No good deed goes unpunished

No good deed goes unpunished
No good deed goes unpunished
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So I went down to the bookstore today to find myself a copy of “On the beach” by Nevil Shute, but Robert didn’t have any left, so I picked up a copy of “The Rest of The Robots” by Asimov instead. Robert added the other to my growing list.

Stopped to have a coffee on the way back home at the local coffee shop, and read the newspaper. The bad coffee was my first mistake, reading my horror scope was my second.

It said … “No good deed goes unpunished”.

I should have know better then to leave the coffee shop at that point, should have stayed there till tomorrow.

So I left, walked towards the skytrain station in New West, and came across a guy looking at a map, looking totally lost. I asked, he said it was direction to his new job, that he was new, only been here in Canada 30 days. I had to help.

We went to the nearby corner store to borrow a map, and found where his new job was in Richmond, I wrote down some directions for him on the back of the map, wished him luck, and left.

As I was walking up to the train, I remembered … “No good deed goes unpunished” … dammit, I thought.

My train arrived, I got on, it left the station. Then stopped, suddenly.

I was tossed across the car of course.

I dusted myself off, and out loud said …

“That’s the second time my horror scope has been dead on.”

… people laughed. Now I sit here writing this, with a headache, my neck hurts, I guess I should stop reading the newspaper, there’s never any good news in it.

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