stew on this, it would work better in a ceramic crock pot rather then a cast iron one.

With the frequency that the power goes out on this street we live on, this is a Godsend. It also is a major plus on hot days where we want to cook something other then just on the BBQ. But the little trap on the bottom for ashes fills up to fast, I think I need to find some kind of small tin shovel like kids used to get for the beach in the 70’s to clean it out when we use it for more then one firing in a row.

Other then those points I see this as the best stove for BOL. I plan on getting a couple more, maybe even send one to family members back east. (My Dad would love this thing!)

I’m not the only one who’s been reviewing this stove within the prepper’s network, so I’ve included here some links to the other reviews….

– Wolfe

Update: (March 2013) I just dropped by the main Ecozoom website to edit this post during my blog update and noticed the new models they have, I immediately saw the double burner model as a plus, it’s now on my wish list. (Image below)

originally posted on: 2011-08-06

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What To Expect After Shtf


PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) is the most severe form of emotional and psychological trauma. Its primary symptoms include intrusive memories or flashbacks, avoiding things that remind you of the traumatic event, and living in a constant state of “red alert”. If you have PTSD, it’s important to see a trauma specialist.” – Help Guide 1

Anxiety/Fearfulness is only one of the reaction people have, the symptoms can include chest pain, difficulty breathing, evaluated heart rate and blood pressure, surges of adrenaline, and unreasonable fear. The physical reactions come from the fight or flight response, and increases the supply of oxygen to the blood, muscle become more tense to improve response time. Modern man with his giant brain has thought himself into a corner with regards to anxiety, we tend to try to think our way out of a crisis. Survivalists should try to imagine situations that are likely to occur, and have detailed plans of action memorized long before any such event takes place, when an event happens stick to the plan, take action regards of how you feel.

Numbness, as in devoid of emotions, is another emotional response to disaster. This is where you have to force yourself to trust those in your group, trust your preplanned set of actions, even when you do not feel like it. Numbness is a sense of disconnection to the events and people around you, combined sometimes with a sense of constant danger. You can be prone to this even if you are ready for a disaster, but already under stress from daily life. This is one of the reasons I advocate for the living it now lifestyle you plan to be in after the end of your world as you know it. Choosing to live self-efficiently now, being self-reliant now, lessens the impact of an event that forces people into that lifestyle.

Depression has been called the number one killer in America in recent years. It is connected to so many pharmaceutical drugs I’m surprised that it doesn’t have it’s own index on the stock market. Depression is the result of one of two factors when it is boiled down to it’s basics, either the cause is related to something in which a person feels they are the victim of something out of their control, or it is related to a low self-image. In the case of situations that are out of your control, you can not avoid it WSHTF, you will feel this way, it is a normal response to overwhelming events, but it doesn’t mean you can do nothing. The cure for almost all emotional issues that arise from disasters is action. This means that you will have to plan out what you are going to do, even while waiting for the dust to settle. This can include reviewing first aid materials, reading hard copies of guides, checking the state of supplies, the list will need to go on for how long you might have to wait before you can start working on the garden, or even to bug out to a safer place. This same set of preparations will help with feelings of guilt (survivors guilt), grief, vulnerability, and even disbelief for those with you.

“Pamper yourself. Get plenty of rest. Eat regular meals even if you don’t feel like it. Take precautions to be safe and comfortable. Be as self-nurturing as you can. ” – CIGNA Behavioral Health 2

– Wolfe


2CIGNA Behavioral Health – Disaster Reactions: How to Cope with Them [PDF]


Why The Green Party is a Bad Choice

From The Archives: 2013

Most of my long time friends know that I use to support the Green Party of Canada, they also know that I no longer do. But the reasons why are so long I haven’t posted all of them, and the main reason for that is that the list just seemed to long.   In 2006 and 2008, the Green Party of Canada published a policy book to outline in detail what they stood for, in order to get rid of the so-called image that they were a one issue party. It is this very policy book that made me realize that I couldn’t support them any longer.   In this post I am going to attempt to go through each issue, and perhaps name a few others that they did not include.   Green-Economy:

Green Party MPs will work to:

  • Pass the Canada Well-Being Measurement Act and implement the Canadian Index of Well-being.
  • Begin a partial, gradual, revenue neutral tax shift from income, consumption and business taxes to resource use taxes, pollution taxes and land value levies reflecting corporate profits.
  • Review the Green tax shift every 3 years in order to monitor progress and readjust fiscal imbalances.
  • Create thousands of new “Green collar jobs” by encouraging the development of low-emission industries in areas most affected by the shift away from natural resource sectors.
  • Legislate stronger, more effective antitrust laws in concentrated industry sectors.
  • Reduce taxes for small and medium sized businesses in their first 5 years of existence.
  • Provide higher risk financial support networks that will encourage people to invest in innovative businesses.” –

Canada Well-Being Measurement Act:

BILL C-268 : “An Act to develop and provide for the publication of measures to inform Canadians about the health and well-being of people, communities and ecosystems in Canada” –

I love it when a political party thinks something is a good idea, and steals it as if it was their own. Marlene Jennings, a Liberal, was the one who proposed this bill in 2001, secondly the Well-Being Act is just a GDI. The problem I have with this system is that it is subjective to a worldview, or opinion of what is valuable by an ideology, rather then facts. If what is in my best interest differs from those who judge what the current GDI is, the measurement is useless to me, and my in fact harm my interests. Facts on the other hand, such as the actual amount of GDP this country’s dollar is based on, tells me if I can expect to export my product or service to our major trading partner the USA.

Resource Use Taxes: Taxing resources is like any other tax, an act of theft. But assuming that I believe we need something like a social contract to enact some kind of tax on the general population, I believe that it should effect everyone equally, or not at all. I don’t like rules which single out a group of people over others, some one always ends up with an unfair deal. Taxing just resources put the burden of the budget on the producers. You know them, they are the companies and individuals which actually create good jobs. If I am a prepper, living on a homestead, and produce all my own food, energy, and basic needs, under a resource based tax system, I pay nothing. That doesn’t feel fair to me, and in addition it make me a target. No thank you. I would rather see a flat rate percentage tax on everyone, period. And before the Green Party cries foul on behalf of the poor, disabled, and pensioners…. note this, I am one.

Review the Green tax shift every 3 years: All this tells me is that they already know that this will not work, and have written into their policy book an op-out to change the rules after being elected. At least they are being honest that they are going to break their campaign promises!

Create thousands of new “Green collar jobs”: How exactly does the Green Party plan to help any of us get a single job? Oh, wait, they don’t actually promise that do they? What they promise to do is to ‘create’ these ‘green‘ jobs. That translates to using tax payer’s money to give some one else a job in the ‘green’ sector. I still call that welfare, not a job. Any time tax payer’s foots the bill to create and keep a job for some one, it’s the same as welfare. If that industry could be self-sustaining all on it’s own, it wouldn’t need the government to get involved in the first place.

Legislate stronger, more effective antitrust laws in concentrated industry sectors: All you have to do to figure that one out is read it a few times. Maybe it would help if I translate the double-speak. Translation: “Selectively list certain industries that we choose and screw them over with strong laws under the label of :We Don’t Trust You.” I know I am going to enact a Godwin rule here, but this sounds a lot like National Socialism to me. The whole point of a free market system is that it is self correcting. When the government makes decisions for the population it effectively says we do not trust our people to make informed, adult decisions on their own, so we will legislate the morals from the top. Making stronger antitrust laws isn’t the problem, making stronger antitrust laws towards a labeled group of people, and industries is Nazism.

Reduce taxes for small and medium sized businesses in their first 5 years of existence:   Ever get suckered into a mobile phone contract? For the first three years you only pay $49.95 a month and get this neat cell phone free! Sound familiar? Small and Medium business can either compete with larger ones because they are local service based businesses, or they can not compete with larger ones because of lack import fairness, marketing capital, and a host of other issues. None of these would be effected by reducing the tax to local business, or increasing it for others. In fact the two major barriers to new businesses is government required paperwork, and the exchange rates for a fiat currency system.

Provide higher risk financial support networks that will encourage people to invest:   Remember that this quote is from the 2006 policy book! Every single layman on the planet that knows even the smallest of facts of the financial crisis of 2008, in which this very policy book was still being handed out after the crisis was in full swing, knows that encouraging High-Risk Investing is the worse thing you can do for fiscal responsibility. Can you imagine what Canada would be like today if the Green Party had won? … OK, you can stop laughing at the Greens now, it’s not polite.

Smart Economic Stimulus:   “Expand access to employment insurance for those who paid into it, while protecting the pensions of retired Canadians. Reduce EI and CPP contributions for businesses.”   This is one of those campaign promises that every one makes, “we will give you more money”. The problem with this is that the money has to come from somewhere and that usually means either tax cuts somewhere else, or increases to the tax payer. Well, actually it means both 99% of time.   The one thing that every responsible tax payer knows is that they are better managers of their money then the government. And considering that most of us will agree that we are not that very good at managing our money says a lot at how bad the government is at it. EI and CPP are a tax, period. If I had taken every cent that I had paid into it, and just stuck it in a regular bank account since day one, I’d be better off today, and so would anyone else that has paid into it including my parents. If you don’t believe me take at look at your own tax records, add up all your contributions and use an online calculator for investments that takes the dates into account. My only strong recommendation is, if you own any firearms, give them to your neighbor for a few days before you do this, and tell them not to give them back till you calm down, I’m not kidding, you will really want to kill the tax man.

Fair Global Trade:

Reform, revise and rethink our trade agreements. Trade is a part of a sustainable future only when it is fair for all.”

Double-Speak Alert! I’m one of the first people to note that the North American Free Trade Act was a bad idea, but creating yet another trade agreement is just, well, stupid. Mainly because any idea, even if a good one, can get messed up by a bunch of bureaucrats.

There is something that has always bugged me about any left-leaning organization, and that is the way they come to decisions as a group. The Green Party is a consensus-based organization, it is not a democracy based organization, and I would go so far as to say that they hate “Roberts Rules of Order” ( Both myself, and my old mentor Phil noticed this right away.

The key to understanding that the above statement in the policy book is double speak is just one phrase “only when it is fair for all” , who exactly makes that decision, and how is that decision made? What is fair? Is it fair trade coffee we are speaking about? Fair to the farmers in South Africa? The point of a government is to have organization which looks beyond it’s borders and take into account the best interests of the voters. It is not the roll of government to be the moral police, to restrict trade, or even the playing field with other countries’ citizenship. I myself am also an Italian citizen, it does not sit well with me that if the Green Party of Canada ever wins the power it craves, that it might believe for whatever reason that all pizzas made in/shipped to Italy should get some kind of fair trade agreement when being imported to/or exported from Canada. It just sounds as stupid as any other product or service you can think of. We are not the moral police of the world, and to be that would mean to make the same mistakes our patriot brothers to the south have made. You’d better believe that if the Green party is given any power to create any Bill or Act, they will not debate this from a fair point of view of all voters, it will be written by only those who agree with consensus-based decision making. In other words, agree with our process, or don’t get a say.

Healthy Industry:

A healthy agriculture sector, with support for those who wish to transition to organic farming. A healthy fishery, with an end to devastating draggers. A sustainable forest industry with more emphasis on value added, and less raw log or unprocessed pulp export. More jobs for more people making real things.”

More jobs for people making real things… Great! I am of the firm belief that real wealth comes from actual ‘stuff’, couldn’t support a more capitalistic view more! … OK, I admit, I only said that to get under the skin of all the Green Party supporters who read this … Truth be told there is one thing in that line that bothers me right away. What if we’re wrong?

As a prepper, I believe that we should all learn how to make things ourselves, and develop skill sets that help us gain self-efficient trades. This usually means making real things, as in actual products like chairs, jars, and houses. I have also been a fisherman, and worked in silviculture, so I totally get healthy fishery… end dragging, and … sustainable forest thing. And although I will grow and eat my own organic veggies, don’t expect me to buy it (don’t ask, that’s another issue for another day).

But …

What if we’re wrong? What if making real products is a bad idea? What if we can not compete with China and India in making real things, but could compete with something else like science, technology, or energy? What if the issue isn’t something that is already illegal like dragging, or not replanting the forest, but the issue is that our debts are to high to deal with when we are not exploring other options to improve our lot like increasing our exports of raw logs?

Some one once told me about how imports and exports work. It will always be that Cuba will export sugar cane and the like to Canada because they are better at growing it. Canada will always export raw logs because it is just a better renewable export then anything else we have, and we are better at it then Japan, etc. It doesn’t matter what real thing you are talking about, if some one some where is better at it then you, you loose. The trick is to get better at something then anyone else. We grow grains here really good, same for wood, potash, and a host of other things like uranium ore. Interfere with the things that work, and you kill real jobs.

Most of the policies of the Green Party show that they have no idea how the real world works. This is just one of countless examples of why having them even given air time on national news is bad idea.

Cut wasteful subsidies:

End the failed strategy of throwing good money after bad in corporate bail-outs for big business, and subsidies to nuclear and fossil fuels.”

