When he cut his heir, it wasn’t very happy with him, but that was the way things should be. When he handed out his tie-dyed t-shirts, they complained for hours, until the rainbow gathering they ended up at. All was oil welled in the world, and even his hide coat been given up when he had children, and the child support society took it away to give to some one else.

With his house secured by a white picket fence, the two car garage filled with hoarded collateral sales, as well as other odds and ends. He went about Menagerie, the city in which he lived in the Subordi Nation, in search of the meaning of coffee.

Ovis was a proud to be a practical man who did not get involved in such matters politics, rights, and did not bother with such archaic matter such as church. Life was good, why change it was the slogan.

Threw out his life, he had learned to accept things as they were. It did not matter to him that he was not allowed to have certain panoplies. The police would protect him, after all what else could `to server, and protect` mean? He paid his taxes like a good citizen, and knew the money was well spent on things like highways, and hospitals. There were even government officials to make sure the government did not steal from the people.

He voted in every election, paid real close attention to the information in the flock computing network to figure out which of the two candidates he should vote for, and always knew he made the right choice. His retirement was a promise that the all-out corporation he was employed as a bond servant, and they would fight for it.

And then he died, while in a railroad yard. It had been a good life term, not filled with to much hardship.

His children were captivated with the inheritance of a huge golden albatross, with abashments, worth millions.

The End.

– Wolfe

Last note: You may want to read this post agaiin, synonym use was intentional, latin words to be taken litterally etc. Don’t you just love it when I insert secret messages and not tell you?