Emergency Broadcast Systems

The Global Simulated Emergency Test (GlobalSET), on Saturday, April 18, 2009 from 1100-1500 UTC will be an example of how individual volunteers can co-ordinate together to prepare for disasters and emergency situations on a global scale.1GlobalSET has it’s roots in Civil Defense Organizations such as and has since the 1930’s expanded to include specialists in deferent areas such as radio communications, emergency evacuations, disaster relief, and emergency broadcast systems. As a result, co-ordination between different groups has become more difficult for practice purposes, and individual groups tend to set their own agendas and schedules.

(Image of an SAGE ENDEC emergency broadcast receiver.)

Organizations such as FEMA, The Red Cross, ARRL, The National Emergency Management Association, NOAA, and NORAD, each set up either random or pre-schedule test runs of their response times and simulated scenarios for disasters and emergencies. Even the FCC is in on the act with their monthly EBS test over every radio station, and Television network, I’m sure you’ve been watching your favorite show when it gets interrupted by a broadcast with a high pitched whistle and those infamous words “This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System …” for those of us that grew up during the heart of the cold war, our hearts still skip a beat every time that sound is heard, it original meant the warning of a nuclear attack from our then enemies the Russians, similar to the sirens heard in London during air raids in WW2.

The various systems in place tend to fail however. During 9/11 the EBS wasn’t activated, in 2005, 2007, and 2008 it was accidentally triggered2. Other forms of emergency communications are not able to cope with large scale situations. During 9/11 police and other emergency organization lost approximately one third of all radio messages in New York City, 3 part of the reason for this is the close proximity of radio users to each other during the crisis4.

Survivalist need to be aware that professional emergency system not only fail, give off false warnings, but are largely unable to cope with large scale emergencies. That being said however, there is one thing that the EBS and similar systems such as the Weather Alert system can be used for, practice.

It is one thing to prepare for TEOTWAWKI by purchasing supplies for our Bug Out Bags, it is another to practice using them unexpectedly. If you are aware that the following weekend you plan to test out your BOB, it lacks the ability for you to learn something that might be in the need to know area for events that happen without warning. By using the EBS system and similar warning methods to trigger a personal test run of your G.O.O.D. System, you become more aware what else you might need to consider.

Using the EBS system or even something else that is random, such as every time you hear a certain song on the radio, to trigger you to practice a get out of dodge scenario means being able to deal with unexpected. Think of it like a fire drill from the old days at school, when ever you hear that annoying tone across the television, or whatever it is you use to trigger it, see how fast every one in your family can get home safe, or even better, how fast every one can get to your hide out in the woods.

I would suggest that you also practice other scenarios, you can get your kids involved by making a game of it, telling them every time they see an elephant on TV they have to practice a fire drill, then you can expand it to include what ever you feel works.

One other thing I think is important here, getting professional advise will allow you to see two things, and get valuable information. By approaching the local police department, emergency services, or even a local chapter of your civil defense corp. you can find out what they have to offer your family in training, you will also get an idea of how well your community is able to deal with different disasters.

Lastly, being able to get long distance based information is vital to good preemptive measures that might be needed WSHTF, I would suggest that survivalists establish communications with others at a distance in order to pass vital information, HAM radios is best for this, but MURS will do fine for locals that know each other on a personal level.

– Wolfe



3“NIST Response to the World Trade Center Disaster: World Trade Center Investigation Status,” S. Shyam Sunder, Acting Deputy Director and Lead Investigator, Building and Fire Research Laboratory, NIST, US Department of Commerce, 10/19/2004, (PowerPoint presentation)


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Daily Habit

In order to make this a daily habit, one must first have something to say.

I have a lot to say, some would even go so far to claim I’m a bit of a wind bag.

When people meet someone new, they tend to test them. Certain things are said to see what kind of person they appear to be. Most people are totally unaware that they do this. Christians will say catch phrases during a conversation like ‘God Bless’ and ‘Jesus loves you’ to see what kind of response the other person will give them in return.

In my research work I encounter a lot of students from overseas, catch phrases to them are worth gold.

Catch phrases are not idioms, it is not the same thing. They are more better described as localized slang versions of idioms. If I say to someone ‘He is dry behind the ears’ English proficient students understand that I am referring to him as being young and immature. Sub-cultures have their own idioms, so do fan groups. If I ask ‘What is the Ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything?’ Christian will reply with ‘Jesus’ or some such thing, but fans of Douglas Adams know right away the answer is ’42’.

I ask such questions myself all the time when I meet some one new, in fact, I have a set of questions that I usually ask, and I’m aware that I do it. The ability to understand where a person is coming from is an important skill. It allows for better communication, and acceptance.

We change our approach to people depending on how they relate to us. We tend to classify some people into groups. This is where things go wrong with catch phrases. Con artists know this, they know they can enter into any group and be considered part of the group. But that isn’t the worst thing that can happen when we tend to group people together based on what we think they are about.

Racists do this. In fact, all groups, do this.

Rainbow Families are not different in that regards. We have our own catch phrases too, although they may alter slightly from tribe to tribe. And we tend to place an ego barrier between us the LEO’s. It’s not suppose to be that way folks.

Just something to think about.


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End Of The World

‘It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine’..’

One of my favorite songs.

Today’s Book Suggestion by Leafy: ‘Getting Back Together’ By Robert Houreit

I love ‘End of The World’ type movies. They can be dystopias, or anything remotely connected to the extinction of mankind. Steven King’s ‘The Stand’ is a classic. I know it’s not a rainbow peace type of thing to be into, but heck I have yo-yo karma anyway, this just entertains my dark half. Besides, ‘we’ are going to be the survivors right? I mean when anyone watches these movies, generally speaking we align our thoughts on the characters which survive the end of the world more or less. We all want to be the rebels in ‘V’, and save the world from the visitors.


James Finn Garner wrote a book just before the end of the century. (ISBN: 0-684-83649-1 1997) Titled ‘Apocalypse WOW!’ It goes on in great detail of how in the past people believed that the world was about to end, but didn’t. It’s written in a comedic manner, funny as hell if you ask me. But also full of insight.


I would like make my own little prediction, about when the world will end.

I believe that the world will end in August 1962.

Yes, you heard me, 1962.

And who may you ask is the anti-christ? Well, in a manner of speaking, it is/was J.C.R. Licklider of MIT.

Don’t follow me yet do you?

Ok, here’s the point. Licklider predicted the internet, in his research into packet transmissions. That is to say. Using little bits of data to pass information rather then having a direct circuits like an analog telephone line. When Licklider did this work, he ended the industrial age, and started the information age, which provided a way for the genetic paradigm, and of course the internet.

Ok, enough with the work talk.

My grandmother never saw a plane until she was twelve. She had lived on a farm in northern Italy. At that age, the industrial revolution had not hit the little northern town in which she had lived her whole life up till then. She never would have thought to live long enough for NASA to send up space shuttles on a bi-monthly basis. By the time she died, mankind had all the mapping of human DNA. For her, the world she knew ended on the day she saw that plane.

The world as we know it’

Many of us are still living the lie that we are in an industrial age. We are not, it’s over, it’s been for some time now. Get on with it.

Information demands to be free. It spreads faster then a computer virus, because no one but the people who claim ownership try to stop it’s spread. That is the nature of the information age, that is the end to copyright, the end to tuition, the end to KFC’s secret recipe (I have a copy, if you want it). Eventually the technology will put this information broker out of business. Ok, fine with me, I’ll be on SEED. J

‘ and I feel fine.

There is a scare of SARS, AIDS, green house gas, ozone holes and the like. But, there is also eco-activists, bio-fuels, free education (almost), public health, a changing view of mother earth, and a desire for peace that created the new world power on February 15th 2003’.. The People!

Let the world end. We are the survivors.

– wolfe

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Dual Citizenship

Why you want duel citizenship:

The majority of those that find this article via some internet search engine are either trying to avoid paying income tax, or seeking a second passport as a plan “B” to bugging out. My original reason for seeking duel citizenship was for the addition of privacy rights under certain jurisdictions, however due to the current global economic collapse, my interest has been altered to looking into a way to broaden the range of where I can look for employment. Having just one passport from any of the 27 EU countries makes it easier to acquire a job in 31 countries due to agreements. Unfortunately every single one of those countries, plus the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are all suffering from the same economic meltdown.

So if employment in recognized countries and others, privacy laws, and tax reasons are not the major reasons to getting that second passport, why do it? Well, because you can. There may come a day where those reasons return, or others, but the opportunity to do so has changed. There is also the other possibility that there maybe reasons in the future that would have you hating yourself for not getting that dual citizenship, maybe it would literally save your life. Sometimes, it would also be desired to drop your current citizenship, or at the very least be ready do so, ask any former citizen of Yugoslavia.

The Right of the Soil:

If you were born in Canada, or over 30 other countries, you already have citizenship in that country. It’s called Jus Soli under international law. However, there is a recent trend to move away from this law, since it is often abused by illegal immigrants to get citizenship for their yet to be born children, and then have the child sponsor the parent/s. So if you are not currently living where you were born, you should insure that you can maintain your citizenship with your country of origin in the event the rules change.