Great idea, end the fed! … I mean, errr …. end the welfare state! While we’re at it, let’s end all the hand outs…. I mean I didn’t vote to have the government sub Air-Canada, General Motors, solar panels in homes, wind mills, … and yet again we see that the Green Party really doesn’t want a fair deal for everyone equally. If you are going to stop handing out tax payer money to one group, end it to all, including that couple of bucks a political parties get per vote…. not that the Green Party would even exist if that was ended. Claiming that you are going to end a bad idea in one area, but not another, doesn’t stop it from being a bad idea. Subsidies are a bad idea, including those for housing, company start ups, training, school, transportation, public transportation, green technology, research, and trade. Claiming it is needed here, but not there, makes you a bigot.

Get the prices right:

Get the prices right for long term sustainability. Avoid structural deficits. Implement a revenue-neutral carbon pricing architecture to modernize our economy. Build a “Made in Canada” Green economy.”

Maybe statements like this is why I never bothered to write this before. None of this actually means anything outside of the green cult. It’s all idioms related to being a Green Party member, doubt it? Ask anyone who has never given the Green Party a second thought, what the heck that statement means. OK, to be fair, I can translate it…

Get the prices right for long term sustainability. … Create a balance budget, like every single other party claims too.

Avoid structural deficits … The government system is broken, we’re going to fix it, like every single other party claims too.

Implement a revenue-neutral carbon pricing architecture to modernize our economy … even thou Carbon monoxide is poisonous, we want to tax Carbon dioxide which is a natural organic compound that plants can not live without, instead.

Build a “Made in Canada” Green economy … because Made in Canada isn’t something to be proud of all on it’s own, we want it to be a ‘green’ thing!

Strong Communities:

A community is defined by more than geography. A community is people living together, taking care of each other, having time for each other.

Ummm … wait a sec…

“The term community has two distinct meanings: 1) A group of interacting people, living in some proximity (i.e., in space, time, or relationship). Community usually refers to a social unit larger than a household that shares common values and has social cohesion. The term can also refer to the national community or international community, and, 2) in biology, a community is a group of interacting living organisms sharing a populated environment. ” – Wikipedia

I’m willing to bet that the policy makers of the Green Party actually looked up the word community in Wikipedia and managed to get wrong still. Living together means something completely different then interacting with each other. Living together implies a commune, not community. And as for taking care of each other, that goes back to the whole ‘social contract’ issue, which I really don’t have the time to debate right now. But I will say this, every single “FAMILY” in a community will take care of their own first, before they will take care of their neighbor, and that is the way it should be. Having time for each isn’t something that makes sense to include here, unless the Green Party has some warped view that they can tell you what you should do with your free time.

Communities that work take work. Transportation systems that get you from here to there, quickly, efficiently, and safely. Water works that ensure clean and healthy water. All the things that make us love where we live. ….”

I agree that communities take work to work, kinda of a lame way to say to it thou. But communities do not have anything to do with (public implied) transportation issues, I can say that, because Canada has THOUSANDS of towns without public transportation, and they are almost always better at giving you an impression of being a real community then any one of the ones with a public transportation system. For that matter the same can be said for any area without a water works.

This is just the Green Party proving that it is out of touch with reality. The Green Party makes the claim that it’s an environmentally friendly political party, but most of the members are collage students who have never left the city, and wouldn’t know how to handle themselves in the bush. The think that they are really involved in the community, the man on the street, because most of them have been involved in some kind protest, boycott, or what not. But the truth is, they have no clue what real Canadians are really all about. This is actually a good thing, it will keep them from getting votes, and I am not about to name off where they are off base to help them. Maybe, they should just go have a life.

  Help for married couples and families:   “Fix the tax system. Lower income taxes and introduce full income splitting to reduce the tax burden on married couples and families.”   I actually agree with this statement, WOW, found one…. oh, wait…   The only problem I have with this is that I don’t believe the government should have anything to do with the church. I am a strong believer in the separation of church and state, and I believe that the act of marriage is a religious practice. This doesn’t mean that I am against Gay marriage, it means that any kind of marriage is none of the governments business because it is an act of faith. If income tax is a so called necessary evil, why not make it based on the individual rather then a unit, or some other label. Better yet, end it completely, it is after all evil to begin with.   “Share the load. More people working fewer hours. For those who want to, make it easier to telecommute or work from home. Share jobs. Flex hours. Flexible child care with access for all. Early childhood education. More workplace child care spaces. Support for those who stay home to raise their children and support for those who need to get back to work while their kids are still young. Help for local governments. Sustainable long-term funding support for municipalities to repair decades-old crumbling infrastructure. Build for the future. Create more of the common amenities all communities need for recreation, transportation, water works and arts and culture.”   Do you know how to hack into any computer security system on the planet? Make a phone call. It’s called “Social Engineering”. To be blunt, they can go (insert colorful metaphors here) themselves. First off, take a look at Tim Horton’s, Loblaws, Walmart, and a host of other companies. They all have more people working fewer hours, sharing jobs, flex hours, access to government run child care, prenatal leave, make contributions to local governments, repair infrastructure, build for the future… and every worker hates it. Yeah, good ideas, not.   “Respect and support our elders. Ensure secure pensions and provide programmes that address health both physical and mental – and ensure dignity by stopping elder abuse and respecting living wills.”   Yawn, bored yet? I respect my parents, they deserve it. My Mother-In-Law on the other hand deserves to spend the rest of her life in prison. Government can not regulate respect, so stop claiming you can do so. As for living wills, there is case law for that, it’s been done already. (Pensions issue see above)   There was just a little bit more on the issue of Democracy, I am not going to waste my time on it, if you want to know what democracy really is, read Phil’s blog linked above.

The issues they don’t mention:   Illegal Drugs:   The Green Party wants to legalize drugs. ALL OF THEM. They view addiction as a disease that is not the fault of those that are addicted to it. They may want to regulate some of them, make the selling of some of them a criminal offense, or drop all the prohibitions all together.   I want to decriminalize them, not make them legal. More on that some other day.   First Past the Post:   The Greens hate the current voting system, they want to change the current first past the post system to a Single Transferable Vote system. I admit that the first past the post sucks, but after much thought, I really don’t want some nut case political party like the Canadian Nazi Party (wow, another godwin) getting a single seat in government. I’ll keep it the way it is thanks.

Gun Control:
The Greens believe that the only persons who need guns are law enforcement. That there is a major problem with guns being smuggled across the border into Canada, and that Canadians do not believe that they have a right to bear arms.   “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or native police. German troops alone will bear the sole responsibility for the maintenance of law and order throughout the occupied Russian territories, and a system of military strong-points must be evolved to cover the entire occupied country.”Adolf Hitler

The Greens like every other left wing nut do not want the common people to own guns because they think we are children, that we need to be lead around on a leash. And I know that at least a few Greens personally that believe more in-line with the above quote. This just doesn’t cut it with me.   – Wolfe

How to sharpen a knife

I just finished reading a post on Wolf Tracks by Shy Wolf, in which he goes into great detail on how to sharpen a knife. The reason he did this post was in reply to a post on M.D. Creekmoore’s survival site.

I really like not only the post, but the fact that Shy went out of his way to point out that idea behind the post came from a question on Creekmore’s site, so in hopes of starting a trend among prepper bloggers, besides the fact that I am packing like a crazed lunatic to move to the farm, and don’t really have time to post on my blog, here is a link to Shy’s post.

Whetting a Blade


New Rules?

This one is a round up, over the last week I have come to the conclusion that there are several things that I should have done differently right at the beginning. If I was to make these lessons into rules for my own life I would make the following into stone. The end result would be to end up being prepared. Call them if you will the ten rules of prepping.



Stocking up for disaster, is pointless. What needs to be done is to rotate food supplies, and have a very long roll on it. The other is to get to the point that you live off what you grow and raise yourself. I know this sounds like the same thing as stocking up, but it isn’t, there is a different mind set. Instead of shopping for next week, you are shopping for next year. It takes planning. Therefore the rule would be to buy what you need well in advance, and actually use it.



Every time you use something like a band-aid from the first aid kit, take an inventory, you should have more then twice as much as you think you need. This goes for all the things in your house that you use only when you really need it, flash lights, batteries, laundry soap, hand soap, toilet paper, etc.



There are things that you can not make your self, the rule here would be to find alternatives, even if you don’t actually make them yourself. Knowing how to replace something is at least in the right direction to doing it yourself, and using the same things that you can make yourself gives less of a culture shock when they cease to be easy to get.



Own it, don’t rent it, or buy it on time. It is way better to live in a cheaper out of the way place that you own out right then to buy a place on time. Credit is pure evil, you don’t need it, learn to live without it. This is likely the hardest rule to follow, and the most important. It is because our generation is living on credit in so many ways, that we are facing the worse economic collapse that the history of man has even seen.


Home school. This rule applies even to those without kids. There is something in the way that public school works that allows us to forget things after we leave it. How many of you remember how to do algebra? Don’t think you’ll need it? Your wrong. The first thing I learned after leaving school was that I needed to know french, it was the only class I ever dropped. The summer I spent in France would have been better had I known just a few more phrases. There are so many things we need to learn in order to thrive beyond mere survival that home schooling is the only way to do it. The advantage here is that you cut out the dumbing down of America, just remember to start with yourself, it will help when teaching your kids.


God helps those who help themselves. If that is good enough for God it should be good enough for you. Charity is all well and good, but free hand outs to those who have not learned that there is no such thing as a right to food, clothing and shelter is more harmful to them then nothing. If you want to give for a need, give the need not cash.


You only work for yourself. Any job you get for some one else is ultimately for yourself, so why work for some one else? This isn’t a rule that can be applied in one shot. You have to grow into it, and discover what it is that you can do successfully. The best way I can think of to do this is to cut it up into percentages. If you are working full time for the ABC company, you should add a small percentage of your work week to starting your own business, when that business makes you the same percentage of income as the time it takes to get the income increase the time you spend on it.


There is only two types of people on this planet. You can categorize them into any two labels you want, but what it boils down to is those that you want to know, and those you don’t. Be very strict on who they are, and you have to include everyone around you with no exceptions, into which group they are in. Be goal orientated, if you are always traveling towards your goal of being self-reliant and self-efficient you will meet those on the same road as you.


Good security is sound sleep. It is always better to be prepared for the worse so you can enjoy the best then to be ill prepared and suffer. Having a secure home, which is not easily invaded by evil out law bikers, or nosy neighbors, is the first step to getting a good night sleep. Security isn’t just an alarm system, or a fence. It’s a mind set, not telling some one what your birth day is prevents them from making a copy of your birth certificate, the less some one knows about you and yours the more secure it is from being taken.

RULE #10

Do it yourself, create it yourself, make it yourself, supply it yourself. The less you need the grid, oil, gas, hand outs, welfare checks, a job, health care, the doctor, the repair guy, electricity, new shoes, etc. the less you will need it when it is gone.

– Wolfe

Letter: Ultimate Food Shortage Survival by Jason Richards

Dan …

I got a question for you. For the past five months, I’ve been seriously researching and putting together my own bug-out plan. I’m coming along nicely with my backpacks, and was gonna buy the Jason Richards books from the site for $27 (Ultimate Food Shortage Survival) to pack even lighter, but wanted to get your opinion on it first. I’ve checked reviews online, blogs… seems legit… I can also find the book on Amazon for $10, but he’s offering another 2 or 3 along with it on his website, which look just as interesting. Got any other important reads for someone who’s basically starting out green?

Though I’ve seriously known about the SHTF for over 15 years now, I still feel as though I don’t know anything at all. Your input is gold to me at this point. I have a deep dark sense that we’re all running out of time…

  • Mary

Dear Mary,

I went looking into this set of books, checking out various sites from a Google search, and checked out the original sales site as well. My first impression was, this is a scam. Not a single site I could find in the first three pages of a Google search was a prepper blog, emergency disaster preparedness site, or even a self-reliance related site, they were all marketing sites. My recommendations, don’t buy it. Good products and services, even new, don’t need to swamp the internet with paid reviews, word of mouth is enough to get the ball rolling, especially with products related to the prepper movement, we tell each other everything.

As far as preparing food to make it lighter for a BOB (Bug Out Bag), making your own by dehydrating is the way to go, but first there are a few things to think about.

A BOB is different then a 72-hour-kit.

The purpose of a 72 hour kit is to help you survive until help from somewhere gets to you. This is an OK plan if the disaster, or event is temporary and local, but a trap if it greater then the rescue services can handle.

The purpose of a Bug Out Bag is to get you from where you normally live, to a place where you can take care of yourself. When you put together a BOB, you include enough food supplies to get from Point ‘A’ to Point ‘B’. I have practiced bugging out, and I can give you a few tips. First, make the kit as light as you can. If you can hold the bag straight out with one arm for ten minutes it’s good.

Dehydrated food is the lightest, but your best making it your self, and experimenting with what works for you. We use a NESCO food dehydrator, and jerky maker we picked up on sale at London Drugs. It works great, but a little bit hard to clean. From what I have heard from other preppers by comparing notes, the Excalibur Food Dehydrator ( is better then the one I have, but costs more.

As to what to dehydrated, I suggest the food you already eat. Since making meals from scratch is both cheaper and healthier, dehydrating it for preserving is just another step, and it is not that hard to learn. There are many sites on the net that can help you learn, and I do suggest Jo’s site first since she tends to post articles about the harder to get right stuff.

As far as any other books that I think should be at the top of the reading list I can name three right away.

