Yeah, this site's facebook page got banned by facebook …. so, since it's about prepping, I have to include it in my bookmarks. One of the promoters is also an author in the WA, which brings me to another point…. One of the things I collect is banned books. I even collect them if the ban has been lifted, and it is starting to dawn on me, that the way social media pages are being banned is equal to book burning, (a huge sin in my book, pun intended)… so I am thinking of creating some kind of social media wayback machine for such pages… not sure just farmat it would take just yet, but if you'd be interested is such a thing, drop me a message.

– wolfe

First Paragraph: In Episode 44, we tell you all about food preps. We are publishing a nonfiction book on this in early 2020 and we give you a preview of it in this show. As usual, our fabulous Patreon supporters who make this show possible get to hear the second half of the show on the exclusive After Show. Learn more about our podcast at Prepping 

Prepping 2.0 Show – Prepping 2.0 #bannedfacebookpages

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