The Right of Blood:

If your Grandparent, or maybe even Great Grandparent, was a citizen of approximately 30 countries, you can acquire your second citizenship. It is even viewed under some them that you already have citizenship, and just not know it. Not every country that accepts Jus sanguinis as a means to get citizenship interrupts it the same way, it is possible that the country uses what is called Lex sanguinis instead, which means it doesn’t matter how far back your relatives are of that nationality or ethnicity background you may still get the citizenship.

Just Buy It:

Did you know you can get American citizenship with nothing more then just money and time? It’s called an EB-5 visa. Although the amount of money involved ranges from half a million, to a full million dollars. Don’t have enough? Then I would suggest you watch the progress of The Startup Visa Act of 2011 (EB-6 Visa) as it makes it’s way through congress, and the senate.

Many other countries have similar things on the books for citizenship by investment. But you literally can buy your foreign passport in some places, although I would suggest you skip those.

Dropping A Citizenship:

For the most part I would recommend against dropping a citizenship regardless of where it is from, or why, generally speaking it will not protect you from extradition orders anyway unless you have never been to the country of origin of the order in the first place.

In addition, getting rid of an unwanted citizenship is actually harder then getting one in the first place most of the time. For example, to get an Italian citizenship via Lex sanguinis is just a matter of paperwork, most of which is provided by either your own country or Italy itself, but to get rid of a Canadian citizenship (desired due to taxes for example) you have to make sure you have broken ALL ties to Canada, including things as obscure memberships in clubs, magazine subscriptions, and even unpaid bills.

One Other Alternative:

Instead of you getting a dual citizenship, you can set up a company in another jurisdiction. That company can be more secure because of where it is, and the currency it uses then your own home turf, or at the least, you can divide your current assets between a local company and that one.

– Wolfe

First Aid Ointment

doctor, first aid, profession
3D_Maennchen (CC0), Pixabay


  1. Powdered Parafin Wax 3/4 C. (170g)
  2. Petrolatum 1/4 C. (57g)
  3. Cetyl Alcohol 1/2 C (113g)
  4. Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide 1 t. (4g)
  5. Water 3 1/2C (829ml)
In the top of a double boiler, melt powder parriffin wax and petrolatum and stir together. Then stir in cetyl alcohol  and Cetyltrimethylammonium bromid. Add water slowly, stirring constantly. Cool to just above solidification point, pour into jars, and cool to room temperature. (Antibacterial)

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What is SEED?

The first question people ask about SEED is common ownership of the land, and sharing of incomes etc. When we answer , they ask us why we call ourselves a commune. Here is the answer.

Continue reading “What is SEED?”

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Did you get a call from the IRS Criminal Investigation?

There is a robot calling my American phone number, claiming that I have committed fraud with the IRS and am under investigation (I’m not even American, yet). It wants me to call the number (202) 621-0123 which by the way is not the IRS. The IRS does not call people, they do everything legal, this is a scam to bilk people out of money, and if you Google the scam you’ll find that they are suspect in providing money to ISIL.

So here is my idea. There are a lot of people out there on the net who have there phones set up like mine. There is no connection to my real name, my address, etc and I get unlimited calling in North America. (I use a VOIP called Nettalk for less then $3 a month) you can buy this unit at Best Buy, Walmart, or similar stores and get a whole year free of the service as well. I also have what they call a disposable cell phone…

So I called them back… I muted my mic, they eventually hung up.
So I called them back… I muted my mic, they eventually hung up.
So I called them back… I muted my mic, they eventually hung up.
So I called them back… I muted my mic, they eventually hung up.

They eventually stopped accepting my calls, so I started using “Call ID Faker” (It’s a free app on the cell phone)…

What I want is as many people as possible to do the same, tie up their phone lines. There are also other numbers we can call, please add them in the comments, as well as any fun you have with these creeps.


What it means to be a Libertarian-Prepper

From The Archives: 2013

FEUDALISM: You have two cows. Your lord takes some of the milk.

PURE SOCIALISM: You have two cows. The government takes them and puts them in a barn with everyone else’s cows. You have to take care of all of the cows. The government gives you as much milk as you need.

BUREAUCRATIC SOCIALISM: You have two cows. The government takes them and put them in a barn with everyone else’s cows. They are cared for by ex-chicken farmers. You have to take care of the chickens the government took from the chicken farmers. The government gives you as much milk and eggs as the regulations say you need.

FASCISM: You have two cows. The government takes both, hires you to take care of them and sells you the milk.

PURE COMMUNISM: You have two cows. Your neighbors help you take care of them, and you all share the milk.

RUSSIAN COMMUNISM: You have two cows. You have to take care of them, but the government takes all the milk.

CAMBODIAN COMMUNISM: You have two cows. The government takes both of them and shoots you.

DICTATORSHIP: You have two cows. The government takes both and drafts you.

PURE DEMOCRACY: You have two cows. Your neighbors decide who gets the milk.

REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY: You have two cows. Your neighbors pick someone to tell you who gets the milk.

BUREAUCRACY: You have two cows. At first the government regulates what you can feed them and when you can milk them. Then it pays you not to milk them. Then it takes both, shoots one, milks the other and pours the milk down the drain. Then it requires you to fill out forms accounting for the missing cows.

PURE ANARCHY: You have two cows. Either you sell the milk at a fair price or your neighbors try to take the cows and kill you.

LIBERTARIAN-PREPPER: You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull. End up selling cows, milk, cheese, yogurt, leather, steaks, hamburgers, ribs, all beef hotdogs and compost.

Why Clinton?

From The Archives 2017

Last night I had a long conversation with a friend about how times have changed since I was young, yeah it made me feel really old. One of the things that came up was the fact that we in western civilization have gone through some recent paradigm shifts such as moving from an agricultural paradigm to an industrial one, then more recently to a combination of two that being the information age, and the genetic age… but it suddenly occurred to me there is another that is creeping up on us in the last couple of years, and it may explain why Clinton is a front runner for President of the USA.

I won’t get into the LONG LIST of issues as to why Clinton is a very bad choice for the USA. I am more interested in why anyone would bother to vote for a person who has proven time and again that they are evil to the core.

Plato was a classical Greek philosopher who suggested that civilization changed from one type to another in a patterned circle.  He does this by creating character that represent each of the five types he thought would follow each other, but doesn’t give us the other characters that must be in play in order for this to come about.

I have my own shorten version of this concept, and it starts with King Arthor.

King Arthor was an idea. That being what would happen if a man with high morals, and high ideals would come to power and follow through on those morals and ideals. The end result, although temporary, was Camelot. The main ideal/moral that I want to point out was that not even the King himself would be above the law. In the fictional story, Camelot comes crushing down not because of the enemies at the gate, but because of human nature’s in-ability to live up to that which is right. King Author’s Camelot is a utopia, my starting point for what I think is a description of civilization/s, only because it is theoretically perfect.  This is Plato’s Aristocracy. Our Roman Empire.

King Arthor’s Camelot falls apart and becomes a broken empire when the knight of the round table try to claim their own little section of the kingdom, with the King dead. Now you have instead of one King, several power hungry kings each with their own agenda and ideas of how things should be run, but most of the them have one common idea is that, now, the king is the law, rather then a King is not above the law. Each of the knights of the round table had a main character trait that they were identified with. When Camelot ends, those character traits are no longer tempered by the wisdom and moderation of Author, you end up with dominate traits being the main focal point. A few examples of which might be a state based on the character trait of Lancelot, which I’ll call the hippie state of love. Another, Percival’s kingdom, might be made of high ideals, but ignorance really rules because everyone there just goes with the flow. Sir Lamorak would have created a warrior state, and Sir Bedivere might have managed to create something close to the original Camelot. The list goes on. These smaller kingdoms are Plato’s Timocracies. Our Roman Republics.

By the time the Sons of the Knights Templar take power, they have devolved in nothing more then rich land barons. Avalon is now nothing more then myth. The Upper Class rule the Lower Class with the only interest to maintain their power base. Eventually they get their butts kicked, and a form of democracy starts. This is where Plato’s Oligarchy ends and modern Democracy starts. But the shift isn’t as clean cut as all that. The land barons are not all killed off, think of the current Queen of England for example.

What does tend to happen is a division of power, there are those with something that the nation needs, and those that make that something work for the nation. Land and labor for example. So the two sides of the same coin form what we call houses in the government. Either side can make up any law they want, but it won’t be with power unless the other side agrees to accept it. This is where Robert’s Rules of Order, and the whigs and Tories come in.

This system, which we are still using the tail end of, is about as fair and good as it gets without your ideal king. But like King Author has a fatal flaw. Humans are far from perfect, and no matter how perfect your utopia is, humans will screw it up.

The flaw is the weakness that brings down democracy every time, and not surprisingly it is the very thing that gives it strength to begin with. The flaw is “the vote”.