  1. How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It: Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain Times by James Wesle, Rawles

  2. The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse by Fernando Ferfal Aguirre
  3. Fannie Farmer Cookbook by Marion Cunningham (A real copy of this book might cost as much as $120 so look on ebay etc for deals)

Best of luck…

  • Wolfe

Changes around us

I have to mention that I totally blame Ferfal for opening my eyes to some of the things that I have started to notice. If I had not started to read his blog it is likely that I would not have noticed a pattern forming around me. Canada is likely to be the next Argentina, maybe even before the States.

There are several things that Ferfal mentions in his blog about the new normal Argentina. One of the first that comes to mind is the Tent Cities that pop up in empty lots, the others are about safety or rather lack of it.

Here in Canada the crime rate is not only climbing, it is becoming a risk even to go to the local mall. Gangs have started to take over the streets, and poverty is getting more common. The number of homeless in Canada must be at an all time high, but I doubt that where it is at now is the highest it will go.

Take note that I am writing this from British Columbia. This province is likely the least hit from the current economic situation, until the Olympics come and go, which means that what happened on Friday is just a example of what is to come.

Friday night was spent like most, watching a movie in front of the idiot box. It was getting late, and I went outside to get some air and do a perimeter check. We live in a sort of dead end in an industrial zone. We have almost no neighbors and the streets are quiet normally.

There are no houses directly across from us, there is just a fourteen foot cement wall that separates our street from the highway. Between the road and the wall is a grassy area, a small cement barrier to prevent trucks from knocking over the fire hydrant. At the other end of the street, there are rows of small industrial shops which have an alley way between the building and the highway. In that alley way, homeless people tend to make camp. Note again, I am not in the downtown core, I live very close to the suburbs, this is not the inner city.

When I went outside I noticed that a couple were casing the house next door. Doug, our only immediate neighbor is hardly ever home. He works in the movie industry, and often has to work nights. When he isn’t working, he is hauling supplies up to his acreage up north, getting ready for the coming crash himself like us. Friday night he had not returned home yet, the lights were off in his house, his car gone.

Because I had gone outside, I believe the couple decided to wait until I had gone back inside and gone to bed. So we parked ourselves in front of the television, in the living room, so we could watch them. And called the police.

The homeless man was obviously to me a crack head. Skinny, dirty, and off center in the manner he spoke, I believed he was high on some sort of drug. The woman was quiet, looked only a little over weight, and just as dirty. They carried with them sleeping bags which they had laid done on the pavement in front of the cement barrier by the fire hydrant. They were planning, it looked like to me, to sleep there if we did not give them a clear opportunity to break into Doug’s place.

The police arrived. The first police car took almost an hour to show up, after it arrived, six more showed up within a few minutes. Then two ambulances.

The woman was in full labor, her water had already broken, she was going to give birth right there on the street in front of our house.

After they had left, I went to the local gas station to get some air. I told Josh what had happened, he’s another Libertarian survivalist in the area, and we chatted for a bit. Doug ended up walking into the store, and we told him. Eventually I found myself laying in bed and thinking about what had happened. And several things occurred to me.

Years ago, I wouldn’t know another single survivalist/prepper in person, let alone almost four that I can think of within walking distance of where I live. Having one live next door was unheard of. Tent cities never happened when I was a child, protests were something of the 60’s and 70’s and had more to do with civil rights then poverty. Gangs in Canada when I was a teenager were a joke, literally. Even the Hell’s Angels were not big news up here. That has all changed.

If a socialist country like Canada can turn the corner towards civil unrest within small suburb, what of the cities when the buying power of the dollar drops through the floor? How many people that are only a single paycheck away from poverty are there here, and what of those that are near the end of the two year limit on welfare, and the one year limit on unemployment? My own uncle is at risk of loosing his entire pension from working over 20 years at the same plant because the auto manufacturing sector has collapsed and has filed for bankruptcy protection. We are not closer to the end of our current way of life, these are the last breathes of life in it.

Lesson Learned: We blind ourselves to how bad things are until it stares us in the face.

– wolfe

Wood Stoves Part 2

You ever notice that if you lite a candle in a cold room that candle isn’t enough to heat up the entire room? I know that sounds kinda obvious, but it is something to remember when buying a wood stove. A single small wood stove with only a 40,000 BTU EPA rating is not going to be enough to heat your entire house in Whitehorse, Yukon. However, it might be enough to heat up your bedroom. (*BTU = British Thermal Units, EPA = Environmental Protection Agency)

If the cost of an outdoor based wood furnace is higher then two wood stoves inside the house that can produce the same amount of heat, and the energy required to fuel it is also less, then your better off getting two wood stoves then some fancy new outdoor wood pellet thing advertised in the back a magazine. By the same token, if the figures are reversed, it might be worth while to look into it more.

The question is how can you tell what you should do?

Believe it or not, this gets really complex when you take into account what you are really dealing with. There are different types of wood stoves, fire places, and wood fired furnaces out there. In addition, they are made with different materials which effect not only their efficiency, but how they are used as well. For example, having a fireplace in a home located in the desert is a good idea. Not only does it provide heat during the cold nights, but can actually help reduce the temperature of the house during the day depending on the type of fire place that is installed.

A antique wood stove which has little in the way of fire brick included in it’s make up, but is made of cast iron instead of steal, has a thermal conductivity rate of approximately 28 Btu/hr^{sq/ft/F/ft} (28 BTU per hour per square foot of Fahrenheit for each foot of distance). Now for an example of this wood stove, let’s load this wood stove with Sugar Maple heartwood (heartwood means the denser inner core of the trunk), which has a moisture content of about 65%, has a MMBtu of about 29.7 per cord. That’s a stack of wood, four feet high, four feet wide and eight feet long. Now you’d have to figure out the fire box size, the physical area you are heating, and perhaps the air flow around the thing in the first place. Fortunately someone has already done all the math for us, maybe you’d also like to make your own.

Even if you manage to figure out the perfect wood stove for your home there are thing you should be aware of before you start. Sometimes there are differences between what the local by-laws/regulations/clearances are and what your insurance requires for your home. Even the manufactures might be short on the size and types of vents that are recommended for regular use, so be sure to contact not only your local authorities and ire departments, but also your insurance broker.

Generally speaking the larger the fire box, the longer the fire itself will last, and there will be more types of wood to burn. Air tights are more efficient, and safer. Installation can be done by you if your handy, but has to be inspected and approved. You will need a ‘slab’ to put it on since heat will be generated even on it bottom. As with any fuel burning stove, you should have a carbon monoxide detector in the room.

Most Preppers have a list of lists, thing they feel they need to gather for just encase SHTF scenarios, if you have a wood stove or fire place, you should add a chimney cleaning kit to this list. You will need to know the diameter of the flu in order to purchase the correct sized wire brush, a flexible handle should also be included in the kit. A flashlight, bed sheets, and duct-tape should also be available if you can to greatly help reduce the clean-up after the clean-up… (Think Mary Poppins folks). A basic screw driver with matching heads for removing any inside pipes so that they can be cleaned outside would also be a plus. One side note… sometimes fire department will offer inspections for free, take advantage of this service.

In between major cleaning you might want to reduce the creosote in the flu, you can toss in a few tablespoons of ‘rock salt’ on to a hot fire. It is the same stuff used in those fire logs to remove the creosote.

Always use dry wood, and never light a fire with flammable liquids. Never burn plastics in your wood stove, first off it’s just dangerous, second it’s illegal. Colored paper, treated wood, painted wood, and even Oleander tree wood or any other poisonous plants. Old industrial palettes are also a bad idea, since they can be a lot older then you think, and been used by any number of chemical companies.

Finally hard woods are the best to burn, they last longer and are cleaner burning with larger BTU ratios.

– Wolfe

Wood Stoves Part 1

I look outside and all I see is snow. I know that for most of you this is not an odd sight to see this time of year, nor does it sound like something that should be an odd thing for a Canadian like myself to suddenly notice. But believe me, it’s odd. We are only a couple of weeks till the first day of spring and this is the first real snow we have seen all year here in the greater Vancouver area. Fourteen years ago we had a similar downfall of snow that ended up caving in our roof while we were just getting ready for the spring run as Caravaners, and although this year there is no risk of that, as a prepper I look out and think about the worse case scenario we could find ourselves in.

For the last six months we have managed to collect over $500 by simply not turning on the furnace, we have used our alternatives instead as a test for what we might need in our preps, and found that it was actually cheaper to use electric heaters rather then the natural gas furnace. Part of that has to do with only heating the room we were in rather then the whole house, we even went to the extent of putting up a curtain across the living room door frame to keep the heat in the room we were using during the day.

I always have loved a good fireplace, but we do not have one in this house. So one of the requirements for being self-reliant on the farm is going to the need for fireplaces and wood stoves. I have been researching wood stoves more the fireplaces because they are more efficient, and would like to pass on some of those things I have learned so far onto you.

One of the first wood stoves was invented by Benjamin Franklin, it’s main advantage over a regular fireplace was a hollow baffle which transferred more heat into the room. It was also not a great seller because it needed to hot enough to create a draft to draw up the gases and smoke through the flu. Improvements over the Pennsylvania fireplace eventually lead to the modern wood stove. Today’s designs are so efficient at burning wood fuel that they often surpass EPA rules.

“The internal design of wood stoves has changed entirely since the EPA issued standards of performance for new wood stoves in 1988. EPA’s mandatory smoke emission limit for wood stoves is 7.5 grams of smoke per hour (g/h) for non-catalytic stoves and 4.1 g/h for catalytic stoves. (Wood stoves offered for sale in the state of Washington must meet a limit of 4.5 g/h for non-catalytic stoves and 2.5 g/h for catalytic stoves.)” –

Non-catalytic Stoves:

Non-catalytic wood stoves have three main parts a firebox insulation, a large baffle, and pre-heated combustion air introduced through small holes above the fuel in the firebox. The baffle and some other parts of the wood stove will need to be replaced from time to time as they deteriorate with the high heat of efficient combustion. They have less heat output then Catalytic wood stove, but provide better atmosphere.

Catalytic Stoves:

Catalytic wood stoves exhaust their smoke and fumes through a coated ceramic honeycomb inside the stove where they ignite and burn. All of these types of stoves have a lever-operated bypass damper which is opened for starting and reloading. The ceramic honeycomb breaks down over time and needs to be replaced, it should last the average prepper six seasons (10,000 to 12,000 operating hours )as long as the stove is not over fired by burning waste. The ceramics honeycomb is usually coated with the metal palladium. The ceramic is often round, 5¾ inches in diameter, and 2 inches thick. One of the advantages of the Catalytic wood stove is an increase in overall efficiency by 10%, as well as a reduction in creosote production by 20 to 90% and a decrease in air pollution up to 75%. Items that will cause the catalyst reduction in life span to as little as two years include burning trash, coal, paper logs, treated wood, painted wood, and lighter fluid.

My experiment this year has taught me one thing about heating a home in the winter that I wasn’t expecting. This house is old, and is not insulated in any way, no fibreglass in the walls, and very little value to avoid heat loss with what walls we do have. With all the commercials on television about drafts from windows, the lack of draft barriers around our doors, single pane glass in our house, and a host of other things that allow this house to leak heat like a sieve, I thought our my experiment would last a week or two, not pay for Christmas. If we had wood stoves, I believe that the furance would rust in the basement and never be used. And the size of that wood stove, does not have to be the large ones we all dream about in the old fashion kitchen, in fact, I think it would be more efficient to have a few small, even tiny, wood stoves rather then one large one in only one part of the house.

I’m still looking into this idea and learning more. There are different grades of wood that burn more or less efficient the others, I even have charts that I am still going through. So one aspect i have to look for is the amount needed to heat an area, how long a supply will last, and how long it takes to grow. Then there is the whole area in wood stoves that I don’t think can really be learned by books, but has to be actually felt and lived with.

The farm my wife grew up on had a wood furance in the basement of the house, it was not a more modern version of the forced air ones you can find today, but it did the job it was intended. It did lack one thing however, ambiance. There was a farm my family used to visit when I was young, had a classic iron wood stove in the kitchen that I still think about today, it gave the whole farm house a feeling of warmth that had more to do with a feeling then actual heat, that is a major part of why I want a wood stove on the farm, nothing is better then warming your feet by the stove while your mittens dry.

More to come…

– Wolfe

Rotating Cypher Encryption

I have a passion for encryption and security culture issues. I’ve been working on a system to to hide encrypted message, as in hide the fact that it’s encrypted to begin with. I call it stegtext after the photo version which is called steghide.

Recently I’ve been messing around with rotating cyphers, and came up with a really simple way to do it in php.

A simple example of a rotating cypher key encryption program written in php. – wolfe


We are the hollow men We are the stuffed men Leaning together Headpiece filled with straw. Alas! Our dried voices, when We whisper together Are quiet and meaningless As wind in dry grass Or rats’ feet over broken glass In our dry cellar Shape without form, shade without colour, Paralysed force, gesture without motion; Those who have crossed With direct eyes, to death’s other Kingdom Remember us—if at all—not as lost Violent souls, but only As the hollow men The stuffed men.

