I actually don't know if this site is banned from facebook, yet, but I noticed the link in a comment and thought I had better bookmark it before it gets targeted so I can check it out later. – wolfe

I know there are tonnes of lists of blogs for the preppers out there looking for the best sites to go visit and learn new things. And yes this is my list, but I have noticed on the other lists

Total plug bookmark to a friends website. Phil is true to his name, literally a philosopher in my humble opinion. I may not agree with 100% of his points of view, but he is among the great minds on this

SciFiChick left us a few years ago, and she is still dearly missed by the prepper community. She is famous within our circle of making her own powdered eggs, and was always ready to try and figure out how to

So here I am mentioning in my comments of the bookmarks that I like a facebook group called Written Apocalypse, but forgot already to include it's own homepage… oh well… here it is, sometimes I am surprised that I remember

T. L. Payne is one of the regulars on WA. When I first started bookmarking writing related websites his book was literally the first link. – wolfe Amazon.com: Hunted: A Post Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller (Days of Want Series Book

S P Oldham is another WA author…. this book looks gooooood….. – wolfe Mindless Trilogy: (3 book series) Kindle Edition #writing Created: 2019-05-30 18:20:53Estimated 29 seconds to read. Read more […]

Normally, my preferences for end of the world fiction roll around what is most likely to happen to the extreme what if's…. I like sci-fi, but as a separate sorta thing. Occassionally there is a bit of nice mix, and

Yes, I am still writing a book… this is one of the sites I am drawn to that looks like it might help – wolfe First Paragraph: I’m Randy Ingermanson, award-winning author of 6 novels. I’ve been teaching fiction for

I am a huge fan of all teotwawki books, both fiction and non-fiction. And yes that includes Zombie novels etc. In fact, I joined a facebook group called 'Written Apocalypse', which is where I get a lot of the author

Another author I found via Written Apocalypse on facebook. This bookmarks goes to his 'short stories' section on his blog. – wolfe Fifteen is an indictment of the Las Vegas myth. Just off of the strip, and, even on it,

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