I know there are tonnes of lists of blogs for the preppers out there looking for the best sites to go visit and learn new things. And yes this is my list, but I have noticed on the other lists they tend to include only the newer blogs, not the ones that have been around forever, whether they are still active or not. This blog is one of the originals out there, still going strong and doesn't get the credit it deserves imho. check it out.

– wolfe

My ramblings on prepping/survival on the cheap …

First Paragraph: I got a lot of bargains in the last couple of weeks, so I stocked up on some snacks and got the big freezer full of beef.  Having a full freezer feels almost as good as having a full wood pile.  I bought another couple of pounds of paraffin wax to make the fire starters.  I wanted a good supply of wax to melt before I started making the fire starters this heating season.

My Adventures in selfreliance | My ramblings on prepping/survival on the cheap #preppers

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