Encoded Message:

467 399 465 483 471 403 488 477 475 407 480 488 486 487 491 500 414 492 485 495 396 474 489 421 487 505 493 425 510 499 497 429 513 515 517 503 504 504 504 437 515 508 518 419 486 512 509 523 519 525 519 449 534 530 523 522 538 527 525 539 436 499 529 526 530 543 537 534 533 536 468 539 543 547 548 542 542 475 563 550 562 551 480 564 566 565 549 572 500 487 521 565 555 574 493 471 541 580 578 497 566 581 573 570 570 503 590 584 579 574 577 592 522 511 599 585 583 593 494 572 587 519 607 593 595 606 604 594 608 527 612 608 601 600 616 605 603 617 514 570 620 608 540 622 627 616 613 629 546 612 626 617 550 628 621 618 632 628 634 628 634 628 643 644 540 596 647 565 653 640 646 637 570 644 650 573 642 657 665 577 649 661 645 664 665 561 631 667 586 669 653 673 673 785 688 714 594 665 665 666 682 599 679 687 671 685 604 671 688 686 683 678 688 611 683 689 679 698 699 595 659 697 620 700 707 705 624 693 708 716 628 696 699 707 708 698 716 613 614 688 710 704 720 710 642 730 717 729 718 726 733 733 650 721 731 735 731 667 656 740 730 724 728 730 662 750 737 749 738 746 753 753 670 738 751 749 753 760 758 689 656 727 745 763 747 759 773 768 755 755 688 759 769 773 759 762 706 695 767 766 781 783 785 783 771 703 791 778 790 779 787 794 794 711 789 792 798 788 795 795 745 697 698 773 794 802 807 794 726 814 800 808 730 803 797 819 803 735 803 819 817 822 823 810 810 721 799 818 830 819 748 817 823 833 821 820 838 755 825 846 827 842 772 761 846 842 764 833 835 832 852 841 964 867 893 856 774 854 860 849 847 861 780 824 855 861 855 853 865 864 766 839 859 868 861 870 860 864 878 797 883 882 994 897 918 876 874 805 871 891 808 874 886 887 1006 909 930 893 895 901 818 884 903 821 898 902 907 909 804 881 901 908 906 900 910 917 834 918 915 922 914 922 852 841 908 928 928 845 925 925 924 938 828 884 935 853 938 927 925 857 930 938 936 937 941 950 864 942 935 945 846 921 942 940 872 956 958 960 946 947 947 947 880 958 951 961 898 863 854 855


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth was [a] formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. 3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good, and He separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day. 6 And God said, “Let there be an expanse between the waters to separate water from water.” 7 So God made the expanse and separated the water under the expanse from the water above it. And it was so. 8 God called the expanse “sky.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the second day.

Encoded Message:

751 674 759 748 746 678 745 749 752 755 761 762 758 764 758 688 728 769 759 692 760 776 764 761 781 767 767 700 785 774 772 704 777 775 772 794 778 788 794 712 778 792 783 716 801 790 788 720 790 787 805 808 797 740 705 706 729 748 731 778 812 821 735 820 809 807 739 809 806 824 827 816 745 833 812 831 749 809 816 813 753 824 834 838 834 834 828 843 844 762 828 842 833 766 836 845 849 854 860 784 773 842 840 858 852 856 848 863 864 782 870 849 868 786 866 874 858 872 791 876 865 863 795 879 882 880 869 865 868 871 803 883 875 806 891 880 878 810 879 881 882 894 827 816 882 896 887 820 905 894 892 824 876 906 900 910 902 914 831 911 903 834 874 915 905 838 926 905 924 842 915 923 931 915 929 921 927 921 851 931 939 923 937 856 941 930 928 860 948 927 947 933 947 949 881 846 847 870 890 872 906 952 943 876 916 957 947 880 964 947 956 952 897 886 889 932 958 974 891 976 965 963 977 965 897 964 968 900 977 975 974 976 989 918 909 908 974 988 979 912 997 986 984 998 986 918 1006 985 1004 922 999 997 996 998 1011 942 929 950 931 971 1012 1002 935 1019 1002 1025 939 1024 1013 1007 1027 944 1029 1018 1016 948 1025 1023 1022 1024 1037 954 1042 1021 1040 958 1030 1039 1040 1030 975 964 1030 1044 1035 968 1009 1039 971 1055 1042 1054 1040 1058 1042 1062 1048 1048 981 1066 1055 1053 985 1062 1060 1059 1061 1074 991 1062 1075 1073 1072 996 1081 1070 1068 1000 1069 1067 1085 1079 1083 1075 1090 1091 1023 1010 1032 1012 1052 1093 1083 1016 1084 1083 1095 1096 1090 1090 1023 1108 1097 1095 1027 1104 1102 1101 1103 1116 1033 1036 1103 1101 1126 1050 1041 1040 1106 1120 1111 1044 1129 1118 1116 1048 1117 1115 1133 1127 1131 1123 1138 1139 1057 1130 1128 1060 1128 1127 1139 1140 1134 1134 1067 1070 1147 1143 1142 1144 1157 1088 1077 1076 1110 1156 1147 1080 1165 1154 1152 1166 1154 1086 1174 1153 1172 1090 1160 1178 1162 1172 1168 1174 1168 1110 1099 1165 1179 1170 1103 1188 1177 1175 1189 1177 1109 1197 1176 1195 1113 1191 1194 1198 1195 1191 1197 1191 1315 1218 1239 1208 1197 1195 1127 1198 1202 1212 1214 1216 1133 1202 1200 1225 1151 1116 1117 1140 1163 1142 1176 1222 1213 1146 1186 1227 1217 1150 1234 1217 1226 1222 1167 1156 1159 1202 1228 1244 1161 1246 1235 1233 1247 1235 1167 1234 1238 1170 1236 1250 1173 1243 1263 1256 1242 1256 1262 1249 1181 1248 1252 1268 1272 1255 1256 1266 1189 1274 1263 1261 1193 1281 1260 1280 1266 1280 1282 1200 1285 1281 1203 1287 1274 1286 1272 1290 1274 1294 1280 1212 1300 1279 1299 1285 1299 1218 1289 1302 1300 1299 1223 1311 1290 1310 1296 1310 1243 1232 1231 1255 1233 1285 1314 1236 1276 1317 1307 1240 1318 1307 1311 1313 1245 1330 1319 1317 1249 1319 1339 1332 1318 1332 1338 1325 1257 1323 1337 1328 1261 1345 1332 1344 1330 1348 1332 1352 1338 1338 1271 1356 1345 1343 1275 1363 1342 1362 1348 1362 1281 1367 1361 1352 1354 1368 1287 1372 1361 1359 1291 1361 1381 1374 1360 1374 1380 1367 1299 1370 1383 1381 1380 1304 1389 1378 1376 1308 1396 1375 1395 1381 1395 1314 1380 1382 1396 1404 1388 1320 1394 1406 1337 1324 1358 1404 1395 1328 1402 1414 1331 1419 1398 1417 1335 1419 1416 1352 1339 1364 1341 1381 1422 1412 1345 1413 1412 1424 1425 1419 1419 1352 1437 1426 1424 1356 1426 1446 1439 1425 1439 1445 1432 1364 1367 1449 1442 1457 1383 1372 1371 1405 1451 1442 1375 1460 1449 1447 1461 1449 1381 1469 1448 1467 1385 1455 1473 1457 1467 1463 1469 1463 1405 1394 1460 1474 1465 1398 1483 1472 1470 1484 1472 1404 1492 1471 1490 1408 1486 1489 1493 1490 1486 1492 1486 1610 1513 1534 1503 1492 1490 1422 1506 1493 1492 1505 1505 1496 1429 1498 1496 1521 1447 1434 1413 1404 1405

Given the examples above can you crack the following message?

Encoded Message:

3252 3275 3276 3277 3278 3279 3280 3281 3282 3283 3284 3285 3286 3287 3288 3289 3290 3291 3292 3293 3294 3295 3296 3297 3298 3299 3300 3353 3302 3350 3304 3350 3306 3307 3308 3360 3310 3344 3312 3368 3314 3372 3316 3354 3318 3369 3298 3299 3300 3301 3359 3365 3359 3375 3380 3366 3380 3331 3373 3311 3312 3342 3388 3384 3383 3340 3347 3319 3320 3389 3423 3345 3411 3425 3431 3436 3419 3433 3366 3331 3332 3362 3408 3404 3403 3360 3367 3339 3340 3409 3443 3365 3431 3445 3451 3456 3439 3453 3386 3351 3352 3382 3431 3449 3443 3463 3444 3464 3382 3454 3463 3463 3455 3387 3475 3462 3474 3463 3392 3477 3466 3460 3480 3397 3464 3478 3489 3413 3402 3403 3445 3405 3493 3486 3486 3477 3479 3493 3443 3413 3471 3494 3501 3417 3470 3466 3465 3422 3429 3401 3402 3471 3505 3427 3493 3507 3513 3518 3501 3515 3448 3413 3414 3489 3510 3508 3440 3520 3518 3511 3444 3521 3511 3515 3537 3449 3530 3536 3528 3529 3523 3523 3456 3529 3527 3541 3460 3544 3542 3532 3531 3549 3531 3534 3544 3538 3553 3471 3540 3552 3561 3553 3476 3542 3556 3547 3480 3557 3561 3562 3559 3554 3554 3487 3567 3575 3559 3573 3492 3577 3566 3564 3573 3497 3563 3565 3579 3586 3586 3503 3588 3577 3575 3485 3590 3588 3589 3588 3539 3513 3598 3587 3585 3595 3518 3602 3592 3590 3522 3603 3609 3609 3526 3611 3600 3598 3607 3531 3617 3613 3534 3600 3614 3605 3538 3615 3619 3620 3617 3612 3612 3545 3625 3632 3632 3549 3635 3629 3620 3622 3636 3555 3640 3629 3627 3636 3574 3561 3613 3635 3633 3565 3649 3636 3644 3637 3649 3648 3572 3652 3656 3553 3654 3646 3664 3648 3662 3581 3658 3662 3663 3660 3655 3655 3588 3641 3630 3641 3639 3646 3633 3635 3596 3681 3670 3668 3677 3601 3672 3682 3686 3605 3689 3686 3608 3692 3687 3676 3688 3689 3614 3680 3616 3701 3690 3692 3698 3692 3622 3688 3707 3625 3691 3627 3694 3708 3719 3658 3632 3717 3706 3704 3725 3637 3725 3708 3722 3710 3642 3715 3713 3727 3624 3730 3732 3714 3734 3720 3652 3733 3719 3728 3738 3669 3658 3743 3732 3730 3662 3743 3746 3738 3734 3736 3668 3748 3740 3671 3744 3742 3756 3675 3748 3746 3743 3761 3764 3693 3682 3748 3762 3753 3686 3774 3757 3771 3759 3691 3758 3778 3767 3771 3780 3697 3768 3778 3782 3701 3709 3786 3788 3794 3782 3776 3720 3716 3710 3789 3791 3797 3692 3798 3785 3799 3804 3792 3787 3790 3735 3736 3807 3797 3795 3727 3795 3808 3815 3807 3800 3733 3806 3800 3822 3806 3738 3822 3809 3810 3820 3743 3828 3817 3828 3826 3833 3820 3822 3751 3817 3753 3834 3820 3829 3839 3758 3838 3830 3761 3845 3847 3843 3851 3835 3780 3844 3842 3838 3854 3772 3847 3859 3858 3860 3777 3843 3862 3780 3868 3851 3859 3860 3799 3764 3838 3860 3858 3790 3867 3871 3872 3869 3864 3864 3797 3878 3868 3882 3881 3878 3872 3892 3874 3874 3807 3878 3888 3892 3811 3877 3813 3891 3894 3893 3886 3896 3903 3832 3821 3887 3901 3892 3825 3910 3899 3897 3907 3830 3914 3897 3906 3902 3847 3836 3915 3917 3923 3840 3911 3915 3912 3926 3912 3915 3923 3937 3861 3850 3917 3937 3937 3832 3938 3940 3930 3934 3935 3860 3937 3941 3948 3932 3865 3935 3945 3947 3954 3941 3943 3872 3943 3953 3957 3876 3961 3950 3948 3880 3951 3967 3965 3962 3958 3970 3972 3970 3958 3890 3975 3971 3893 3966 3964 3961 3979 3924 3877 3878 3908 3957 3972 3980 3981 3918 3907 3949 3909 3986 3976 4001 3913 3987 3985 3916 3958 3918 3990 3989 4005 3922 3995 4003 4001 3994 3927 4007 3999 3930 4020 4011 4018 3934 3976 4000 4013 4014 3952 3953 3948 3920 3921 3995 4017 4015 3947 4016 4022 4018 3951 4030 4032 4038 3955 4026 4030 4036 4032 4043 4033 3974 3963 4034 4044 4048 3967 4034 4058 3970 4055 4044 4046 4057 3975 4060 4050 4055 4048 3980 4064 4054 4052 3984 4072 4051 4070 3988 4055 4059 4069 4060 4066 4072 4066 3996 4065 4077 4086 4078 4001 4067 4081 4072 4005 4086 4092 4086 4076 4082 4084 4090 4084 3992 4100 4094 4085 4087 4101 4020 4105 4094 4092 4024 4091 4095 4095 4028 4116 4103 4115 4104 4033 4118 4107 4105 4037 4104 4121 4119 4120 4119 4055 4044 4110 4124 4115 4048 4132 4129 4051 4135 4125 4123 4055 4134 4126 4127 4127 4129 4129 4062 4129 4146 4134 4131 4151 4140 4069 4154 4150 4072 4153 4159 4153 4143 4161 4163 4144 4164 4150 4082 4167 4156 4154 4064 4167 4173 4167 4157 4163 4161 4176 4094 4182 4169 4181 4170 4113 4100 4152 4174 4172 4104 4187 4175 4190 4193 4191 4192 4180 4179 4197 4183 4183 4116 4195 4197 4203 4192 4194 4200 4194 4124 4191 4211 4211 4128 4213 4202 4200 4132 4200 4199 4219 4150 4115 4116 4146 4181 4141 4220 4212 4230 4214 4228 4147 4216 4222 4218 4151 4235 4222 4223 4155 4240 4229 4227 4159 4226 4230 4227 4247 4164 4244 4236 4167 4252 4241 4235 4255 4172 4239 4253 4264 4177 4184 4156 4157 4231 4253 4251 4183 4271 4254 4264 4271 4188 4273 4269 4191 4276 4265 4263 4195 4275 4277 4267 4277 4200 4269 4281 4282 4286 4205 4271 4285 4276 4209 4293 4295 4291 4292 4282 4215 4289 4295 4218 4292 4304 4221 4287 4301 4292 4225 4302 4306 4307 4304 4299 4299 4232 4312 4319 4319 4236 4302 4315 4318 4318 4312 4242 4327 4316 4314 4224 4331 4327 4326 4315 4335 4331 4253 4340 4328 4334 4326 4341 4259 4325 4339 4330 4263 4271 4339 4339 4344 4348 4352 4349 4349 4279 4273 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6151 6075 6155 6147 6148 6091 6080 6158 6171 6083 6151 6164 6164 6170 6155 6162 6159 6169 6159 6162 6094 6163 6175 6166 6181 6099 6172 6186 6184 6187 6104 6182 6175 6107 6191 6188 6122 6089 6177 6191 6182 6115 6185 6203 6187 6201 6209 6121 6206 6196 6201 6194 6126 6168 6128 6201 6203 6215 6132 6205 6207 6212 6136 6214 6227 6139 6219 6217 6210 6143 6216 6214 6211 6229 6232 6149 6227 6230 6235 6237 6154 6221 6238 6226 6223 6234 6243 6175 6162 6218 6233 6241 6242 6180 6233 6182 6257 6240 6248 6249 6186 6175 6253 6242 6256 6157 6264 6253 6247 6267 6184 6258 6269 6187 6254 6268 6272 6269 6192 6272 6264 6195 6283 6276 6275 6264 6278 6201 6275 6286 6204 6284 6276 6207 6278 6278 6297 6211 6280 6278 6303 6298 6216 6282 6296 6287 6220 6291 6307 6299 6300 6225 6305 6297 6228 6313 6312 6310 6317 6299 6310 6304 6248 6237 6303 6322 6240 6325 6314 6312 6222 6296 6313 6329 6321 6329 6334 6336 6334 6322 6254 6338 6321 6346 6341 6271 6260 6326 6340 6331 6264 6306 6266 6349 6337 6336 6345 6350 6350 6273 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6558 6547 6545 6477 6544 6558 6569 6564 6482 6556 6567 6485 6558 6552 6574 6562 6568 6562 6492 6565 6573 6571 6569 6565 6563 6588 6512 6501 6568 6588 6588 6505 6578 6576 6508 6581 6575 6595 6581 6596 6514 6602 6595 6599 6593 6519 6597 6600 6604 6592 6502 6609 6598 6592 6606 6529 6602 6600 6532 6605 6599 6619 6605 6620 6538 6604 6618 6630 6626 6615 6617 6623 6617 6547 6617 6625 6633 6620 6564 6553 6619 6633 6624 6557 6599 6623 6646 6630 6562 6602 6611 6617 6566 6651 6647 6569 6638 6650 6572 6656 6653 6652 6645 6577 6657 6649 6580 6658 6671 6583 6652 6670 6670 6676 6588 6655 6679 6591 6664 6666 6671 6607 6574 6676 6680 6599 6641 6665 6678 6679 6604 6671 6675 6607 6692 6681 6679 6611 6694 6698 6687 6693 6681 6701 6691 6698 6698 6621 6701 6693 6624 6709 6698 6696 6628 6696 6702 6704 6708 6701 6648 6642 6614 6615 6606 6607



