Bacon and Eggs #friends

Bacon and Eggs #friends
Bacon and Eggs #friends

SciFiChick left us a few years ago, and she is still dearly missed by the prepper community. She is famous within our circle of making her own powdered eggs, and was always ready to try and figure out how to dehydrate ANYTHING for long term food storage. This is her blog.

– wolfe

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Bacon and Eggs
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Bacon and Eggs

I learned a long time ago, while working at a popular breakfast spot, Stop stressing… Its just Bacon and Eggs… How bad can you mess that up?

Bacon and Eggs #friends

Created: 2019-08-23 17:29:44

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Dan is a Linux geek who still writes in BASH for fun, a scripting language used by UNIX & Linux to run back end processes. He has spent the last 20+ years actively learning and writing, about the self-reliance lifestyle. Dan grew up in Toronto, Ontario and met his wife Carol of 25 years. They moved to the outskirts of Vancouver, British Columbia in the early ‘90’s where they raised four sons. Now a new grandfather, he is more than ever inspired to help  educate people to properly prepare for emergencies.