The potential emergencies for the skyscraper dweller includes what most other preppers have listed – hail storms, fire, radioactive release, blackouts, civil unrest, etcetera – just with some twists. Specifically, the impact of the density of human beings, the height of the structures people work, sleep, and play in, and the lack of space to store all the “stuff”. This is what makes survival in the downtown core a little different than in the rural to wild environments.

First and foremost, this means that even though there are many magnitudes more emergency first responders within hailing distance that you could ever have in the rural areas, it is not enough to rely upon. When a major catastrophe occurs, they will be overloaded and you will have to rescue yourself. So there will be a constant battle between having too much, not enough, the correct mix, and the cost of it all (in dollars, time, weight, and storage space).

I think a modular approach to the “stuff” needed (or wanted) for survival situations would be the best approach. Specifically, partitioning the “stuff” into EDC on a lanyard (around the neck or in a pocket), EDC in wallet/pouch as a purse insert (or could hang off a belt or in a fanny pack on the non-business attire days), a “bat belt” with stuff to keep one alive and going for 24 hours that is donned when an emergency dictates, a rolling backpack as the official BOB/GOOD/GO bag, and some sort of storage locker(s), bin(s), or some type of furniture for securing the “bat belt”, backpack, and other items.

For most urban professionals, there are four, main locations where the individual could be found on any given day (or night);
– Home – where most of an average day is spent, especially sleeping.
– Primary Workplace – second biggest chunk of time.
– Car (van, SUV, work issued POS, ….).
– And a fourth location – a second car, second job, vacation home, school, lover’s home, …).

There are always other places; bars, clubs, library, … But it seems that most urbanites spend most of there time routinely in up to four distinct locations. Your list might vary from the above, but will probably end up being four distinct locations that account for the major of the 168 hours in a week.

I leaning towards one set of EDC items, and four BOB/GOOOD/GO bags, one stored at home, work, grandparents, and lover’s home.

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