‘It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine’..’

One of my favorite songs.

Today’s Book Suggestion by Leafy: ‘Getting Back Together’ By Robert Houreit

I love ‘End of The World’ type movies. They can be dystopias, or anything remotely connected to the extinction of mankind. Steven King’s ‘The Stand’ is a classic. I know it’s not a rainbow peace type of thing to be into, but heck I have yo-yo karma anyway, this just entertains my dark half. Besides, ‘we’ are going to be the survivors right? I mean when anyone watches these movies, generally speaking we align our thoughts on the characters which survive the end of the world more or less. We all want to be the rebels in ‘V’, and save the world from the visitors.


James Finn Garner wrote a book just before the end of the century. (ISBN: 0-684-83649-1 1997) Titled ‘Apocalypse WOW!’ It goes on in great detail of how in the past people believed that the world was about to end, but didn’t. It’s written in a comedic manner, funny as hell if you ask me. But also full of insight.


I would like make my own little prediction, about when the world will end.

I believe that the world will end in August 1962.

Yes, you heard me, 1962.

And who may you ask is the anti-christ? Well, in a manner of speaking, it is/was J.C.R. Licklider of MIT.

Don’t follow me yet do you?

Ok, here’s the point. Licklider predicted the internet, in his research into packet transmissions. That is to say. Using little bits of data to pass information rather then having a direct circuits like an analog telephone line. When Licklider did this work, he ended the industrial age, and started the information age, which provided a way for the genetic paradigm, and of course the internet.

Ok, enough with the work talk.

My grandmother never saw a plane until she was twelve. She had lived on a farm in northern Italy. At that age, the industrial revolution had not hit the little northern town in which she had lived her whole life up till then. She never would have thought to live long enough for NASA to send up space shuttles on a bi-monthly basis. By the time she died, mankind had all the mapping of human DNA. For her, the world she knew ended on the day she saw that plane.

The world as we know it’

Many of us are still living the lie that we are in an industrial age. We are not, it’s over, it’s been for some time now. Get on with it.

Information demands to be free. It spreads faster then a computer virus, because no one but the people who claim ownership try to stop it’s spread. That is the nature of the information age, that is the end to copyright, the end to tuition, the end to KFC’s secret recipe (I have a copy, if you want it). Eventually the technology will put this information broker out of business. Ok, fine with me, I’ll be on SEED. J

‘ and I feel fine.

There is a scare of SARS, AIDS, green house gas, ozone holes and the like. But, there is also eco-activists, bio-fuels, free education (almost), public health, a changing view of mother earth, and a desire for peace that created the new world power on February 15th 2003’.. The People!

Let the world end. We are the survivors.

– wolfe

Originally posted on June 15, 2004 @ 11:34 am