Having two houses in government is suppose to prevent those with “X” from take advantage of those without “X”. But after a parliamentary system like this has been around for awhile the lines get blurred in government. A democracy is it’s simplest definition means that you elect to your house of representatives a person to take care of your interests at that government level. The common sense choice is to choose someone like you. If your a land baron you elect another land baron, if your a poor bastard you elect another poor bastard. That way you are truly represented in the halls of power. But… the poor bastard who becomes a member of the house, suddenly finds he doesn’t have to be poor no more because the other guys can easily buy his vote for what ever they want.

And the foolish baron who blows all his wealth on women and drink, find himself voting in favor with the other house because he’s actually poor now and wants to keep it a secret from his rich co-workers… the lines start to blurr.

Eventually, the ones who elect these idiots wise up. So they start experimenting to try to fix the system. These experiments include all kinds of voting systems, forms of government, military coups, civil war, free trade agreements, and any crazy idea that they think has not been tried before. Some of these ideas actually work out better for a time, some cause economic crashes. But all and all they include the power of the people to vote.

Then one day someone has an idea….

… “I can vote money out of the treasury.” …

Therein lies the final nail in the coffin of democracy. And this start’s Plato’s Tyranny.

If you want to know more of what Plato’s Tyranny looks like, vote for Hillary, or Trump. It won’t matter.

  • Wolfe

Archery for Home Defense

While some people may find it amusing—ridiculous, even—to think of archery as an effective home defense, there have been recorded cases where using a bow and arrow became as effective as using a gun.

Take the case of Claude Gates from Tampa, Florida as an example. In 1997, Gates had successfully defended his store from a repeat burglar even when he was only armed with a crossbow. He managed to hit the robber twice, which resulted in the latter’s arrest.

If you’re hesitant to buy a gun and are looking for a good alternative, you may want to consider investing on a bow instead.

Pros and Cons of a Home Defense Bow

Now before we talk about using a bow for home defense, let me tackle first the advantages and disadvantages of using one. Here are some of the obvious and not-so-obvious pros and cons of using a crossbow, compound bow, or any other type of bow, for home defense:


  1. Stealth

Unlike a gun that fires rapid shots (unless you’re using a silencer, of course), a bow and arrow set tend to be a lot quieter. For instance, while a compound crossbow may be a bit noisier than a recurve crossbow, it is still a lot less noisy than a gun.

I find that this is very important, especially when you’re trying to defend yourself from multiple house invaders. Just like in a hunt, if you don’t alert your targets and competitors of your location, you increase your chances of winning the game in the end.

  1. Legal Concerns

Getting a crossbow usually takes less paperwork than getting a gun. Gun control law requires the owner to acquire permits before he or she is allowed to use the weapon. While you may still need to fill up some paperwork for your bow, you will normally have less legal restrictions for it.

  1. Cost Efficiency

Many good-quality bows are less expensive than guns. If you’re on a tight budget, you can usually find a good brand without having to shell out a lot of money. In contrast, you usually need a bigger budget for a good and reliable handgun.

Ammunition may also be a concern. Because you can usually retrieve an arrow after you’ve shot it, I think it is the more economical choice. As long as you invest in good-quality arrows and take care of them, you can save money on resupplying your ammunition for the next time you may need to use your bow.


  1. Mastery

Before you can use a bow and arrow set properly, you need to take the time to really hone your skill at shooting it. This includes learning how to draw the bow properly, finding your anchor point, and aiming at the right angle so that you don’t end up hurting yourself instead of your intruder.

  1. Ease of Use

Unless you hang your bow in a strategic place on your wall, it may be hard to reach and aim it at your attacker, especially if you only have a few seconds to do this. Also, some bows need to be assembled beforehand (e.g., a takedown bow), so you can’t really use it to defend yourself, unless you plan to chuck the individual pieces at your assailant.

Using a bow may also be a bit more awkward than using a gun. It also takes time to aim an accurate shot, and then much more time to make a second shot if you miss the first one.

Tips on Using a Bow for Home Defense

Now that we know the pros and cons of using a home defense bow, here are some tips that may help, should you decide to go gun-free and use a bow for defense instead:

  1. Know your weapon

Before you try to use any weapon, you should take the time to learn how to use it properly. For instance, most crossbows come with an instruction manual either with the package or online. Take the time to study it and know the different parts of your bow.

You can also watch YouTube videos on how to properly shoot a bow, and then take the time to practice. The saying “Practice makes perfect” may sound cliché, but you’ll be thankful you did it when you do need to use your bow to defend yourself.

  1. Take advantage of your space

Most likely, you would know the layout of your home better than your intruder would. Take advantage of this and find strategic spots where you can hide and aim when an attack does happen. Remember: This is literally your home turf, so make the most of it!

  1. Always have a backup plan

Even the best plans can go sideways, and this is especially true if you’re working under pressure. If your arrow fails to hit its target, make sure you have a backup weapon, whether it’s a pepper spray, a small pocket knife, or just basic combat skills.

Don’t rely solely on your crossbow or compound bow. There’s always a chance that it won’t fire properly, so you need a contingency plan when this happens.

  1. Consider installing a home security alarm

If budget permits, it’s always better to have an alarm system that alerts you of any forced entry to your home. This usually gives you more time to get your weapon, go to a predesignated spot, and wait quietly until you get the intruder in optimal position to fire off a successful arrow.


A bow and arrow set may not seem like the most practical choice for home defense, but I find that it’s a good alternative if you don’t like guns or you don’t have the budget to buy one.

It may take a bit more time getting used to, but once you’ve followed the tips I’ve given and master the art of shooting a bow, you will increase your chances of effectively defending yourself and your family from any home invasion.

Common Core Math

Common Core Math might actually be a good idea…
… but I doubt those that support it have any clue as to why.

Before I get into my thinking of this topic, I need to write about some basic concepts in mathematics, and a mini review of some history. It’s not because I think my readers don’t know these things, it’s because these concepts are so basic or commonly known,  we simply do not think about them consciously. So please bare with me for a few here while I try to set the base line of translation  of what I am trying to communicate.

When my generation was in kinder-garden we were taught how to count from zero to ten. This was the start of giving us a basic understanding of a number line like the image below.

We then learned how we just carried over the next digit to the next column, and we were off the the races counting from zero to  twenty, then onto a hundred … ad infinitum…

As we progressed in school, and Math class in particular, we even learned about negatives on the number line…

This understanding of the number line was then used to teach us basic addition and subtraction …

Which was the basics for multiplication and division, and trigonometry, algebra etc. Up to the late 1990’s this was a good idea. But then something happened, the paradigm of the information age exploded.

During my classical education I was taught what can be referred to as classical mathematics, and imperial measurements. Half way through my basic education Canada changed from imperial measurements to the metric system. Metric was a different way of thinking about distance, volume and mass. Although in many ways Canada’s industries still use imperial, a 2 by 4 beam of wood is still a 2 by 4, we have metric in many areas now where it wasn’t before. The British use metric, the Americans use imperial, and  Canada tends to use both because of our relationships with the other two countries.

There have been both advantages to metric in Canada, and some draw-backs, but over all Canada has benefited from metric because we still really speak both languages of metric and imperial.

Now what I want you the reader to do, is to stop thinking about math as a logic problem solving skill set, this is key to understanding the advantage of Common Core. Math is the universal language, metric is only one dialect of it, imperial is another.  Or…. better and more accurately portrayed … base-10 is one dialect and base-12 is another. (Yeah, I know, other geeks will see that as an error, ignore it.)

Today, because I’m a total geek, and I love figuring out ways to hack different forms of encryption, I was trying to solve a road  block. I could not get out of my own way of looking at the problem, it wasn’t just being target fixated, it was that my basic  understanding of the problem was limited. So I began searching the net to see if others had tried to solve the same, or similar problem, and found an answer.

But the answer to my problem, wasn’t what really caught my attention, it was HOW it was solved. As I looked at the solution, which was written in long form, I kept thinking to myself, this looks a lot like common core math. So I looked around for a better description of what Common Core was really all about. Bottom line, Common Core is a different way of thinking about number-lines. Common Core does not replace the basic or classical mathematics my generation was taught, it’s an add-on to the skill set.

So to get to the point, I’ll give you a simple number such as Three Hundred and Twenty One.

321 = 300 + 20 + 1

This is what we adults sorta see when we look at Common Core. Not the best example, but I’m writing this to make it easy to follow along. But the correct way to represent the number 321 is to write it like this…  (syntax for non-geek)

321 = (3 x 10^2) + (2 x 10^1) + (1 x 10^0)

Translated into English this means: Three Hundred and Twenty One is equal to three multiplied by ten raised to the power of two, plus, two multiplied by ten raised to the power of one, plus, one raised to the power of zero. The reason for the the “ten” is because we use base-10. Think about that for a moment.

If the number I was trying to translate was in base-7, say 421, to my dialect of math (base-10), I can now do this easy as follows:  (syntax for the geeks)

421(base-7) = 4*72 + 2*71 + 1*70 = 211(base-10)

Translation: Four Hundred and Twenty One in Base Seven is equal to four multiplied by seven raised to the power of two, plus, two multiplied by seven raised to the power of one, plus, one multiplied by seven raised to the power of zero, which equals Two Hundred and Eleven in base ten.