by Dan Wolfe

copyright 2011
all rights reserved

“See I told you they knew where it was, this guy called Columbus sailed a boat to it!”, said Jimmy as he ran into the room carrying a large dusty book.

“What are you talking about?”, Jenny was annoyed again with her little brother, every time they came across a building filled with books he just had to explore it. Time would be better spent looking for rabbits, and rabbits didn’t eat books!

“It’s a history book, or at least I think it is. Some of the words are to hard for me, but there was this guy who sailed to the end of the world, I knew they had found it and left!”, Jimmy was excited, which meant he didn’t listen to well to his sister. “Do you know what that means Sis! We can find the end of the world, all we need is a boat!”

Jenny sat down on the floor and looked up at her brother, taking him by both shoulders, and tried really hard to speak softly, “Jimmy, there is no way for us to get to the end of the world, if there was, they would have come back for us.”

Jimmy’s face turned red, “THAT’S NOT TRUE! MOM AND DAD DIDN’T TELL THEM WE WEREN’T SICK! THEY THOUGHT WE DIED!”, crying he pulled away, and ran out of the room, still holding the book.

She sat there thinking, there was no way they were leaving today, he’d hide away somewhere, and spend the rest of the day reading. It was times like this that she wished Uncle Nick was still alive. He would have been able to explain to Jimmy that the end of the world was just to far away, as far away as where you were born he used to say. But only if it was possible, she knew why Jimmy wanted to go there, it had everything. Magic still worked there, it made the sun shine at night when you were scared of the dark, it could keep you warm in winter without a fire. It glowed, it sparked, it was powerful.

There was two kinds of magic, white magic and black magic. Before everyone left for the end of the world, they all used Black Magic.

Black Magic could do anything, and that was the problem, it made it so easy to have a fun life that people forgot stuff, even simple things like how to catch a rabbit. She could see why, Uncle Nick said you could open a box that used black magic and inside it would be cold as ice, and there was always food in the box, then you put the food in another black magic box, and it would cook it for so fast you couldn’t even sing the star song before it was done. If you could do that, why would you learn how to catch a rabbit? Everything was made with Black Magic, it even grew plants you could eat, and it move the plants to the box with the ice in it.

Uncle Nick said they should have used White Magic instead, Black Magic made you sick, it made the Earth sick, you had to find the Black Magic in the ground by digging holes down to it, White Magic came from the sun. But using White Magic was harder, so people just used Black Magic instead.

She remembered when everyone left. Their were people in the streets holding signs tell them where to go, “The End Of The World”, everyone was yelling, and scared. Uncle Nick explained they were all afraid they’d be left behind, that they wouldn’t make it to the end of the world.

She once ask her uncle what it was like beyond the end of the world, and he just smile. He said it was a lot like where they were now.

Mom and Dad had died because of Black Magic, it made you sick. It also kept you alive. Black Magic made the food, and Black Magic made a medicine called In-Soul-Lens. The Food made you sick because it didn’t use White Magic to grow, but the In-Soul-Lens made you feel better and kept you alive.

To be continued … – Wolfe

Pandemics (Something for Everyday Inklings)

This blog post is a bit of reverse self-promoting, hosting costs for this site are covered via project wonderful, and I really appreciate any incoming links. It turns out that like Hollow Men there is another story in the works about the end of the world, and the author is keeping a blog about her progress over at Everyday Inklings, I’m on her research list . It turns out that I was just in the middle of doing some research on the health care of farm animals, in fact I just picked up a book over at the bookstore about it. (“Keeping Livestock Healthy” US Dept. Agriculture 1942)

I was also looking for something else to write about, thinking to much about the farm will get me target fixated on it, and I’ll miss an opportunity somewhere else. So I noticed that there have been a few leads into this site from Everyday Inkings, and went to look. One of the keywords I noticed in her posts were ‘pandemic’, and I suddenly realized I’ve missed thinking about preparing for one, not for ourselves as far as humans go, have the hepa filter masks in the basement, but for the animals on the farm. So much for not getting targeted on the farm.

It wasn’t to long ago that British Columbia did a cull of all the farm fowl in the province, trying in vain to avoid a flu like pandemic as a result of a chicken virus (avian influenza). So what I’ve been thinking about since reading Sarah’s Blog is what about the other animals, especially pigs?

Pandemics are started as a result of one of the following factors. Either an antigenic drift, or an antigenic shift in the influenza virus family. A pandemic in an antigenic drift would only be a pandemic in the legal sense of the word, in fact they hold such a smaller risk we use another name ‘epidemic’, as in a large percentage of the population would come down with the flu, but there would likely be enough similarities in the the surface of the antigens with others that the population has encountered before that we would have the a close enough match of antibodies to fight it off, an example would be a bad summer flu that is going around the office, but on a world wide scale. I wouldn’t want to say that hardly anyone would die from such an outbreak, but I equally doubt it that the CDC would classify it as a civilization ending event, since these tend to happen every year. But by contrast, an antigenic shift, would be a much larger change in the surface of the antigen, and our immune system would have a real problem with it. These happen on average every ten to fifty years, and we are way overdue, these are the ones which we fear the most.

Our immune system works by a hit, and miss method. Our T-Cell produce white cells in response to encounters with foreign bodies in our systems, such as our blood stream. The T-cell literally has to bump into a virus before it can produce the correct white cell to fight off what ever it is that needs to be taken care of. If the genetic information is already with the T-Cell on how to fight off a certain foreign body, the response is rather quick, and the infection is usually fought off before we even know we are sick. This is how most immunization shots work, they literally inject the virus, or something with a similar ‘surface’ into the bloodstream for our T-Cells to learn how to fight it off. Vaccines usually contain dead versions of a virus, same surface, no inside parts, so that our body’s immune system can learn, it works great as a defense tool, except in the case of AIDS/HIV which attacks the T-Cells directly.

All mammals have the same set up for an immune system, we all evolved from the same successful experiment by mother nature. Unfortunately, parasites, bacteria, pests, and weeds evolved at the same rate as humans did, each competing with each other for dominance over the Earth. Parasites, the major carriers of viruses, and other nasties, have pretty much beaten us at this game, we are not at the top of the food chain as most believe, parasites far out number humans, and I’m willing to bet, pretty much out number everything else on this planet as well.

It is a mis-understanding that the Black Plague was spread by rats, it wasn’t, not technically at any rate, rather it was spread by fleas on the backs of rats. Rats themselves were immune to the Black Plague, and that is why they were able to spread the disease. But not all mammals are immune to diseases which are harmful to humans, pigs share similarities in immune response to us to such a degree that anything which is a health risk to them, is generally a health risk to us. But worse still is the fact that they are often housed physically near other animals, and this runs the risk of a cross-over between species for a disease via a parasite.

An example of which could be imagined like so …

A farmer has a few pigs, which he houses in the same barn as his chickens, the chickens get sick with the latest chicken pandemic flu. This flu the chickens have isn’t actually a threat to humans in itself, and in it’s current form. However, fleas will suck the blood from any warm blooded creature, chicken included, the sub-species of flea may prefer cats over dogs, but if the farm has neither the chicken will do. Now our little nemesis the flea in case, may also prefer to use a pig over a chicken, when neither cat nor dog happen by, and spreads the flu to the pigs. If, and this a big if, the pigs get sick, we humans might have a very big problem. This is why as a survivalist, keeping farms animals healthy also means keeping them separated.

Oh, just for the record, the cross-over between species risk can have nothing to do with whether the animals in question are still breathing or not, so if you butcher your own meat, NEVER MIX BLOOD, seen or unseen. Use separate boards for fish, meat per species, and vegetables, and wash completely.

Even in this pig and chicken example, not everything is there for a pandemic to start, a flu like virus that can pass from one species to another, isn’t enough to cause a pandemic. First, it has to be new, something our immune system doesn’t have a defense against, if the virus isn’t new, a major antigen shift is required so that as far as our immune systems are concerned it appears to be new. The odds of which are liken to winning the lottery, but someone always wins the lottery eventually, even with mutually exclusive odds. The infection has to effect humans, getting a virus introduced via a cut in the bloodstream is only bad if the virus can propagate, and do so which make the host seriously ill. Then lastly, it has to be able to be passed from human to human, or from source to humans, easily. If I including a pandemic as a major plot feature in a story I was writing like Sarah, I would have to choose whether the virus came from an natural source, or if it was man made. The scary bit is, made man viruses might be easy to produce then we first thought.

Killing the agent of infection is a bit tricky, and this is where my recent interest in the matter returns me to the subject of the farm. We use to attack harmful agents with bleach in our suburban homes, but this isn’t always the best and only solution on the farm.

