This one is a round up, over the last week I have come to the conclusion that there are several things that I should have done differently right at the beginning. If I was to make these lessons into rules for my own life I would make the following into stone. The end result would be to end up being prepared. Call them if you will the ten rules of prepping.



Stocking up for disaster, is pointless. What needs to be done is to rotate food supplies, and have a very long roll on it. The other is to get to the point that you live off what you grow and raise yourself. I know this sounds like the same thing as stocking up, but it isn’t, there is a different mind set. Instead of shopping for next week, you are shopping for next year. It takes planning. Therefore the rule would be to buy what you need well in advance, and actually use it.



Every time you use something like a band-aid from the first aid kit, take an inventory, you should have more then twice as much as you think you need. This goes for all the things in your house that you use only when you really need it, flash lights, batteries, laundry soap, hand soap, toilet paper, etc.



There are things that you can not make your self, the rule here would be to find alternatives, even if you don’t actually make them yourself. Knowing how to replace something is at least in the right direction to doing it yourself, and using the same things that you can make yourself gives less of a culture shock when they cease to be easy to get.



Own it, don’t rent it, or buy it on time. It is way better to live in a cheaper out of the way place that you own out right then to buy a place on time. Credit is pure evil, you don’t need it, learn to live without it. This is likely the hardest rule to follow, and the most important. It is because our generation is living on credit in so many ways, that we are facing the worse economic collapse that the history of man has even seen.


Home school. This rule applies even to those without kids. There is something in the way that public school works that allows us to forget things after we leave it. How many of you remember how to do algebra? Don’t think you’ll need it? Your wrong. The first thing I learned after leaving school was that I needed to know french, it was the only class I ever dropped. The summer I spent in France would have been better had I known just a few more phrases. There are so many things we need to learn in order to thrive beyond mere survival that home schooling is the only way to do it. The advantage here is that you cut out the dumbing down of America, just remember to start with yourself, it will help when teaching your kids.


God helps those who help themselves. If that is good enough for God it should be good enough for you. Charity is all well and good, but free hand outs to those who have not learned that there is no such thing as a right to food, clothing and shelter is more harmful to them then nothing. If you want to give for a need, give the need not cash.


You only work for yourself. Any job you get for some one else is ultimately for yourself, so why work for some one else? This isn’t a rule that can be applied in one shot. You have to grow into it, and discover what it is that you can do successfully. The best way I can think of to do this is to cut it up into percentages. If you are working full time for the ABC company, you should add a small percentage of your work week to starting your own business, when that business makes you the same percentage of income as the time it takes to get the income increase the time you spend on it.


There is only two types of people on this planet. You can categorize them into any two labels you want, but what it boils down to is those that you want to know, and those you don’t. Be very strict on who they are, and you have to include everyone around you with no exceptions, into which group they are in. Be goal orientated, if you are always traveling towards your goal of being self-reliant and self-efficient you will meet those on the same road as you.


Good security is sound sleep. It is always better to be prepared for the worse so you can enjoy the best then to be ill prepared and suffer. Having a secure home, which is not easily invaded by evil out law bikers, or nosy neighbors, is the first step to getting a good night sleep. Security isn’t just an alarm system, or a fence. It’s a mind set, not telling some one what your birth day is prevents them from making a copy of your birth certificate, the less some one knows about you and yours the more secure it is from being taken.

RULE #10

Do it yourself, create it yourself, make it yourself, supply it yourself. The less you need the grid, oil, gas, hand outs, welfare checks, a job, health care, the doctor, the repair guy, electricity, new shoes, etc. the less you will need it when it is gone.

– Wolfe