Being able to do this, and understand it, is fundamental to cracking some basic cryptography. But it is also used in binary computer models, and hexadecimal programs. And those are just the examples related to my field of work. Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Engineering, and a host of others also use different base systems for different problem solving.

The whole purpose of Common Core is to get children at a young age to develop, a different way of thinking, about numbers. Because without the ability to understand the different dialects, or at least recognize them, there are a host of careers that are out of reach.

– wolfe

Weapons Manufacturers Set Their Sites On Smart Guns

Long-range hunters put in years of practice to learn and refine their skills. It takes proper form, a comprehensive understanding of the environment and steady hands. A recently released “smart rifle” may eliminate the need for these skills and the time it takes to develop them. The TrackingPoint rifle features target-locking technology that automatically fires on a target at just the right moment. An advanced scope houses a ballistic computer that does most of the work for hunters.

TrackingPoint CEO and former marine Jason Schauble claims this technology enhances the hunting experience, especially for beginners. Hunting traditionalists, on the other end, believe the embedded computer takes the joy and skill out of hunting. This isn’t the first “smart gun” to hit the market, but the TrackingPoint rifle is the latest sign that guns and technology will continue to intertwine.

TrackingPoint Technology

On its website, this smart rifle producer poses an outlandish question: “Could you hit a moving target at 1,000 yards?” If you have a TrackingPoint rifle, the answer is yes, because of its Tag Track Xact system. The TrackingPoint rifle features a tag button for users to lock on once they have a target in your sites. The ballistic computer considers range and environmental factors and adjust the positions. The shooter then aligns the scope with the new target and fires a trigger, but the rifle probably won’t discharge. That’s because the TrackingPoint system waits until the alignment is perfect before unleashing the the bullet on its own.

Reaction to Smart Guns

With such revolutionary technology, TrackingPoint has garnered a range of opinions from hunters and anti-gun advocates alike. With unfamiliar technology, safety is an obvious concern. How would a relatively new hunter who cut his teeth at a local Wisconsin hunter safety course fare with this new equipment? Gun-safety advocates wonder what the consequences would be if this technology fell into the wrong hands, but the National Shooting Sports foundation voiced its opposition to any government regulation on smart guns. “What the industry does oppose are ill-conceived mandates … on the use of this conceptual technology,” NSSF Vice President and General Counsel Larry Keane wrote on the group’s website.

Others oppose TrackingPoint because they prefer the element of human error in hunting. A TrackingPoint rifle package starts at $22,000, significantly higher than most guns. “It’s a very expensive piece of machinery, and very heavy,” American Conservative Union board member Jameson Campaigne told Foxnews.com.

This technology could pique the interest of the U.S. military, who used snipers to shift the tide in Afghanistan in 2011. Smart rifles would offer more precision with less training, and soldiers could camp out further away in combat.

Other Smart Guns

TrackingPoint isn’t the only weapons manufacturer using technology to enhance its products. TriggerSmart produces tracking technology that locks weapons unless the owner, who wears a ring or brace, is holding it. Similar to James Bond’s weapon in “Skyfall,” these guns won’t work for anyone other than the owner. That will appeal to parents who worry that their children could stumble upon a weapon.

John Hopkins

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A Rant You Ve Been Warned

(NOTE: There was no general Post last week, not because I didn’t learn anything, it’s just that it was the start of a week from hell.)

OK, I’m not even sure where to begin. Nothing really big happened over the course of the last two weeks, but a lot of little ones did. Well, maybe more then a lot. It was as if Murphy Law decided that it was behind in my life, and wanted to catch up.

There is also one other thing that has been bugging me, and it is hard for me to put into words because I do not want to sound like a total nit. It comes in two parts.

The first part is that some people think that the posts on Survival Times, and the links that appear on my Face book to it, as well as other social networks are written by me. Their not. Most of the posts that appear on Survival Times are written by members of the American Prepper’s Network, if the people of that network were a group that liked dogs, all the posts would be about dogs, puppies, and breeds of dogs. They would post content up about Vet bills, brands of dog food, and how to give your dog a hair cut. But the American Prepper’s Network, and all the other sites that the RSS feed reader known as Survival Times, is not about dogs, it about being prepared for disasters, emergencies, and doing things yourself. All the authors are also into other things, but their blogs are about being prepper’s or survivalists. Some of them are into dogs, fishing, hunting, trucking, arts and crafts, and just about everything else you can imagine. Those other interests just prove that they are all well balanced people, they just write about one narrow topic, like myself.

The other thing a lot of the authors on Survival Times have in common is a belief that politics matter, and many of them, but not all, are also libertarians. Perhaps I should narrow the label to classical libertarians who also believe in private property rights, and privacy rights, with a strong leaning towards being anti-gun control. If they were of the belief that apples were the ideal food, they would likely mention it every few posts, encouraging others to eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away, it’s the same thing with their, and mine, political view. We want to keep an illness away that we call socialism from this planet we care about, we want to support a political ideology that we believe will benefit all equally. So yes, we write about it.

This doesn’t mean that we are a collection of survival nut jobs, it means that this is our passion. Like I already stated, if our passion was about apples or dogs no one would think twice about it. But mention that we believe you should prepare to take care of yourself in a disaster, that you should be able to defend yourself, that you should know how to take of yourself, and suddenly you’ve crossed the line.

Which brings me to the second part. Where the hell did common sense go?

Why is it that we never seem to learn from history. That sometimes something may look like a good idea on paper, but in reality it becomes a death trap. Take communism for example. There are those that believe that after reading Marx and Lenin, that classless, stateless society, and common-ownership are good ideas. But in reality it doesn’t work. Being classless means there is no where to go to improve your lot in life. Having a stateless society means there is no law and order, I’m not interested in constantly watching my back, anarchy sucks folks. Common ownership means that no individual owns anything. Do people even really think about this? Before those of you who still think that communism is a good idea, and that the only reason it hasn’t worked so far is because it hasn’t been done right, let me state this. Communism only works if all the people are willing to work for each other and give to each other selflessly. Common sense tells us this is impossible.

Socialism is the same path as communism. A rose by any other name is still a rose. The ideals, politics are exactly the same. To state that this is not true is to ignore history, and to intentionally be ignorant of double talk. Common Sense tells us that full blown Socialism is exactly the same as the Tyrant Communist Police State. History tells us that this system is deadly, ask any Jew.

If Communism, and Socialism are classless, stateless societies, with so called common-ownership, then this system also has another name. It’s called the New World Order.

I do not believe that there is some secret organization bent of world domination via a system called the New World Order. First off, it’s not a secret in the smallest sense. Second off, it is more dangerous then an organization, it’s an idea. Worse, it’s camouflage for an anti-sovereignty ideology.

Some people also believe that Capitalism is evil. They often use Sam Walton’s family as an example, because they have so much wealth, it is greater then some countries GDP, and that the store that family controls (39% of the voting shares), is also evil because it is involved in the destruction of the environment, and the labor it is built on is close to slavery.

First, I am no fan of Walmart. But do not come bitching to me about it, I do not shop there, and I am in the middle of learning to make the things I want and need for myself. If you are to lazy to do so yourself, go cry on your mom’s shoulder, I do not have time for you. People reap what they sow. If the autoworkers of North America are screaming because the business is dying, and their own families own foreign imports, they have no one to blame but themselves. If a community has lost it’s gross tax base, and still has a Walmart within city by-laws, you elected the morons, you can deal with the consequences.

Although I am no fan of the Store Walmart, I have a lot of respect for a farmer’s kid from Oklahoma who grew up during the great depression. Sam Walton, whose only purpose in life was to support his family, deserves the greatest respect. Do not tell me it is not fair that his family is wealthy while others are poor, that family proves that Capitalism works, and if you think that National Socialism works you don’t know my own family history, and the odds are, you don’t know your own.

Finally, at the end this rather long Monday Rant, I have one more.

Recently, within the skeptic community, have been some posts about the fall of the Christian Church. Currently the number of people in North America that believe in traditional Christian spiritual beliefs, such as Jesus Christ is the only son of God, the belief in a Creator God, that salvation from eternal hell can only be a gift from God as a result of accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and savior is the only way to heaven, etc, etc, has fallen to an all time low.

Since I am not a Christian you would think that this would not bother me. But it does.

Christianity is more then a belief in God. Although it’s has many black marks, and there are Born-Again Christians that really piss me off, there is a few things about Christianity that can not be allowed to die.

I do not believe that The United States of America was founded on Christianity, but I do believe that The United States of America, and likely all of the Western Civilization was built on traditional christian values and beliefs. There is a difference, a classic example would be the biography of Thomas Jefferson.

It is those traditional family values, that sense of community, of fellowship, and of belonging, it’s common sense, and sense of purpose that can not be allowed to die. It comes from the culture of the christian church, and it is likely that those beliefs influenced the church rather then other way around.

This beliefs, and many connected with them such as the work ethic, are what made our civilization the most advanced, most secure, the most liberty based. Without them we are nothing. With out the structure of the Christian Church we run the danger of other cultures invading our lifestyle, our way of life, and our quality of life. We need to get back to our roots.