Disinfectants vary in their ability to kill against various germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. For example, house hold food grade vinegar will kill the foot-and-mouth disease virus, but nothing to the virus which causes Johne’s disease in livestock. Most house hold and industrial detergents will do little against bacterial spores related to tetanus, blackleg, botulism, and anthrax. (Formaldehyde works against spores, but who wants cancer?) I personally recommend a solution of 2% Lye to water, just remember to add the Lye to the water, not the other way around. You also best to fight the parasites which are most likely to spread viruses, such as fleas, tapeworms, and a host of others.

That’s just a start into the required research needed to protect the animals on the farms, good thing I’m planning to plant the trees first.


Fire Proofing

Army Pvt. 1st Class Lucas Ternell, a volunteer firefighter, and a member of the 20th Military Police Company, Maryland National Guard, puts out a small debis fire in the yard of a house fire in Salisbury, Md., Aug. 27, 2011. Ternell was aboard Rescue 16, which was one of several fire and rescue engines that reported to the fire inside a residential neighborhood. Guard members and civilian first responders are providing area support during the Hurricane Irene response. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Darron Salzer)(Released)
Army Pvt. 1st Class Lucas Ternell, a volunteer firefighter, and a member of the 20th Military Police Company, Maryland National Guard, puts out a small debis fire in the yard of a house fire in Salisbury, Md., Aug. 27, 2011. Ternell was aboard Rescue 16, which was one of several fire and rescue engines that reported to the fire inside a residential neighborhood. Guard members and civilian first responders are providing area support during the Hurricane Irene response. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Darron Salzer)(Released)

Fire Proofing

We had a house fire a few years ago, and as I continue to pack for the move to the farm (96 days to go), I am amazed at the amount of junk we have managed to gather since then. Prepping is all about being prepared for disaster, that includes personal disasters such as a house fire. Making sure you have fire alarms, and fire extinguishing equipment that meets safety standards is vital to being prepared. But, if your like me, there are two things that occur to me in being prepared against a house fire. First, knowing how to make your stuff, and second, fire proof the hell out of everything.

So, the most common form of fighting a fire is either water and/or baking soda. It is important to remember, and to teach your children, that you never put water on a grease or oil fire, it will make it worse! Baking Soda should be placed beside the stove in the kitchen at all times, enough to not only put out a fire, but also more then is needed on top of that for baking, because you know that someone is going to use it for that.

Fire can be put out by removing one of three things. Either the fuel the fire is using to spread, Oxygen it is using for combustion, or heat it uses to maintain the reaction. Mason Sand mixed with Sodium Bicarbonate (ratio 3:1) will remove oxygen and cover any fuel, good for the horses’ stables.

Did you know that you can fire proof paper? It’s a simple recipe. Take one cup of Ammonium Sulfate (Mascagnite for you rock hounds out there), six tablespoons of Boric Acid (the same stuff you use to kill insects), 4 tablespoons of Borax (that’s your grandmothers laundry soap), and three cups of water. Mix the ingredients, and then either dip the paper into the mix, or brush it on. It needs several coats, so let each layer dry out first.

If your thinking of doing the same to your raincoat or something else made out of synthetic fabrics all you need is Boric Acid. By the way, for you preppers down in Nevada, Boric Acid can be found in it’s natural state (colemanite), and might be something to stock up on for long distance bartering. For the rest of us, we’ll have to figure out a way of distilling it from fruit. As for fire proofing synthetic fabrics just mix one cup of Boric Acid (1 US cup = 236.588238 ml) into one gallon of water (1 gallon = 3.785 liters). Soak the fabric, and wring out, then hang up to dry. Redo after washing. If you know how many gallons is in your washing machine during the rinse cycle this might work as well.

I’m a total classic camper, I use the old fashion Coleman lamps and stoves, and still have one of those old canvass tents, something I am likely not going to be packing for the farm. But I will likely keep my eye out for another one, or better yet, make one myself. The cotton canvass is a classic textile, it’s been used for almost a hundred years for those world famous 1950’s tents. Sleeping in a tent made of that thick fabric is better then staying at a holiday inn in my book. If you want to fire proof classic textiles like this you should get your hands on some Ammonium Phosphate (phosphoric acid with ammonia, do not try to make at home) and Ammonium Chloride (KEEP AWAY FROM ZINC!). Get a plastic bucket, not a zinc coated one, and put in 48 fluid ounces of water, and mix in half a cup of Ammonium Phosphate, and one cup of Ammonium Chloride. Soak your tent in the buck for at least ten minutes, then wring it out and hang up to dry. Retreat after it rains.

Every year, houses burn down during the Christmas season. Part of the tradition of Christmas in our family is getting a real Christmas Tree, part of the hazard of that is the risk of a house fire from the tree. Non-LED lights get hot, to many lights on the same circuit can cause the electrical wires to over heat, and then there is the fireplace giving off sparks, and maybe you have to use a candle or two if the power goes out during an snow storm. You give yourself a little more safety by fire proofing your Christmas tree with some basic mixing in the water you use to keep it green. Get your hands on some Ammonium Sulfate, more of your grandmother’s laundry soap (Borax), and Boric Acid. Mix up a batch in four liters of water (about a jug of milk), two tablespoons of Borax, half cup of Boric Acid, and a full cup of Ammonium Sulfate. Mix, and then spray the tree down with the mix, and the rest to the water reservoir under the tree in the stand.

If your looking for land like my family, there is always the option to build your own home. No home is 100% protected from all things that can happen, not even your dream fallout or bomb shelter, but a little extra added protection is always welcome. You can add some fire proofing qualities to the beams of your house yourself by mixing up a batch of chemicals you can get at any industrial supply. What you will need is Zinc Cloride (same stuff we used to make smoke bombs as kids), Ferric Cholride (check electronic supply stores, it’s used for etching circuit boards), Boric Acid (can be bought at some home improvement stores), Borax (check your local grocery store). Mix in these chemicals directly into 2 quarts of water, about half a cup of Zinc Cholride, a quarter cup of Ferris Chloride, 3 tablespoons of Boric Acid, and 3 tablespoons of Ammonium Phosphate. Use the mix like you are painting the beams, do four coats for best results. Be careful with the Ferris Cholride, it’s slightly toxic so use rubber gloves.

Lastly what would a post about DIY fire proofing be without home made fire extinguishing liquid? Your going to need Sodium Carbonate (try to get ‘washing soda’ rather then ‘baking soda’ if you can there exactly the same, but the washing soda is cheaper), Alum (Yes the same stuff your wife gets for cooking that you steal to trap bugs in), Borax, Potassium Carbonate (commanly known as Potash), Sodium Silicate (also known as waterglass, you can make this by baking soda ash and sand in a kiln if your a ceramic artist). It is important to start with the Sodium Silicate (waterglass), mix two cups of sodium carbonate into the waterglass, then add one cup of Alum, three quarter of a cup of Borax, and one quarter of potash. Mix it evenly, then three cups of the result into one gallon of water. Pour this into a hand sprayer, like the ones used for spraying crops with insecticides. It needs a coarse nozzle. WARNING: Potash is toxic (internally). Waterglass is an irritant, avoid skin contact.

If you liked this post on DIY Fire Proofing, you’d love the book I used to discover all these and more.

The Formula Manual by Norman H. Stark [ Third Edition ] Stark Research Company

– Wolfe

After the Olympics

“I have six locks on my door all in a row. When I go out, I lock every other one. I figure no matter how long somebody stands there picking the locks, they are always locking three.”–Elayne Boosler

Well, some how we managed to survive the Vancouver Winter Olympics of 2010, which I was hoping to completely avoid by moving back east before it started, well the move is still coming. When this event was first announced I was part of a research team hired by Chris Shaw to investigate one small aspect of it, namely a little unknown company called Millennium Developments. This was just before I left the left so to speak, and was still involved with that circle of people who were connected with Vancouver Indymedia, and the Green Party.

My issues with the Olympics back then were relatively simple, in fact it could be boiled down to just one thing. I didn’t want to pay for them. People who try to stop something in one area of politics tend to follow the adage, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. This is something that I have learned is a very bad idea, because you may in fact win on one issue, but you will always loose on at least five more.

Out of all the events that took place over the last two weeks, I only paid attention to two. One was the gold win by Maelle Ricker, the other I intentionally avoided till it was over, that being “the” hockey game. (I’m a Soccer Fan)

Now that it is over, I was hoping to avoid writing anything about it on my blog at all until I read this post on, which to warn my fellow preppers is completely left bent.

There was so much in that article that pissed me off I don’t even know where to begin.

First off, “… one of the most devastated communities as a result of the 2010 Olympic Games …”, is a crock of bull shit. The Vancouver East Side is not a community, it’s a Red Light District. It a collection of people who have lost touch with the reality that it takes hard work, determination, self-respect, and individuality to make a go at life. If the people who live in this slumlord haven think they have had it rough during the Olympics, they should say that to the face of those who lived through the Munich massacre. The war cry of these degenerates who beg on the sides of Vancouver Streets, screaming protest slogans, and demanding handouts need to get real about what they are. Chris Shaw who openly supports them should know from his vast knowledge of biology, what kind of people they are when they benefit at the expense of the others. Parasites.

I admit to having been all of the things I just called those that live in the worse section of the city. I was all those things as well, for the same reasons that many are there now, including being one of the socialist self-righteous loud mouths who protested at every turn. The difference between them and me now? I grew up.

Libby Davis, has been around since dropping out of University in the Downtown East Side since I’ve been alive. She claims that they have the right to be there. I agree totally, people have the right to live in slums, high crime rate areas, surround by drug addicts, violence, thieves, welfare bums, and demand that some one else fix it with tax payer money. If it doesn’t get done for them, let them take it out on the elected member of parliament, after all is there to solve all your problems, right? Just remember that no matter what you claim is your right, you don’t get to call it a real natural right unless it applies to every other human being on the planet equally, and a right is not a demand. A right opens opportunity, not a bank account. A right protects you from theft, not allow you to use the government to do your stealing for you just because Revenue Canada has guns.

The truth? The truth is that you do not have any rights that do not stem from the individual. The people of the Vancouver East Side do not have a right to be there unless they actually own it, or have entered into an agreement with those that do by mutual consent. And if they break that agreement they forfeit that right to be there. Dignity has nothing to do with the types of clothes you wear, it has to do earning respect, it’s not free, never has been. If you want good housing, get a job and buy one. If you want parks, and a nice community center, pay for it. If you can not afford these things, if the area you live in is so bad that your life is literally at risk …. MOVE! And please don’t come crying to me saying you can not afford to move, I came here with my family with $40 in my pocket, we WORKED our way across Canada.

Elaine Durocher made the claim in that propaganda piece by Aaron Mate, that the Olympics took money away from the “poor people”, which begs the question, what money? Since when do “poor people” have money that can be taken away? Since when does a poor person have money to pay income tax, property tax, and all the other bloody taxes in this country? The only assumption I can make about Elaine’s claim is that either she is out right lying, or she is talking about the “entitlements” to someones money! Which IMHO makes her a thief!

“ … since the Olympic bid, we’ve seen approximately 1,800 units of market housing and condominiums being built in the Downtown Eastside, while we’ve lost approximately 1,300 units of low-income housing. … “ – HARSHA WALIA

Translation: “ Since the Olympic bid, we’ve seen approximately 1,800 units of high cost housing and condominiums being built and bring in real trade jobs to the Downtown Eastside, while we’ve lost approximately 1,300 units of tax payer supported housing for people who never learned a trade.”

The piece basically goes on and on from there with the main key words being “social housing”, it a bitching piece, and has nothing to do with giving a balanced view, two sides of the issue, it’s nothing more then junk spam on the internet. Made me want to puke.

There was some more thoughts on the missing women, their families/friends showed up for it. Made me think about my parents immediately. When I was on the streets in Toronto, I once got the crap kicked out of me by my future brother in law, (my claim to fame is surviving that one), and my parents got wind of it and came running downtown to rescue me. I have only one question directed to the families of the missing women, in fact I direct it only to those families related to the last half of the women that went missing on the Downtown Eastside, not the first half. As they may not have been completely aware as to how high risk the lifestyle of their family member were at the time. So to the last half, I ask this …. WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU WHEN THEY WERE ALIVE! ’nuff said.

I work predominantly with women, and I can say, confidence, that approximately 70 percent of women that I know who turn to drugs turn to drugs because of childhood trauma of sexual assault and of child apprehension. And, you know, addictions are a—they’re a symptom of something. They’re not anything in and of themselves. And there’s reasons why people are addicted, why people are drinking, why people are forced into these desperate situations. ” – HARSHA WALIA

Harsha, I know someone that you do not want to meet. My wife. If you made that statement to her I guarantee that she would, for the first time in her life, turn to violence and kick the crap out of you. Which to be honest I would love to see, because if she managed to get past the pain, the fear, and even get up and walk across the street, it would be enough to make my day. But I doubt that it will ever come to that. She will, being more self-controlled then myself, hold herself in check, and drive her scooter past you on the other side, avoiding people like you who make excuses for the weak is something she is better at then me.

She doesn’t even take Aspirin.

There is not one person in all the years I have been on this planet I have met, or read about, or seen on TV, has went through compared to my wife’s childhood. Social workers who give penance to those that have been abused serve them a platter of future heartaches. What this society needs is shift justice, and restitution to the victims, when one infringes on the real rights of others they loose their own. Take a life, loose your own. Yes, I believe in Capital Punishment. I do not believe in it as a deterrent, I believe it is prevention directly to for future victims.

