Getting Ready

Well, summer is half over and there are a few things left to tie up before the school, and harvest season starts. The first on the list is to finish the legal paper work and associated mailings involved in the last leg of a very long journey. This is the final step before we get the farm, which still looks like will be just after Christmas this year, a really bad time to buy land, but we have no choice in the timing.

The other thing that is going on is a return to home schooling for all the kids. Our youngest children are finally able to read to a point that we can return to the lifestyle we once had of living and working on the road as Caravaners, although I no longer want that life style, 14 years was enough for me, I do want to home school the kids again. For the most part this means for this month going about finding out what level they each are in different subjects, and talking to them about what they believe, some de-programming might be involved here I foresee.

The last thing on my list of to do’s before summer’s end is to finish sorting and packing, with something added as a result of talking to Bullseye and others in the chat, I am adding a plan for huge garage sale. We have decided not to take any furniture with us back east to Ontario when we get the farm, so all of that is on the chopping block. For the record, moving back east is now set in stone for me. So to all you preppers and survivalist out there, heads up, I’m coming.

With the crunch coming for the last leg of finding a farm in Canada, I will be posting short little posts on the blog here, since most of my time will be spent getting things ready, doing paper work, and other such things. I promise to make it up to you all after the big move. If there is a lag between things I have to do, I will try to post a longer more detail article on some of my threads such as the bug out bag, and finish the security culture posts, but for now they are all taking a back seat.

One last note. I mentioned at least in the chat, of which I plan to still hang out in at least on Sundays, that I was predicting the increase in the price of flour, and that other grains would follow suite. This was a few weeks ago, as a result of a bot I run for work, which in the past predicted the increase in the price of rice, accurately. This morning major grains jumped 20 cents in the commodities market, here it comes folks. If you have not stocked up on flour and other essential grains, this is your last chance to do so before the price jumps at the supermarkets.

Lessons Learned: There is never enough time.