We need to stop handing out divorce settlements like candy, married couples need to remember that the institution of marriage is based on belief that it is for life. We need the family to understand and believe that it is the cornerstone of our great nations, and without it, we all fail. We need to stop reinventing the wheel, no other shape will work. We need to understand that work means blood, tears, and sweat. That production means to actually produce something, not sit on your ass.

Lesson Learned: A tree without strong roots, dies. We are no different.


Secret Messages And Secure Communications Part 3

All About Being On line:

computer, laptop, technology
Free-Photos (CC0), Pixabay

Welcome to the world wide web. Within this realm of virtual space you can buy anything, sell services and objects of desire. You can pay your bills, while working for a company half way around the world, without even getting out of bed. The Internet provides you with entertainment, information, education and even help you find the love of your life. And it can ruin your life.

All you need for this modern marvel is a few wires, a power source, some basic equipment, and access.

Your Operating System:

There are four main operating systems on the internet. The most likely one you are using right now to read this is made by Microsoft. The other most likely one you could be using is made by Macintosh, and finally some of you have the most secure one for free, it’s called Linux. There is also another which is very close to Linux, it’s called Unix, and the service provider you use to get on the internet is likely using it.

Now it turns out that you can have two operating systems on the same computer. The people that make a version of Linux called Ubuntu also make what is called a port, called Wubi. Which is a Windows based program. The reason I am plugging Wubi is because a lot of the Linux based programs are security related, and they are free. (Including the OS)

Your ISP:

The only way to get on the internet is through an Internet Service Provider. Which one you pick is as important as what you do on the internet itself. What you need is not to have any ports blocked, if your ISP blocks ports, you are restricted to accessing, or using some features of the internet. The other thing to look for when trying to find an ISP, is their Terms of Service Agreement, and Privacy Policy. You must absolutely read these before you agree to the service. As I am writing this Rob Nicholson, P.C., Q.C., M.P. for Niagara Falls, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, together with the Honourable Peter Van Loan, P.C., Q.C., M.P. for York-Simcoe, Minister of Public Safety, and Mr. Daniel Petit, M.P. for Charlesbourg-Haute-Saint-Charles, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice today introduced in the House of Commons two separate pieces of legislation that will allow law enforcement access to everything you do online in Canada [source]. The UK, the USA, already have similar statutes in place for the same thing. Basically, they are demanding that ISP’s record, and provide means to log, monitor, and report everything you do online, everything. This is why it is essential that you have access to all ports, without them you may not be able to protect yourself from invasion of privacy, which I will get to later.

One other side note. If you have to option between choosing an ISP which provides access to USENET service, and they also allow access to the entire ALT hierarchy, take that service over others. I’ll explain why as well in a bit.

Wifi Hot Spots:

Now, I’m sure that by now you are making plans to get out of the city, if you haven’t done so already. Many survivalists/preppers have decided that bugging out at the 11th hour is not an option. Just because you are in the country and off the beaten path, does not mean there are no wifi hot spots around. Most truck stops across North America also have wifi, so you should be able to connect to the internet from here, as well as most hotels. Sometimes you have to pay a small fee for these, but most of the time you can find access, anonymously, that will allow you to send and receive data. There are a lot of open wifi links out there, used often by truckers to access the internet, but moving your truck around even a parking lot to find the best signal can be a real pain. I strongly recommend that you put the investment into a wifi detector.

Ham Radio Access:

Survivalists and Preppers alike prefer to do things themselves, this includes their communication needs, a short wave radio receiver is essential to getting world wide news and information. Beyond the receiving end of things with radio, is the ability to send information, and mere voice isn’t always enough. Enter in packet radio. Packet radio transmissions are a process in which signals are sent representing the entire ASCII code, this code is translated into radio and back into ASCii code using a device called a terminal node controller. The TNC enables the Ham Radio operator to use the radio waves as an open line to the world for their computer by converting the tones into packets of information that a modem can understand. This provides the Ham Radio operator the ability to connect his computer and use it for for electronic mail, message transmission, emergency communications, and linking incoming transmittance to the internet.

Ham Radio Gateways to the internet can also be connected to open satellite communications, providing access to the internet for radio operators worldwide.

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Double Entendre

When he cut his heir, it wasn’t very happy with him, but that was the way things should be. When he handed out his tie-dyed t-shirts, they complained for hours, until the rainbow gathering they ended up at. All was oil welled in the world, and even his hide coat been given up when he had children, and the child support society took it away to give to some one else.

With his house secured by a white picket fence, the two car garage filled with hoarded collateral sales, as well as other odds and ends. He went about Menagerie, the city in which he lived in the Subordi Nation, in search of the meaning of coffee.

Ovis was a proud to be a practical man who did not get involved in such matters politics, rights, and did not bother with such archaic matter such as church. Life was good, why change it was the slogan.

Threw out his life, he had learned to accept things as they were. It did not matter to him that he was not allowed to have certain panoplies. The police would protect him, after all what else could `to server, and protect` mean? He paid his taxes like a good citizen, and knew the money was well spent on things like highways, and hospitals. There were even government officials to make sure the government did not steal from the people.

He voted in every election, paid real close attention to the information in the flock computing network to figure out which of the two candidates he should vote for, and always knew he made the right choice. His retirement was a promise that the all-out corporation he was employed as a bond servant, and they would fight for it.

And then he died, while in a railroad yard. It had been a good life term, not filled with to much hardship.

His children were captivated with the inheritance of a huge golden albatross, with abashments, worth millions.

The End.

– Wolfe

Last note: You may want to read this post agaiin, synonym use was intentional, latin words to be taken litterally etc. Don’t you just love it when I insert secret messages and not tell you?

Diy Horse Supplies

It’s been a few years since I have actually ridden a horse, but I still remember what a chestnut is on a saddle, and hoof pick. But I must admit that buying a horse and taking proper care of one is beyond me at this time, so it is time to study and get some more practical knowledge about it.

One of the things I love about the preppers network is all the stuff you can learn, even in the chat. Catman last night started a conversation around horses that you wish you had been there for, all kinds of practical knowledge was passed around. One of the main things that was talked about was the habits that horses can pick up including cribbing, and Hossboss promised to post about it today on her blog, which she did here.

I also promised to include a recipe for making your own salt blocks, and found not only that one but two others that are useful as well, so I am including them here as well.

Preppers who live the Eastern United States, and a few places in England have an advantage and something else they can stock up on for barter swapping. I am a ceramic nut, and tend to notice things that even loosely related to it. The Ball Clay that can be found in the Eastern part of North America is perfect for making Salt Blocks for horses and cattle. All you need to add to is an equal amount of Coarse Salt (aka: kosher salt). Mix the two with water so that it becomes a cake like consistency and let it dry in wooden mold boxes. It takes about three days to dry. The only caution I would mention is the source of clay should be known to be free of lead, you can get it tested at any college that has a good fine arts program.

Some horses can end up with cracked hoofs, this usually only happens in really dry climates, but there can be other causes. Hoof sealers can cost up to $75 for 2 litres! Definitely something that ever Prepper with a horse should be able to make from scratch! You need a double boiler for this. Take one cup of Mineral Oil, one cup of Petrolatum, and one cup of Paraffin wax. Heat everything together and mix till mixed well, then put into old soup cans for storage. You will need a clean old paint brush to use it, just cut the bristles down to stiffen it up.

Now tell me, besides getting the horses to help out plowing the fields when Peak Oil finally comes, what is the point of having a nice horse unless you plan on doing some riding too? And every cowboy needs a saddle right? I love real leather goods, and taking care of them is important not only for comfort but to save a buck as well. I always have mink oil around the house somewhere for protecting our leather goods from drying out, but that can be something that can be hard to come buy, and the costs for real mink oil is increasing, a good Prepper always follows the rules of three. Back up, Back up, Back up. So how about making saddle soap! You need real soap powder about three quarters of a cup, not a detergent, brand names usually say ‘Hudson dry soap’ somewhere on the label. You also need about a quarter cup of Neatsfoot Oil. Neatsfoot oil is a yellow oil rendered and purified from the shin bones and feet (but not the hooves) of cattle, something else you can also make. Finally you need half a cup of beeswax. Heat the soap powder and three and half cups of water together slowly until it is all dissolved. In a double boiler separately heat the neatsfoot oil and beeswax until it can be mixed evenly. Slowly add the neatsfoot mix to the water solution, stirring while you do it. When it thickens pour everything into molds and let cool to room temperature. Now you have saddle soap.

– Wolfe

Secret Messages And Secure Communications Part 2

Yet another passport:

passport, united states, documentation
PublicDomainPictures (CC0), Pixabay

Your name itself isn’t enough to identify you, if your name happens to be John Smith there are 50,628 other people in the United States alone with that same name.

You real identity is a combination of the name you were given at birth by your parents, the place where you were born, your family tree, your citizenship, and where your permanent residence is. You can not change your family tree, the name your parents gave you ( given name ), or where you were born, and that makes that information more valuable then anything else about you. Never give away your family tree information, or where you were born, it can be used to steal your identity. You can however add too, or change out right everything else, even your name.

