What???? It's about programming, I am a geek after all guys.

– wolfe

First Paragraph: !function(c,f){var t,o,i,e=[],r={passive:!0,capture:!0},n=new Date,a=”pointerup”,u=”pointercancel”;function p(n,e){t||(t=e,o=n,i=new Date,w(f),s())}function s(){0 6 min readPhoto by Ilya Pavlov on UnsplashHello guys, someone asks me another day, would you mind putting a weekly list for web development articles just like you have done for Java and Algorithms? Well, I was more than happy to look into her request because I also like to read Web Development articles, so it’s not really tough for me to suggest some worth reading articles to you guys.

10 Web Development Articles Programmer Should Read this Week #programming

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