Children are the whirl pools of energy. In their early ages, they are filled with the enthusiasm to explore and have fun. Children being children have no knowledge of risks and dangers thus often end up getting hurt. Some of these injuries are small but some can be scary and end up dragging the parents and children to the nearest ER for urgent care.

Hospitals are scary places, they go worst when you not only have a hurt and freaked out child frightened parents too. In such scenarios, for proper care to be received, it is important for children to feel comfortable.  Picking a child friendly ER is very important. You should talk to your doctors and beforehand know where to rush the child in case of emergencies. The hospitals should have a polite team of doctors and nurses, equipment should be child-sized and toys or other kid friendly tools should be around.

For the child to feel secure, the parents need to be relaxed. Before rushing out, breathe, relax, take a hold of the situation and then make a rational decision. In such situations reaching to scary solutions is very easy hence it is important to not think negatively until the doctor has reviewed your child and the facts are in your hand. The doctor is an expert and they know best, listening to the doctor and following their advice is highly required in such situations. It is a good idea to carry your child’s medical history with you. In a small notebook or your phone, update recent illnesses, medicines, vaccines which the child lately came in contact with. Parents are advised not to give any medicines or try home remedies in a situation that requires medical attention. The doctor should be made aware if any such treatments or medicines were given before the professional care was provided.

When taking the child to the ER, please make sure other siblings do not accompany. This would not only scare them but be a distraction for the parents too. Your child would be needing your undivided attention, so patiently being there for the child is very important. It is also necessary to be honest to the child. Children should be made aware of what is happening, what will happen and what should they expect. His/her mind should be distracted from the pain so that the doctors can work with ease.

Going to the ER with a hurt child is a scary experience. However, if handled patiently the child would be comfortable and in no time be pain free too!