Ecozoom cook stove, this is THE prepper stove, nothing else even comes close. My first impression, WOW, and maybe a few more awes tossed in! It’s huge, I can cook anything on it. But this stove goes way beyond what you would think of as a prepper survival type cook stove… it’s a bio-mass fueled burning cook stove, … so I tried everything in it.

First thing I did with this stove was a very simple test, I dug out old charcoal from the bar-be-que, you know, those little bits and pieces left over from the last time we had ribs etc. I wanted to see if the ecozoom was more efficient then just using a pail with holes in it for air, tossed in some scrape wood, sticks, leaves for lighting it up…. those left overs lasted almost FOUR HOURS!

This is the next generation bio-mass stove. It was designed by Aprovecho Research Center for sending to third world countries, in other words this stove was intentionally made for long term survival situations.

This stove can burn any dry biomass, and is incredibility efficient . We ended up using the stove more then just testing it in the last couple of weeks since we’ve had it. It can boil water with very little fuel which impressed me a lot.

I need to to stress here that this is the stove you bring to your BOL before SHTF, as it is to heavy to haul in a pack sack at the 11th hour. That aside, I figure I could do with a couple more, since when we made spaghetti sauce on it, we realized we needed another to cook the pasta.

Some things should be added to the shopping list if you get one of these. As it is just a basic fire pit you can put on a table. There is a pot guard that comes with it, but for the most part I found the guard useless. It also comes with a little wire feeder rack which despite it’s simplicity works amazingly well.

The important, or should I suggest for the preppers who are looking for something like this, is that there was almost no smoke once the chamber heated up. Good for OPSEC if you ask me.

I took the smaller grill off my smoker to make some simple flat bread, it’s one of those treats we like to has with salsa while watching movies on a Friday night. They came out pretty good for an open flame, we usually use a cast iron frying pan on the kitchen stove, or the Coleman when the power’s out. The direct touch of the flame added a little different taste. I’m willing to bet that if I made stew on this, it would work better in a ceramic crock pot rather then a cast iron one.

With the frequency that the power goes out on this street we live on, this is a Godsend. It also is a major plus on hot days where we want to cook something other then just on the BBQ. But the little trap on the bottom for ashes fills up to fast, I think I need to find some kind of small tin shovel like kids used to get for the beach in the 70’s to clean it out when we use it for more then one firing in a row.

Other then those points I see this as the best stove for BOL. I plan on getting a couple more, maybe even send one to family members back east. (My Dad would love this thing!)

I’m not the only one who’s been reviewing this stove within the prepper’s network, so I’ve included here some links to the other reviews….

– Wolfe

Update: (March 2013) I just dropped by the main Ecozoom website to edit this post during my blog update and noticed the new models they have, I immediately saw the double burner model as a plus, it’s now on my wish list. (Image below)

originally posted on: 2011-08-06

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