First, I would like to talk about citizenship . Citizenship comes with benefits, and disadvantages. Some of the benefits of Citizenship include opportunities for business, employment, and can carry with it certain rights that you can not get as the result of citizenship somewhere else like voting. Some of the disadvantages are being drafted into a war you don’t agree with, or paying high taxes. It’s the disadvantages and advantages combined that people consider if they should get a second citizenship, including the types of passports that are available to citizens. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Illegal immigrants are NOT exempt from the draft !)

Having a second citizenship might mean you have access to a passport, and there are many reasons to have a second passport. The first and most important reason is to help you avoid problems being identified with a country in conflict with a group of people. This means equally avoid being seen as a target of terrorists, or being labeled one yourself. A second passport should be part of every survivalists BOB .

There are what are known as camouflaged passports , their intend purpose is to avoid being kidnapped for more then any other reason. IMHO they are completely useless, although I have heard that they have been used in connection to a pen name to rent a P.O. Box successfully.

To get a second real passport there are many ways . The first most important, and easiest is that you might already have a second citizenship without knowing it. It is sometimes called the grandfather clause , but legally the label that makes you a citizen without you knowing is called ‘citizen by naturalization’. Many European countries have this on the books, and by proving you are a direct descendant from a citizen is usually all it takes to get your passport. You will need to get a certified copy of your birth certificate, and related documents to your family tree. Proof of identity will also be required, a criminal record check might also be required to ensure that you are not getting the passport to avoid prosecution.

Postal Services:

There are many ways to get snail mail , and it does not have to be in your resident country. Mail forwarding is the most common, but can get expensiveness. My strongest suggestion is to pick a service that is located in a country with strong privacy laws, countries that are known as ‘ tax havens ‘ are your best bet along these lines. But take note, laws in offshore countries that protect a persons banking, and business information, do not necessarily include privacy issues with postal services. Normally such strong privacy laws cross over to postal services, but to be sure to check with a lawyer familiar with the jurisdiction.

There are also options for travelers that are commonly used that you might consider on a short term basis while you set up your pen name to protect your identity. Th first one is the main post office near you itself. Deliveries can be made “ Poste Restante ” or “ General Deliveries ”, there is sometimes a small fee associated with this method, and you will need your certified ‘letter of identification’ from a ‘notary’ and photo identification. Note the standard practice to help protect your identity in Canada is to use the actual mailing address of the Post Office in question rather then it’s Postal Box service address. Persons who rent P.O. Boxes also can include the names of authorized persons that are allowed to receive mail at that unit’s address, this can of course include your pen name, or alternatively your real name, the name of your spouse, or even sometimes anyone with the same last name as yourself (such as all your children).

For example, if John Smith had a rented P.O. Box in Vancouver’s main post office the normal mail address would be like this:

John Smith
P.O. Box #1234
Station “A”,
Vancouver, BC
V6B 3Z7

However, if he was trying to avoid letting others know that it was a P.O. Box he could address it like this, and it would still show up in his rented box:

John Smith
1234-349 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 3Z7

And if for example John Smith was receiving mail at the same building as the above in downtown Vancouver care of the Postmaster the mailing address would look like this.

General Delivery
c/o The Postmaster
349 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 3Z7

Using Cell Phones:

There are basically two types of cell phone services, those that require a contract, and ‘ pay as you go ‘. In my option pay as you go is the better service, and the main reason has to do with privacy. With pay as go cell phones, you can prepay for all services, the phones themselves have to purchased in full in advance. For this reason, no identification papers are required for the purchase as you can buy these as a gift for your children, or friends. The activation cards, or chips can be also purchased separately and can be used on any phone from the same pay as you go service. There is no problem upon hooking up a service with your pay as go cell phone with using your pen name, and your P.O. Box.

At this point of these posts, you should have a registered pen name, a mailing address and a phone. The total cost of these items depends on where you set these up, and what services you have subscribed to.

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Secret Messages And Secure Communications Part 1

This post grew on me, so I have broken it up into parts. – Wolfe

TeroVesalainen (CC0), Pixabay

No one can stand alone. I know there is a common mind set amongst survivalists that we are a hardy set of individuals, but you can not keep watch twenty four hours a day on your own. Even if all you are relying on are close family members, there are security issues that you should consider.

I have a poll up on my blog here as to which ‘how to guide’ I should write first, and so far lock picking has reached the top. However, I felt that the importance of encryption, and security culture are somethings not completely understood.

I think part of the reason that Survivalists and Preppers alike fail to realize how important secure communications are is that they some how associate these methods with underground groups that are bent of the destruction of the ‘American’ way of life, or Western Civilization… The truth is, they are right. It’s not so much a conspiracy theory of rebel youth who have turned to communism, as it is counter culture that grows as a result of socialism.

Groups such as the Earth Liberation Front, whom I have openly supported in the past, have no concept of private property rights. The Animal Liberation Front would rather you die from cancer then to let one little kitten suffer a single day at the hands of a lab technician to find a cure. PETA whom I view as no different from underground groups, doesn’t want you to hunt for your own food, and would rather have you eat soya beans instead of meat.

I am not going to get into the moral issues, as they are full of emotionalism rather then rationalism, nor am I going to say that these groups are outright wrong completely, as I do think they have some valid points. What I am going to do however is steal information that I have learned from them, and pass it onto you.

My Beginnings:

As I have stated in the past, I was raised in a Christian family with traditional family values. I still support those values, even more so recently as they become more relative to my own life as I get older. The church I was raised in was a member of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. Pastor H. was without a doubt in my mind the best preacher I have ever heard, although I did as a child worry about his blood pressure a few times as his face would turn red during Sunday Service. Some of the main themes from the Pentecostal church was about the end times, the tribulation, and the rapture. Most of the members of my old church believed that the rapture would take place before the tribulation, however I never fully bought into it, making me a post tribulationist, and that was the start of the survivalist mind set for me.

Before anything else, I must give credit to the church for helping me learn to care. Charity must begin at home, but when it goes beyond that the church is one of the best starting places. It was from that church that I began to see myself as part of a community, and as a member of the community I continued to try to make the world a better place, even after I left the church and the faith.

Trying to make the world better, can take many forms and without a moral basis to guide you, can lead a person with good intentions into the worse possible path. There are generally two groups of people in the world. Those that believe that what ever is good for society is good for the individual, and the others which believe what ever is good for the individual is good for society. Socialists believe in the first, I now believe in the second.

The aspect of the beliefs of the church was the topic of ‘the mark of the beast’, in which it was believed that not a single person would be able to buy or sell without it. I won’t go into the whole ordeal of the belief system behind it, there are plenty of other sites on the net which can inform the reader much better then I can about the theories that are running around. Some of which might be closer to the truth then I’m willing to admit. But the point is, the virtual big brother is very real to some people, and there are steps one can take to protect yourself.

How to get a second name:

A legal second name is called a ‘pen name‘. (Also know as AKA, alias, allonym, ananym, anonym, assumed name, false name, fictitious name, nickname, nom de guerre, nom de plume, professional name, pseudonym, and stage name.) To legalize a pen name you basically have to set up proof that you intend to be known by the second name of your choice and that the intentions involved do not have anything to do with illegal activity. There are advantages to being an author of a published, or unpublished work at this point, which happens to include websites such as personal blogs, most western countries have laws protecting authors’ identities. In Canada for example, authors have the right to remain anonymous, and still retain copyrights.

The best practice to register a pen name for the purpose of being an author is to use a ‘notary public‘, and literally sign a statement which states that you are also know by your chosen pen name. There are other options, but you would have to check with the laws that govern the area you plan to register your pen name. Now, I wonder if you noticed how I worded that last sentence. Since it is copyright laws we are mostly dealing with, rather then the laws around the right of an author to remain anonymous directly, international agreements open the way to register your pen name almost anywhere. In other words, there is very little need to register your pen name in your home country. Take note of that as I continue.

About Letters of Identification:

There are as many ways to identify yourself as there are ways for zealots, and crooks to mess with your life by staling your identity. We identify ourselves in so many ways, it is amazing that identity theft isn’t a larger problem then it is. Part of the problem is that most people do not actively protect their private information, or understand the laws concerning government documents. The Social Security, or Social Insurance Numbers were never meant to be used as a standard form of government identification except towards the government itself for the purposes they were created for. What that means is that the SIN/SS numbers can be used for tax purposes, but was never intended for credit checks and reports. You should also never give out your SIN/SS number when applying for a job, only give it to your employer if you get confirmation that you already have the job. Americans are only allowed to have one Social Security Number, and can not apply for another for a pen name, you have to use the same number for your real name and your pen name. Likewise Canadian are only allowed to hold one Social Insurance Number for the same reasons, interesting side note however, that although there are laws stating you can not have more then one SIN number, there is no law stating that you have to have one in the first place. This is mainly because non-resident Canadians without ‘ties’ to Canada do not have to pay personal income tax, and those that leave Canada while children hardly ever apply for the “benefits” of a social insurance number.

