OK, so I know it’s not only been awhile since I did any real updates, and it’s also been awhile since I have updated you all on what is happening on our plan to get out of here and onto the farm. So …

In order to start off the year on a good foot, I redid my blog template, and plan to make a renewed effort to post more often. But as to what has happened recently let me give you a bit of a run down.

First, not in any particular order, Christmas sucked. I don’t think I have ever been as depressed in my life before. There were a lot of reasons why this last yule time bit the big one, not the least of which was the lack of funds to encourage the kids to be ‘good sons’, but the other main reason it sucked was because it also meant that we would not be on the farm by New Years.

There is also been the matter of dealing with the fact that I have had a very narrow mind about where we should live. To be honest with myself, the main reason we are currently planning to move to Ontario, rather then staying in British Columbia, is due to the fact that my own parents live in Ontario, along with my brother and sisters.

Family can be a funny thing. You can get along great at a distance, but up close sometimes things don’t work out.

There are things about Ontario, and in fact Canada in general that bother the hell out of me. With Obama in the US now trying to turn that great nation into another Canada, it leaves me with a great desire to find a place somewhere on this Earth which isn’t ruled by the mass of sheep known as socialists.

How much we leave our current residence dictates what will happen next. If there isn’t enough for the farm, we have Plan “B” to fall back on, which primarily includes a boat. If on the other hand, fate would have us end up with a little more then we need, the question arrives in my head, should we leave Canada?

I have, even when I was a child, that Australia and New Zealand would be about a safe a place as anywhere. The reason I have thought this is because I figured, growing up in the cold war, that they were far enough out of the line of sight to be ignored. At least a little more then Canada, or the USA.

In recent years I’ve learned that a countries location does not protect itself from strife, and other issues, but rather it is the people themselves that tend to protect that country from issues that could be labeled only as potential hazards. As I explored this idea, I found out to my dismay that there were only three countries that were truly republics. That being the USA, Northern Ireland, and Paraguay.

So one of the things that bothered me, and I tried really hard to ignore it, was the fact that if it wasn’t for family, I’d likely run away from Canada faster then cat with it’s tail on fire.

So I have made a mental list of “what if’s”, and given myself a resulting set of answers. At this point, we are still heading east. But there are options if this or that. We shall see what the new year brings.