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OK, so I know it's not only been awhile since I did any real updates, and it's also been awhile since I have updated you all on what is happening on our plan to get out of here and onto the farm. So … In order to start off the year on a good foot, I redid my blog template, and plan to make a renewed effort to post more often. But as to what has happened recently let me give you a bit of a run down. First, not in any particular order, Christmas sucked. I don't think I have ever been as depressed Read more [...]

Children are the whirl pools of energy. In their early ages, they are filled with the enthusiasm to explore and have fun. Children being children have no knowledge of risks and dangers thus often end up getting hurt. Some of these injuries are small but some can be scary and end up dragging the parents and children to the nearest ER for urgent care. Hospitals are scary places, they go worst when you not only have a hurt and freaked out child frightened parents too. In such scenarios, for proper Read more [...]
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If you are the parent of a small infant you MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO,
please watch it till the end, even if you find it disturbing, you
will be amazed. I strongly recommend that you visit the source URL of
this video, and learn all you can if you have small children.

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Yeah, so I was bored while I was going to the next job site, and posted to twitter "The most viral thing about #swineflu is it's marketing" and got several retweets as a result, nice. So because I've been working my butt off trying to raise enough money to move to Ontario by the end of next month I haven't had time to update this blog much, but with swine flu still on my mind I did find this for Saturday... Read more [...]
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I sit here tired as a dog, every muscle in my body hurts even those little ones in my fingers. Well maybe it isn't that bad, but I am feeling the effects of not working out every set of body muscles evenly for the last few years. How did this happen? In every majority city of the world there is a an intersection called commonly “Cash Corner”. It is used by illegal immigrants looking for work, or other that want to stay under the radar from big brother. The reason this continues, and has Read more [...]
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Sorry I missed last week, here’s one to make you think. After you read this short article on the common fruit we find in our baskets, think about all the others we take for granted on our kitchen tables.


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Well, as we try to decide what to get rid of, one thing was easy. We are eating our food preps, and there are many things that come to mind that we did wrong. First off, you should be always eating through your preps, rotating the food supply is the best way to make sure you have food stored that you like to eat, and that it doesn't get stored for so long that it spoils. The other that only occurred to me as a result of having almost all the cookbooks packed already was to keep your favorite recipes Read more [...]
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NOTE: The following has been “fictionalized” to protect the guilty. The essence is true, but details have been purposefully changed to prevent identifying the city. While continuing to work on the mental exercise that prompted this series of articles, I had an unplanned opportunity to test some of my presumptions and preparations. As a world traveler, I sometimes end up in cities that may not be the first world's image of an ultra-urban megalopolis, but are densely packed, urban environments Read more [...]
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This might be a bit of a tangent as I am not advocating carrying a fire extinguisher in the BOB/GOOD/GO bag. Much better to get oneself safely out of harm's way. But I'm such a big proponent of extinguishers being available in all habitable spaces that I'd like to underscore this tangible, insurance policy. And since it is appropriate to put them in your BOV, it does, sort of, make sense to explore the topic here. I have seen too many unnecessary calamities from fire. A fire bottle is no guarantee Read more [...]
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Getting Ready   Well, summer is half over and there are a few things left to tie up before the school, and harvest season starts. The first on the list is to finish the legal paper work and associated mailings involved in the last leg of a very long journey. This is the final step before we get the farm, which still looks like will be just after Christmas this year, a really bad time to buy land, but we have no choice in the timing.   The other thing that is going on is a return Read more [...]

The potential emergencies for the skyscraper dweller includes what most other preppers have listed – hail storms, fire, radioactive release, blackouts, civil unrest, etcetera – just with some twists. Specifically, the impact of the density of human beings, the height of the structures people work, sleep, and play in, and the lack of space to store all the “stuff”. This is what makes survival in the downtown core a little different than in the rural to wild environments. First and foremost, Read more [...]
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As I said before, there is more then one way to improve the world. But it occurs to me, that it might have to be done a little at a time. The problem with that is, some of my ideas depend on the others. And I am sure this is the same for anyone else that has come up with ideas to improve the world. If you want to remove property tax, you have to include a way for primary services to be met. Take schools for example... My wife and I home schooled our kids while we were caravaning on the road Read more [...]
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