The same notary public, or other legal notary such as a lawyer, that can certify your pen name to help you protect your copy rights for your up coming book or novel, can also provide a certified letter of identification (sometimes referred to as a letter of indication, or a circular note). The usefulness by itself is rather limited, it can be used to notify your bank that you might be receiving checks in that other name from your publisher. Letters of identification can also be used for to prove your identity with most service providers. For example, you could use it for opening an ISP account, renting a phone line, getting a cell phone, or anything where you can place a deposit for a service.

– Wolfe

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Your Attention Please

My wife and I have changed since we live in Ontario, in fact we have changed a lot in the recent year or so, our opinions, politics, and beliefs are not the same that most people that know us in real life would associate with us. For example, we are not members of the Green Party any longer, nor do we support them in anyway. We could be called for lack of better terms, Preppers, Libertarian, Self-Reliant, Self-Efficient, or at the very least try to be.

We do not support the socialist mind set that has invaded the culture of North America, we believe in Sovereignty, not Solidarity. Liberty is best protected by non-interference. I could go on, but this is the bulk of what you should know.

If you want to stay with us, you must first get permission to do so in advance, as of October 14th 2009 not a single person has received such confirmation. There is a very good reason why my wife, and I, have not given a direct yes, or no, on this matter. We have in 22 years of being together helped many people with a place to live. Every single one of them are in exactly the same position they were before we met them. In other words, the heart ache, hardship, and effort on our part was for nothing. People, including ourselves, do not change who they are unless they have too. We have had too, most people we know have not.

Realize that we are setting up a farm to be off the grid, to supply all our needs as much as we can, there is a mind set here that is required for this. That mind set is where one believes that you are responsible for taking care of yourself. If you can not balance your budget, plant a garden, store up preps, ride a horse, pay your rent, keep a job, work your butt off, buy smart at the grocery store, clean your home, what makes you think you have the discipline to do those same things at our place? What makes you think we will believe that you will fit into our lifestyle?

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, design a building, conn a ship, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve an equation, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.” – Robert Anson Heinlein

So hear are the rules that you should be made aware of before you even think about asking us for a place to stay.

Rule #1

No drugs. I don’t care what your reasons are. Listen to me when I say NO DRUGS, this includes all illegal drugs, but get this, NO DRUGS also means no drugs prescribed by a Psychiatrist. If you can not live without them, if you can not function properly without them, you become a liability to us WSHTF.

Rule #2

We have guns. If you can not be around firearms, don’t show up. If you have ever fired a weapon in anger, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. If you think guns are cool, go away. We have guns for hunting. They are not cool, they are tools. They are dangerous, period. Even if you have your own, and are fully legal for Canada’s version of an open carry, these guns are ours, you can not touch them. NOT EVEN TOUCH THEM. No one under 21 years of age are allowed any kind of weapon, or firearm, on our property, period.

Rule #3

Everything, and I do mean everything, that Kymber posted on CPN above applies. Follow her suggestions to the letter, and expect the same in return.

Rule #4

My wife is the head of the house. I am in charge of everything else, that means everything outside of the house, including you. If you do not respect the way our authority plays out, get out.

Rule #5

We like the local police. If you are on probation, sorry you can not come here, if you are not the age of majority, forget it (children with parents exempt). If you have a criminal record for violence, theft, fraud, drugs, or illegal weapons, do not ask us for shelter.


Family comes first. This includes brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, grandparents, sons, and daughters, in other words blood. If we can help anyone, they get it first.

That’s it.


Ecozoom For Your Bol

Ecozoom cook stove, this is THE prepper stove, nothing else even comes close. My first impression, WOW, and maybe a few more awes tossed in! It’s huge, I can cook anything on it. But this stove goes way beyond what you would think of as a prepper survival type cook stove… it’s a bio-mass fueled burning cook stove, … so I tried everything in it.

First thing I did with this stove was a very simple test, I dug out old charcoal from the bar-be-que, you know, those little bits and pieces left over from the last time we had ribs etc. I wanted to see if the ecozoom was more efficient then just using a pail with holes in it for air, tossed in some scrape wood, sticks, leaves for lighting it up…. those left overs lasted almost FOUR HOURS!

This is the next generation bio-mass stove. It was designed by Aprovecho Research Center for sending to third world countries, in other words this stove was intentionally made for long term survival situations.

This stove can burn any dry biomass, and is incredibility efficient . We ended up using the stove more then just testing it in the last couple of weeks since we’ve had it. It can boil water with very little fuel which impressed me a lot.

I need to to stress here that this is the stove you bring to your BOL before SHTF, as it is to heavy to haul in a pack sack at the 11th hour. That aside, I figure I could do with a couple more, since when we made spaghetti sauce on it, we realized we needed another to cook the pasta.

Some things should be added to the shopping list if you get one of these. As it is just a basic fire pit you can put on a table. There is a pot guard that comes with it, but for the most part I found the guard useless. It also comes with a little wire feeder rack which despite it’s simplicity works amazingly well.

The important, or should I suggest for the preppers who are looking for something like this, is that there was almost no smoke once the chamber heated up. Good for OPSEC if you ask me.

I took the smaller grill off my smoker to make some simple flat bread, it’s one of those treats we like to has with salsa while watching movies on a Friday night. They came out pretty good for an open flame, we usually use a cast iron frying pan on the kitchen stove, or the Coleman when the power’s out. The direct touch of the flame added a little different taste. I’m willing to bet that if I made stew on this, it would work better in a ceramic crock pot rather then a cast iron one.

With the frequency that the power goes out on this street we live on, this is a Godsend. It also is a major plus on hot days where we want to cook something other then just on the BBQ. But the little trap on the bottom for ashes fills up to fast, I think I need to find some kind of small tin shovel like kids used to get for the beach in the 70’s to clean it out when we use it for more then one firing in a row.

Other then those points I see this as the best stove for BOL. I plan on getting a couple more, maybe even send one to family members back east. (My Dad would love this thing!)

I’m not the only one who’s been reviewing this stove within the prepper’s network, so I’ve included here some links to the other reviews….

– Wolfe

Update: (March 2013) I just dropped by the main Ecozoom website to edit this post during my blog update and noticed the new models they have, I immediately saw the double burner model as a plus, it’s now on my wish list. (Image below)





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What To Expect After Shtf


PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) is the most severe form of emotional and psychological trauma. Its primary symptoms include intrusive memories or flashbacks, avoiding things that remind you of the traumatic event, and living in a constant state of “red alert”. If you have PTSD, it’s important to see a trauma specialist.” – Help Guide 1

Anxiety/Fearfulness is only one of the reaction people have, the symptoms can include chest pain, difficulty breathing, evaluated heart rate and blood pressure, surges of adrenaline, and unreasonable fear. The physical reactions come from the fight or flight response, and increases the supply of oxygen to the blood, muscle become more tense to improve response time. Modern man with his giant brain has thought himself into a corner with regards to anxiety, we tend to try to think our way out of a crisis. Survivalists should try to imagine situations that are likely to occur, and have detailed plans of action memorized long before any such event takes place, when an event happens stick to the plan, take action regards of how you feel.

Numbness, as in devoid of emotions, is another emotional response to disaster. This is where you have to force yourself to trust those in your group, trust your preplanned set of actions, even when you do not feel like it. Numbness is a sense of disconnection to the events and people around you, combined sometimes with a sense of constant danger. You can be prone to this even if you are ready for a disaster, but already under stress from daily life. This is one of the reasons I advocate for the living it now lifestyle you plan to be in after the end of your world as you know it. Choosing to live self-efficiently now, being self-reliant now, lessens the impact of an event that forces people into that lifestyle.

Depression has been called the number one killer in America in recent years. It is connected to so many pharmaceutical drugs I’m surprised that it doesn’t have it’s own index on the stock market. Depression is the result of one of two factors when it is boiled down to it’s basics, either the cause is related to something in which a person feels they are the victim of something out of their control, or it is related to a low self-image. In the case of situations that are out of your control, you can not avoid it WSHTF, you will feel this way, it is a normal response to overwhelming events, but it doesn’t mean you can do nothing. The cure for almost all emotional issues that arise from disasters is action. This means that you will have to plan out what you are going to do, even while waiting for the dust to settle. This can include reviewing first aid materials, reading hard copies of guides, checking the state of supplies, the list will need to go on for how long you might have to wait before you can start working on the garden, or even to bug out to a safer place. This same set of preparations will help with feelings of guilt (survivors guilt), grief, vulnerability, and even disbelief for those with you.

“Pamper yourself. Get plenty of rest. Eat regular meals even if you don’t feel like it. Take precautions to be safe and comfortable. Be as self-nurturing as you can. ” – CIGNA Behavioral Health 2

– Wolfe


2CIGNA Behavioral Health – Disaster Reactions: How to Cope with Them [PDF]


New Rules?

This one is a round up, over the last week I have come to the conclusion that there are several things that I should have done differently right at the beginning. If I was to make these lessons into rules for my own life I would make the following into stone. The end result would be to end up being prepared. Call them if you will the ten rules of prepping.