It is important to note at the end of my rant here that none of the problems these people have put themselves into was in anyway related to the Vancouver Winter 2010 Games. (Yes, I am using the copyrighted official names, bite me) But I am still not paying for them, I’m leaving remember?

Enjoy the Eastside Guys, if you thought it was tough now, wait till the bill come in.


Budget and Bills

I sit here today in a frump, (Is that even a word?), thinking about what next I have to do to get going on the things that need to get done. I’m swamped yet again, this time with bills. The biggest disadvantage of living in the city is it’s limitations on what you can do within your own property. And I can see that the biggest disadvantage to living in the country is the travel time required to gather junk at stores in the city.

I’ve started doing a few budgeting tricks, I don’t have a clue where I got them from since it’s been years since I’ve done these things. One of which is using Zip Lock Freezer bags as a wallet in a manner of speaking. I always take out cash from the bank instead of using the ATM card at stores when ever I can, it’s a privacy thing for me. I usually keep my cash and wallet in separate pockets, that way if I loose one, I don’t loose the other. But recently I have wanted to keep better track of where the money is going, so I have been not only keeping cash within a zip lock freeze bag, but also every receipt I get at every till I end up at.

I’ve noticed a few things as a result. I spend a huge amount of cash on food. It annoys the hell out of me, because most of that food could be grown on the farm for free. The other major expense we have is rent. Rent, hydro bills and other monthly bills that soak up the majority of our income could also be avoided by living off the grid debt free on the farm without a mortgage.

There is also one other thing. By living in the city, I am forced to make a certain amount of money every month in order to make ends meet. The daily living costs are higher here for everything compared to living in the country except for maybe fuel costs. Yes, I know that on average the cost of gasoline and diesel are usually cheaper in the country, but since you use more of it I figure it will actually be more, but also since everything else is on average cheaper, the over all costs of living there are reduced.

That has me thinking about my sources of income. Recently I’ve been painting, a lot, and still plugging away at the other sources of my income. I’m basically working myself to the bone, and getting exhausted as a result. With the end in sight somewhere between the end of March and next fall, I am still sticking with it, but I wonder about my future plans for making ceramic textiles such as kitchen tiles on the farm as an extra source of income once we are there.

There is a need to maintain three types of skill sets for WSHTF, the first set, and IMHO the primary important one, is to be a producer of goods. This can include and good which is created out of raw materials, there will always be a need for someone to make a product out of raw materials whether it will be glass, ceramics, metal, or even vegetables.

The second is based in the service industry, doctors, vets, and mechanics fall into this category, anyone who gets paid for doing a service, rather then producing a product. These are always in demand, as are also producers, but in both cases the amount they are in demand changes in the economic season, and recently those changes are getting harder to predict.

The third skill set falls under artisan. They are the skills and talents that are wanted and demanded when things are either going well in the economy, or when people spend money on them because they want to forget how bad things are. They include works of art, entertainment, recreation, and even education.

It is this line of thinking that caused me to take ceramics to the level I did in collage. It encompasses all three. I can produce ceramic jars, plates, cups, and bowls during certain times, pottery, vases, and tiles at others, and even sculptures when things are good. With the farm producing a primary and a cash crop we should be in good order come what may. If we ever get there.


Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS)

In the Memorandum Opinion and Order and Second Report and Order (pdf) released May 23, 2002, the Commission updated the service rules regarding five Industrial/Business Pool VHF frequencies known in the PLMR community as the VHF “color dot” frequencies. These frequencies were moved from Part 90 to Part 95 and became a new Citizens Band Radio Service (CB) named the Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS). The Commission defines MURS as a private, two-way, short-distance voice or data communications service for personal or business activities of the general public.


No licenses are issued for this service. An entity is authorized by rule to operate a MURS transmitter if it:

What is a MURS Radio, it’s the new version of the old Citizens band (CB Radio) at a higher frequency. However, unlike CB Radios of old, MURS can be used for other things beyond mere voice communications, except for transmissions of “images”. The first that comes to mind is a wireless drive way alarm systems. Although there is a limit on output of only 2 watts, there is no limit on antenna gain. Antenna height is limited to 20 feet above structure or 60 feet above ground, whichever is the greater.

Freq. List:

151.820 MHz

151.880 MHz
151.940 MHz
154.570 MHz
154.600 MHz

Hand held MURS have a range from anywhere between 2 miles and 8 miles, whereas base station to base station can reach up to 20 miles. (depending on terrain)

These are not HAM radios, which are meant for long range communications, these are the radios you use to scout with. It is important to note that data and voice transmissions are permitted on these frequencies. This give rise to the possibility of using encrypted voice communications using MURS. You can not alter the circuits of the MURS radios themselves which are regulated by the FCC, however, like using echo mics in the 70’s, I see no problem with using altered microphones which contain circuits within them to encrypt voice to data transmissions. Double key encryption would be the preferred method of choice here during TEOTWAWKI, with trusted parties previously sharing keys. Since you can run an entire Linux distro from a USB 4gig pen drive, hard core GPG/PGP data encryption transmissions should be a breeze. Something to be submitted to the open source/patent groups?

I am pretty sure that a lot of the HAM radio programs available for debian/linux distro can be used in some fashion for use with MURS, I’ll poke around with this as soon as I can. Another idea I have has to do with a secure telephone system, now you can not connect your MUR to a telephone network, but as long as the telephone equipment meets the FCC rules there should be no problem with using them exclusively on MURS radios. The FCC has now established an entirely new, Part 95-based certification procedure for manufacturers wishing to enter the MURS market.

Anyway, MURS have made it to my shopping list for this year. I’ll keep you posted on what else I come up with for taking full advantage of the system.

– Wolfe

Last Light by Alex Scarrow

Last Light has to one of the more recent books I’ve read to make it to my mental list of must reads. The reason I would include this has more to do with setting of this novel then anything else, the plot wasn’t that good.

The story opens up with the main character being a civilian engineer working in Iraq when all hell breaks loose, the end result is the end of oil. This story is really about Peak Oil, and the only fiction in this book is the trigger, at least we the readers, and the author hopes that the trigger is fiction, giving us a little more time.

The story is only a medium to the real story going on in the background, survivalists will love this story. The characters are just there to entertain, well we are told what would happen if the world oil tap was suddenly shut off without warning.

The author I think is not making an extraordinary claim as to the consequences of a sudden oil cut off towards food riots, lack of drinking water, and the other end results. In fact he makes an important note, that oil equals the same as each of us, even the poor, as having 96 slaves each:

Well, say you’ve come home from work and you want to wash your office shirt for tomorrow. You’d shove it in your washing machine, and then put it on the fast spin-dry afterwards, wouldn’t you? And maybe you want a cup of tea whilst you’re waiting, maybe put on the TV, and throw a frozen dinner in the microwave. Well in slave terms, that would have required a slave to take your shirt, chop wood to make a fire, to heat the water, to wash it. You’d probably need another slave to go hunt or gather the food for your dinner, another slave to chop wood and build a cooking fire, to boil the water for your tea, and cook the food that the hunter-slave brought in. Still more slaves to entertain you in place of a TV set. And let’s not forget the four or five slaves that carried you home from work on their backs, instead of the car you drive home in. Anyway, you get the point right?”

Imagine us without the slave of oil, that’s the premise for this book. And IMHO t’s not so much a work of fiction, but a warning of the future.

– Wolfe

Mental Update

OK, so I know it’s not only been awhile since I did any real updates, and it’s also been awhile since I have updated you all on what is happening on our plan to get out of here and onto the farm. So …

In order to start off the year on a good foot, I redid my blog template, and plan to make a renewed effort to post more often. But as to what has happened recently let me give you a bit of a run down.

First, not in any particular order, Christmas sucked. I don’t think I have ever been as depressed in my life before. There were a lot of reasons why this last yule time bit the big one, not the least of which was the lack of funds to encourage the kids to be ‘good sons’, but the other main reason it sucked was because it also meant that we would not be on the farm by New Years.

There is also been the matter of dealing with the fact that I have had a very narrow mind about where we should live. To be honest with myself, the main reason we are currently planning to move to Ontario, rather then staying in British Columbia, is due to the fact that my own parents live in Ontario, along with my brother and sisters.

Family can be a funny thing. You can get along great at a distance, but up close sometimes things don’t work out.

There are things about Ontario, and in fact Canada in general that bother the hell out of me. With Obama in the US now trying to turn that great nation into another Canada, it leaves me with a great desire to find a place somewhere on this Earth which isn’t ruled by the mass of sheep known as socialists.

How much we leave our current residence dictates what will happen next. If there isn’t enough for the farm, we have Plan “B” to fall back on, which primarily includes a boat. If on the other hand, fate would have us end up with a little more then we need, the question arrives in my head, should we leave Canada?

I have, even when I was a child, that Australia and New Zealand would be about a safe a place as anywhere. The reason I have thought this is because I figured, growing up in the cold war, that they were far enough out of the line of sight to be ignored. At least a little more then Canada, or the USA.

In recent years I’ve learned that a countries location does not protect itself from strife, and other issues, but rather it is the people themselves that tend to protect that country from issues that could be labeled only as potential hazards. As I explored this idea, I found out to my dismay that there were only three countries that were truly republics. That being the USA, Northern Ireland, and Paraguay.

So one of the things that bothered me, and I tried really hard to ignore it, was the fact that if it wasn’t for family, I’d likely run away from Canada faster then cat with it’s tail on fire.

So I have made a mental list of “what if’s”, and given myself a resulting set of answers. At this point, we are still heading east. But there are options if this or that. We shall see what the new year brings.


A Must Watch for Parents

If you are the parent of a small infant you MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO,
please watch it till the end, even if you find it disturbing, you
will be amazed. I strongly recommend that you visit the source URL of
this video, and learn all you can if you have small children.

Another Swine Flu Comic

Yeah, so I was bored while I was going to the next job site, and posted to twitter “The most viral thing about #swineflu is it’s marketing” and got several retweets as a result, nice.

So because I’ve been working my butt off trying to raise enough money to move to Ontario by the end of next month I haven’t had time to update this blog much, but with swine flu still on my mind I did find this for Saturday…


A really late Mondays Lessons Learned Sept 14th 2009

I sit here tired as a dog, every muscle in my body hurts even those little ones in my fingers. Well maybe it isn’t that bad, but I am feeling the effects of not working out every set of body muscles evenly for the last few years.

How did this happen?

In every majority city of the world there is a an intersection called commonly “Cash Corner”. It is used by illegal immigrants looking for work, or other that want to stay under the radar from big brother. The reason this continues, and has for so many years (there were cash corners in the the late 60’s that my own uncle worked at), is because legally it is called sub-contracting. There is how ever a very large underground economy that uses this legal loop hole to avoid taxes. But it is not limited to just one corner of a major city, Dianne Francis once work a very biased book called the “underground economy in Canada” which although IMHO was very lack in it’s fact finding, very right in assuming that lots of companies hire staff ‘under the table’. It is in this market that one will find the future of trade and barter after WHSHTF. And while the economy slips into the nether reaches of depression, you will not only find the illegal immigrant, but guys like me who still pay taxes on what they make in these jobs.

Times are tough people, and if you think they are going to get better your out of your mind. If you want to survive what is coming, get into that mind set which tells you it is already here. If you can’t go looking for a job that is more TEOTWAWKI safe, might I suggest you join a gym? TRUST ME IT WILL BE LESS PAINFULL LATER!

Anyway, I’m dead tired, still have a million things to do before bed, and have to get up early tomorrow for another day like today. We still want to move on Halloween night, so every penny counts right now.

Lesson Learned: You should work your body like your life depended on it, some day it might.

– wolfe

A Really Late Monday’s Lessons Learned Sept 14th 2009

I sit here tired as a dog, every muscle in my body hurts even those little ones in my fingers. Well maybe it isn’t that bad, but I am feeling the effects of not working out every set of body muscles evenly for the last few years.

How did this happen?

In every majority city of the world there is a an intersection called commonly Cash Corner. It is used by illegal immigrants looking for work, or other that want to stay under the radar from big brother. The reason this continues, and has for so many years (there were cash corners in the the late 60’s that my own uncle worked at), is because legally it is called sub-contracting. There is how ever a very large underground economy that uses this legal loop hole to avoid taxes. But it is not limited to just one corner of a major city, Dianne Francis once work a very biased book called the underground economy in Canada which although IMHO was very lack in it’s fact finding, very right in assuming that lots of companies hire staff ‘under the table’. It is in this market that one will find the future of trade and barter after WHSHTF. And while the economy slips into the nether reaches of depression, you will not only find the illegal immigrant, but guys like me who still pay taxes on what they make in these jobs.

Times are tough people, and if you think they are going to get better your out of your mind. If you want to survive what is coming, get into that mind set which tells you it is already here. If you can’t go looking for a job that is more TEOTWAWKI safe, might I suggest you join a gym? TRUST ME IT WILL BE LESS PAINFULL LATER!

Anyway, I’m dead tired, still have a million things to do before bed, and have to get up early tomorrow for another day like today. We still want to move on Halloween night, so every penny counts right now.

