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No one can stand alone. I know there is a common mind set amongst survivalists that we are a hardy set of individuals, but you can not keep watch twenty four hours a day on your own. Even if all you are relying on are close family members, there are security issues that you should consider.

I have a poll up on my blog here as to which ‘how to guide’ I should write first, and so far lock picking has reached the top. However, I felt that the importance of encryption, and security culture are somethings not completely understood.

I think part of the reason that Survivalists and Preppers alike fail to realize how important secure communications are is that they some how associate these methods with underground groups that are bent of the destruction of the ‘American’ way of life, or Western Civilization… The truth is, they are right. It’s not so much a conspiracy theory of rebel youth who have turned to communism, as it is counter culture that grows as a result of socialism.

Groups such as the Earth Liberation Front, whom I have openly supported in the past, have no concept of private property rights. The Animal Liberation Front would rather you die from cancer then to let one little kitten suffer a single day at the hands of a lab technician to find a cure. PETA whom I view as no different from underground groups, doesn’t want you to hunt for your own food, and would rather have you eat soya beans instead of meat.

I am not going to get into the moral issues, as they are full of emotionalism rather then rationalism, nor am I going to say that these groups are outright wrong completely, as I do think they have some valid points. What I am going to do however is steal information that I have learned from them, and pass it onto you.

My Beginnings:

As I have stated in the past, I was raised in a Christian family with traditional family values. I still support those values, even more so recently as they become more relative to my own life as I get older. The church I was raised in was a member of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. Pastor H. was without a doubt in my mind the best preacher I have ever heard, although I did as a child worry about his blood pressure a few times as his face would turn red during Sunday Service. Some of the main themes from the Pentecostal church was about the end times, the tribulation, and the rapture. Most of the members of my old church believed that the rapture would take place before the tribulation, however I never fully bought into it, making me a post tribulationist, and that was the start of the survivalist mind set for me.

Before anything else, I must give credit to the church for helping me learn to care. Charity must begin at home, but when it goes beyond that the church is one of the best starting places. It was from that church that I began to see myself as part of a community, and as a member of the community I continued to try to make the world a better place, even after I left the church and the faith.

Trying to make the world better, can take many forms and without a moral basis to guide you, can lead a person with good intentions into the worse possible path. There are generally two groups of people in the world. Those that believe that what ever is good for society is good for the individual, and the others which believe what ever is good for the individual is good for society. Socialists believe in the first, I now believe in the second.

The aspect of the beliefs of the church was the topic of ‘the mark of the beast’, in which it was believed that not a single person would be able to buy or sell without it. I won’t go into the whole ordeal of the belief system behind it, there are plenty of other sites on the net which can inform the reader much better then I can about the theories that are running around. Some of which might be closer to the truth then I’m willing to admit. But the point is, the virtual big brother is very real to some people, and there are steps one can take to protect yourself.

How to get a second name:

A legal second name is called a ‘pen name‘. (Also know as AKA, alias, allonym, ananym, anonym, assumed name, false name, fictitious name, nickname, nom de guerre, nom de plume, professional name, pseudonym, and stage name.) To legalize a pen name you basically have to set up proof that you intend to be known by the second name of your choice and that the intentions involved do not have anything to do with illegal activity. There are advantages to being an author of a published, or unpublished work at this point, which happens to include websites such as personal blogs, most western countries have laws protecting authors’ identities. In Canada for example, authors have the right to remain anonymous, and still retain copyrights.

The best practice to register a pen name for the purpose of being an author is to use a ‘notary public‘, and literally sign a statement which states that you are also know by your chosen pen name. There are other options, but you would have to check with the laws that govern the area you plan to register your pen name. Now, I wonder if you noticed how I worded that last sentence. Since it is copyright laws we are mostly dealing with, rather then the laws around the right of an author to remain anonymous directly, international agreements open the way to register your pen name almost anywhere. In other words, there is very little need to register your pen name in your home country. Take note of that as I continue.

About Letters of Identification:

There are as many ways to identify yourself as there are ways for zealots, and crooks to mess with your life by staling your identity. We identify ourselves in so many ways, it is amazing that identity theft isn’t a larger problem then it is. Part of the problem is that most people do not actively protect their private information, or understand the laws concerning government documents. The Social Security, or Social Insurance Numbers were never meant to be used as a standard form of government identification except towards the government itself for the purposes they were created for. What that means is that the SIN/SS numbers can be used for tax purposes, but was never intended for credit checks and reports. You should also never give out your SIN/SS number when applying for a job, only give it to your employer if you get confirmation that you already have the job. Americans are only allowed to have one Social Security Number, and can not apply for another for a pen name, you have to use the same number for your real name and your pen name. Likewise Canadian are only allowed to hold one Social Insurance Number for the same reasons, interesting side note however, that although there are laws stating you can not have more then one SIN number, there is no law stating that you have to have one in the first place. This is mainly because non-resident Canadians without ‘ties’ to Canada do not have to pay personal income tax, and those that leave Canada while children hardly ever apply for the “benefits” of a social insurance number.

The same notary public, or other legal notary such as a lawyer, that can certify your pen name to help you protect your copy rights for your up coming book or novel, can also provide a certified letter of identification (sometimes referred to as a letter of indication, or a circular note). The usefulness by itself is rather limited, it can be used to notify your bank that you might be receiving checks in that other name from your publisher. Letters of identification can also be used for to prove your identity with most service providers. For example, you could use it for opening an ISP account, renting a phone line, getting a cell phone, or anything where you can place a deposit for a service.

– Wolfe

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