Lesson Learned: You should work your body like your life depended on it, some day it might.

Back to Sunday Must Reads

Sorry I missed last week, here’s one to make you think. After you read this short article on the common fruit we find in our baskets, think about all the others we take for granted on our kitchen tables.


A Late Monday Lessons Learned eating through Preps

Well, as we try to decide what to get rid of, one thing was easy. We are eating our food preps, and there are many things that come to mind that we did wrong. First off, you should be always eating through your preps, rotating the food supply is the best way to make sure you have food stored that you like to eat, and that it doesn’t get stored for so long that it spoils. The other that only occurred to me as a result of having almost all the cookbooks packed already was to keep your favorite recipes near the food that is stored. It would also be a good idea to store dry ingredients already mixed for soups, stews, and mixes such as pancakes. The best place to store these are still in mason jars, but the other thing we have learned is that non of the many many many mason jars we have will not travel well, so they are in the garage sale. Which also explains why we are eating through our preps, we need to empty them, and most of our good preps that did not spoil are in mason jars.

One other thing that I have learned this last week while we try to get what is turning into a never ending task of sorting and packing is that I am really looking forward to getting out of British Columbia. It has gotten to the point that I am even beginning to hate this province. As the Olympics get closer, I keep thinking to myself how much better off we would have been to have moved back to Ontario five years ago when we had the chance. We should have jumped on it, and because of that thinking, I find myself making easier choices about what to keep, and what not to.

My advise, or lesson learned this week could therefore be wrapped up into saying that you should always live as if you would never get another chance. If your gut tells you, you should move out of the city, do it this month, do not wait till you can do it, make it happen.


Monday’s Lessons Learned August 03 2009

Getting Ready

Well, summer is half over and there are a few things left to tie up before the school, and harvest season starts. The first on the list is to finish the legal paper work and associated mailings involved in the last leg of a very long journey. This is the final step before we get the farm, which still looks like will be just after Christmas this year, a really bad time to buy land, but we have no choice in the timing.

The other thing that is going on is a return to home schooling for all the kids. Our youngest children are finally able to read to a point that we can return to the lifestyle we once had of living and working on the road as Caravaners, although I no longer want that life style, 14 years was enough for me, I do want to home school the kids again. For the most part this means for this month going about finding out what level they each are in different subjects, and talking to them about what they believe, some de-programming might be involved here I foresee.

The last thing on my list of to do’s before summer’s end is to finish sorting and packing, with something added as a result of talking to Bullseye and others in the chat, I am adding a plan for huge garage sale. We have decided not to take any furniture with us back east to Ontario when we get the farm, so all of that is on the chopping block. For the record, moving back east is now set in stone for me. So to all you preppers and survivalist out there, heads up, I’m coming.

With the crunch coming for the last leg of finding a farm in Canada, I will be posting short little posts on the blog here, since most of my time will be spent getting things ready, doing paper work, and other such things. I promise to make it up to you all after the big move. If there is a lag between things I have to do, I will try to post a longer more detail article on some of my threads such as the bug out bag, and finish the security culture posts, but for now they are all taking a back seat.

One last note. I mentioned at least in the chat, of which I plan to still hang out in at least on Sundays, that I was predicting the increase in the price of flour, and that other grains would follow suite. This was a few weeks ago, as a result of a bot I run for work, which in the past predicted the increase in the price of rice, accurately. This morning major grains jumped 20 cents in the commodities market, here it comes folks. If you have not stocked up on flour and other essential grains, this is your last chance to do so before the price jumps at the supermarkets.

Lessons Learned: There is never enough time.


Primary Services

As I said before, there is more then one way to improve the world. But it occurs to me, that it might have to be done a little at a time. The problem with that is, some of my ideas depend on the others. And I am sure this is the same for anyone else that has come up with ideas to improve the world.

If you want to remove property tax, you have to include a way for primary services to be met.

Take schools for example…

My wife and I home schooled our kids while we were caravaning on the road for almost 13 years. We hope that some day we will return to that lifestyle, (Which is why I maintain this web page), but I think we’ll head out by boat rather then by motor home this time.

Anyway, as i was saying we home schooled for the most part while we were on the road. Now, I’m not saying this was a bad idea, however, we were not able to teach our own kids in the manner they needed.

Most of the time, when children are home schooled they surpass their peers. But if those children require special help, especially in a minute way. They fall behind. In fact, they tend to fall behind regardless if they are home schooled or not. Small hindrances to their development as students can go unnoticed by both parents and teachers.

The difference between home schooling and public school are the resources.

Now if you disagree because you home school, remember that I am referring mostly to those who home school “on the road”, caravaners tend not to have a local school who can help out when the going gets tough.

So my wife and I decided to settle down for the duration of the needed help.

Education, in all it’s forms and levels, is an essential service. It should be available to every citizen at no cost.

I am an anarchist, how do I suggest that the view I have in my political life, and my view on education meet on common ground?

I believe that if there is a need in a society it is the responsibility of the individuals in that society to meet the need. And I believe that individuals need to get involved with their responsibilities directly, not via a proxy.

In the same manner that you should care for your family’s needs. It is your responsibility to care for your communities needs.

If your brother needs food in the fridge to help feed his kids, do you not fill the freezer?

If your neighbor has broken his leg, do you not mow his lawn to help him out?

Education is food for the mind.

Our school here in BC needs the help of the parents to help teach the kids. The funding has been cut by the liberals so much that the school actually is forced to come out and ask for volunteers to teach the kids.

I think every neighbor, not just those with kids, should come out and help out, and not just with teaching. Help fix a window, paint a swing, buy a soccer ball.

This is where Volunteer Essential Services come from.

From the heart of the community.


My Opinion of The Irresistible Revolution

I recently read a book by Shane Claiborne titled “The Irresistible Revolution”, and I must admit that the type of Christianity that Shane describes in his book is the type I was desperately searching for in my youth.

Christmas is a special time of traditions in our house, it is a time to invite friends, and family over for dinner, to enjoy each others company and reflect on the past year. We often hook up some kind of video over the internet to connect to family back east, and spend the day sharing the time as best we can with each other. I want each day of the year to feel like Christmas, the love of family, that moment of joy, and everything else that can not be described in words to extend beyond the season of a few weeks in the cold of winter. And it does for the most part, because we love each other.

The word Shane uses most in his book is love. But it’s a love with priorities all mixed up. I’ve been involved with many intentional communities and they all have one thing in common, the members have a lack of connection to the family they come from, the community has replaced that family. In Christian, Messianic, and Eco-Farm intentional communities the story is all the same, families complicate your life, they challenge your resolve, and they force you to look at your goals, Shane’s “simple life” is not family friendly. I myself am guilty of this. I remember a time when I thought Christian charity was the keystone of what being a Christian was all about, it isn’t. Being a ‘true’ Christian maybe beyond my understanding, but I know what is wrong for me to do, and what is right, family comes first, it is the primary reason that Ontario is the only place I am looking for land now.

I related very much to Shane, his book is often a reflexion of my own experiences when I was involved in mission work as a Christian, as a street kid, and a member of several intentional communities. The message of community rings loud in my ears as echoes of “The Basin Farm”, “The Rainbow Family of Living Light”, and even Indymedia. The time I spent trying to make the world better, has not ended, the methods have just changed.

I do not believe in socialism, nor do I believe that Shane’s voluntary simplicity is totally voluntary. People make choices between what is available to them, and what they understand, and most of them tend to choose the easier way. Group Think is always easier then individuality. In one part of the book, Shane makes reference to “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for a life time, but who owns the pond?” or something similar in context.

The answer to that question is that some one does own the pond, and no one has the right to take down the fence except the owner, the steward of the property in question.

Shane’s communes are city based, charity based, religiously based, Utopian, and doomed to failure. They are based in a Borg mindset no matter how much he tries to deny it, and he is not fighting poverty as much as he is fighting individuality. And I note to make a point, that this is his, and those with him, that I am referring to, because little of it has anything to do with whether or not Christ himself desired his followers to take up this cross, this is Shane’s interpretation of the message of Christ. It has been tried before, and failed countless times. I believe that it looks like it helps at the beginning, but it grows old fast, and the fundamental reason is lack of individualism.

This is the same reason I reject consensus based decisions over democratic vote, the same reason I prefer sovereignty over solidarity, and the same reason I choose Libertarian over Liberal. But most important, and connected to all, is the ability to freely choose, the individuals right to self ownership, and to own property. Shane wants us to tear down the fences around our fish pond, to feel guilty that we have enough to eat, and share it. When we deny him the fruits of our labor he calls us capitalists, part of the empire, and consumers. I refuse to be labeled.

I believe that the worse place to live in the world is on the shores of Victoria in Africa, the level of poverty in that region is beyond the understanding of most Americans, let alone the people that live there in the middle of it. I’m sure that Calcutta is no different in a lot of ways, and other poverty areas on this planet where greed, corruption and international corporations have taken advantage of those that do not know any better, or are over powered by limited options.

But the truth of the matter is, it is we who have created this level of poverty in the world by consumerism, and on that note I agree with Shane’s simple way. We continue what can be stopped in a matter of months by simplicity, instead of forming communes to feed the poor with industrial “freegan” food, we should get back to the land, and grow our own. You can not do that with out property rights. Some one has to put it in the effort and labor to produce the food, better me and my family, then an industrial farm that is part of the problem in the first place. The same can be said for ANY other product or service, and none of it is free. It costs human labor, and I own my labor like I own myself, and anyone who claims anything else is a thief.

As harsh as I sound at this moment, understand I still believe in charity, in teaching to fish, and being fare in trade so that others can buy their own pond. But I refuse to believe that the answers to all life’s ills is charity alone. Socialism is a means to an end, that end doesn’t sound to good to me. Every attempt in human history to create utopia has been distorted, that why they all ended up under the title of dystopia in the history books.

– Wolfe

My Book Wish List – Fiction Books (EOTW)

Fiction Books: (EOTW)Like I mentioned before I am seeking some fiction books, recommendation are welcome, however the scope of fiction that I am looking for is rather narrow. I would be interested in fiction that is a possible scenario for the end of the world, end of civilization, and the fall of our ‘modern’ way of life. Not books which have as it’s main plot as something which cannot be are less interesting to me.

Examples would include “Farnham’s freehold” by Robert A. Heinlein, “On the Beach” by Nevil Shute, and “Pandemic” by Daniel Kalla.

George Orwell’s’ 1984 would be a dystopia I would buy. (But that one falls under classics, and I have four copies)

  • “Farnham’s freehold” by Robert A. Heinlein
  • “On the Beach” by Nevil Shute
  • “Pandemic” by Daniel Kalla
  • “Day of the Dolphin” by ??
  • “The Chrysalids” by ?? (Note: I think I do have this book just can’t find it)
  • “The Shape of Things to Come” by ??

No good deed goes unpunished

action, adult, checkered shirt
Pexels (CC0), Pixabay

So I went down to the bookstore today to find myself a copy of “On the beach” by Nevil Shute, but Robert didn’t have any left, so I picked up a copy of “The Rest of The Robots” by Asimov instead. Robert added the other to my growing list.

Stopped to have a coffee on the way back home at the local coffee shop, and read the newspaper. The bad coffee was my first mistake, reading my horror scope was my second.

It said … “No good deed goes unpunished”.

I should have know better then to leave the coffee shop at that point, should have stayed there till tomorrow.

So I left, walked towards the skytrain station in New West, and came across a guy looking at a map, looking totally lost. I asked, he said it was direction to his new job, that he was new, only been here in Canada 30 days. I had to help.

We went to the nearby corner store to borrow a map, and found where his new job was in Richmond, I wrote down some directions for him on the back of the map, wished him luck, and left.

As I was walking up to the train, I remembered … “No good deed goes unpunished” … dammit, I thought.

My train arrived, I got on, it left the station. Then stopped, suddenly.

I was tossed across the car of course.

I dusted myself off, and out loud said …

“That’s the second time my horror scope has been dead on.”

… people laughed. Now I sit here writing this, with a headache, my neck hurts, I guess I should stop reading the newspaper, there’s never any good news in it.

  • wolfe

Personal Changes

You may start to notice a few changes on this site. I know that this site changed a few times over the years, but these coming changes are reflecting what is currently happening in my life.

I am shifting my career away from research and towards art. I have always wanted to return to what I did before we settled down in the Lower Mainland, that being drawing and painting. This time around however I am going to focus on Early Trades, that being black smithing, glass blowing, and ceramics. I have in my backyard a smokeless sawdust pottery kiln that I build. It has been collecting rust for the last year because I have been busy trying to get out of the rut I’m in with my career as an information broker. It is not that there is enough money in the business, it is that there is not enough requests for research from people that I am willing to work for. I’m an anti-capitalist, well to be more defined, I’m an anti-international-capitalist, nothing wrong with people investing in local economy .

I have a long time interest in homesteading, and have lived on many different kinds of communes, I’ve even been known to call myself a member of the help . My goal has always been to buy land and live off the grid, but I have spent to much time trying to provide research to individuals and groups that hope to make the world better. I will still Volunteer my research skills to such groups, but my primary time will be with art leading to self efficiency, I want off the grid, including the John Conner kind.

So in the coming months I will record this trip down the path I have chosen and let you know how it is going.

– wolfe