Stocking up for disaster, is pointless. What needs to be done is to rotate food supplies, and have a very long roll on it. The other is to get to the point that you live off what you grow and raise yourself. I know this sounds like the same thing as stocking up, but it isn’t, there is a different mind set. Instead of shopping for next week, you are shopping for next year. It takes planning. Therefore the rule would be to buy what you need well in advance, and actually use it.



Every time you use something like a band-aid from the first aid kit, take an inventory, you should have more then twice as much as you think you need. This goes for all the things in your house that you use only when you really need it, flash lights, batteries, laundry soap, hand soap, toilet paper, etc.



There are things that you can not make your self, the rule here would be to find alternatives, even if you don’t actually make them yourself. Knowing how to replace something is at least in the right direction to doing it yourself, and using the same things that you can make yourself gives less of a culture shock when they cease to be easy to get.



Own it, don’t rent it, or buy it on time. It is way better to live in a cheaper out of the way place that you own out right then to buy a place on time. Credit is pure evil, you don’t need it, learn to live without it. This is likely the hardest rule to follow, and the most important. It is because our generation is living on credit in so many ways, that we are facing the worse economic collapse that the history of man has even seen.


Home school. This rule applies even to those without kids. There is something in the way that public school works that allows us to forget things after we leave it. How many of you remember how to do algebra? Don’t think you’ll need it? Your wrong. The first thing I learned after leaving school was that I needed to know french, it was the only class I ever dropped. The summer I spent in France would have been better had I known just a few more phrases. There are so many things we need to learn in order to thrive beyond mere survival that home schooling is the only way to do it. The advantage here is that you cut out the dumbing down of America, just remember to start with yourself, it will help when teaching your kids.


God helps those who help themselves. If that is good enough for God it should be good enough for you. Charity is all well and good, but free hand outs to those who have not learned that there is no such thing as a right to food, clothing and shelter is more harmful to them then nothing. If you want to give for a need, give the need not cash.


You only work for yourself. Any job you get for some one else is ultimately for yourself, so why work for some one else? This isn’t a rule that can be applied in one shot. You have to grow into it, and discover what it is that you can do successfully. The best way I can think of to do this is to cut it up into percentages. If you are working full time for the ABC company, you should add a small percentage of your work week to starting your own business, when that business makes you the same percentage of income as the time it takes to get the income increase the time you spend on it.


There is only two types of people on this planet. You can categorize them into any two labels you want, but what it boils down to is those that you want to know, and those you don’t. Be very strict on who they are, and you have to include everyone around you with no exceptions, into which group they are in. Be goal orientated, if you are always traveling towards your goal of being self-reliant and self-efficient you will meet those on the same road as you.


Good security is sound sleep. It is always better to be prepared for the worse so you can enjoy the best then to be ill prepared and suffer. Having a secure home, which is not easily invaded by evil out law bikers, or nosy neighbors, is the first step to getting a good night sleep. Security isn’t just an alarm system, or a fence. It’s a mind set, not telling some one what your birth day is prevents them from making a copy of your birth certificate, the less some one knows about you and yours the more secure it is from being taken.

RULE #10

Do it yourself, create it yourself, make it yourself, supply it yourself. The less you need the grid, oil, gas, hand outs, welfare checks, a job, health care, the doctor, the repair guy, electricity, new shoes, etc. the less you will need it when it is gone.

– Wolfe

Changes around us

I have to mention that I totally blame Ferfal for opening my eyes to some of the things that I have started to notice. If I had not started to read his blog it is likely that I would not have noticed a pattern forming around me. Canada is likely to be the next Argentina, maybe even before the States.

There are several things that Ferfal mentions in his blog about the new normal Argentina. One of the first that comes to mind is the Tent Cities that pop up in empty lots, the others are about safety or rather lack of it.

Here in Canada the crime rate is not only climbing, it is becoming a risk even to go to the local mall. Gangs have started to take over the streets, and poverty is getting more common. The number of homeless in Canada must be at an all time high, but I doubt that where it is at now is the highest it will go.

Take note that I am writing this from British Columbia. This province is likely the least hit from the current economic situation, until the Olympics come and go, which means that what happened on Friday is just a example of what is to come.

Friday night was spent like most, watching a movie in front of the idiot box. It was getting late, and I went outside to get some air and do a perimeter check. We live in a sort of dead end in an industrial zone. We have almost no neighbors and the streets are quiet normally.

There are no houses directly across from us, there is just a fourteen foot cement wall that separates our street from the highway. Between the road and the wall is a grassy area, a small cement barrier to prevent trucks from knocking over the fire hydrant. At the other end of the street, there are rows of small industrial shops which have an alley way between the building and the highway. In that alley way, homeless people tend to make camp. Note again, I am not in the downtown core, I live very close to the suburbs, this is not the inner city.

When I went outside I noticed that a couple were casing the house next door. Doug, our only immediate neighbor is hardly ever home. He works in the movie industry, and often has to work nights. When he isn’t working, he is hauling supplies up to his acreage up north, getting ready for the coming crash himself like us. Friday night he had not returned home yet, the lights were off in his house, his car gone.

Because I had gone outside, I believe the couple decided to wait until I had gone back inside and gone to bed. So we parked ourselves in front of the television, in the living room, so we could watch them. And called the police.

The homeless man was obviously to me a crack head. Skinny, dirty, and off center in the manner he spoke, I believed he was high on some sort of drug. The woman was quiet, looked only a little over weight, and just as dirty. They carried with them sleeping bags which they had laid done on the pavement in front of the cement barrier by the fire hydrant. They were planning, it looked like to me, to sleep there if we did not give them a clear opportunity to break into Doug’s place.

The police arrived. The first police car took almost an hour to show up, after it arrived, six more showed up within a few minutes. Then two ambulances.

The woman was in full labor, her water had already broken, she was going to give birth right there on the street in front of our house.

After they had left, I went to the local gas station to get some air. I told Josh what had happened, he’s another Libertarian survivalist in the area, and we chatted for a bit. Doug ended up walking into the store, and we told him. Eventually I found myself laying in bed and thinking about what had happened. And several things occurred to me.

Years ago, I wouldn’t know another single survivalist/prepper in person, let alone almost four that I can think of within walking distance of where I live. Having one live next door was unheard of. Tent cities never happened when I was a child, protests were something of the 60’s and 70’s and had more to do with civil rights then poverty. Gangs in Canada when I was a teenager were a joke, literally. Even the Hell’s Angels were not big news up here. That has all changed.

If a socialist country like Canada can turn the corner towards civil unrest within small suburb, what of the cities when the buying power of the dollar drops through the floor? How many people that are only a single paycheck away from poverty are there here, and what of those that are near the end of the two year limit on welfare, and the one year limit on unemployment? My own uncle is at risk of loosing his entire pension from working over 20 years at the same plant because the auto manufacturing sector has collapsed and has filed for bankruptcy protection. We are not closer to the end of our current way of life, these are the last breathes of life in it.

Lesson Learned: We blind ourselves to how bad things are until it stares us in the face.

– wolfe

Wood Stoves Part 1

I look outside and all I see is snow. I know that for most of you this is not an odd sight to see this time of year, nor does it sound like something that should be an odd thing for a Canadian like myself to suddenly notice. But believe me, it’s odd. We are only a couple of weeks till the first day of spring and this is the first real snow we have seen all year here in the greater Vancouver area. Fourteen years ago we had a similar downfall of snow that ended up caving in our roof while we were just getting ready for the spring run as Caravaners, and although this year there is no risk of that, as a prepper I look out and think about the worse case scenario we could find ourselves in.

For the last six months we have managed to collect over $500 by simply not turning on the furnace, we have used our alternatives instead as a test for what we might need in our preps, and found that it was actually cheaper to use electric heaters rather then the natural gas furnace. Part of that has to do with only heating the room we were in rather then the whole house, we even went to the extent of putting up a curtain across the living room door frame to keep the heat in the room we were using during the day.

I always have loved a good fireplace, but we do not have one in this house. So one of the requirements for being self-reliant on the farm is going to the need for fireplaces and wood stoves. I have been researching wood stoves more the fireplaces because they are more efficient, and would like to pass on some of those things I have learned so far onto you.

One of the first wood stoves was invented by Benjamin Franklin, it’s main advantage over a regular fireplace was a hollow baffle which transferred more heat into the room. It was also not a great seller because it needed to hot enough to create a draft to draw up the gases and smoke through the flu. Improvements over the Pennsylvania fireplace eventually lead to the modern wood stove. Today’s designs are so efficient at burning wood fuel that they often surpass EPA rules.

“The internal design of wood stoves has changed entirely since the EPA issued standards of performance for new wood stoves in 1988. EPA’s mandatory smoke emission limit for wood stoves is 7.5 grams of smoke per hour (g/h) for non-catalytic stoves and 4.1 g/h for catalytic stoves. (Wood stoves offered for sale in the state of Washington must meet a limit of 4.5 g/h for non-catalytic stoves and 2.5 g/h for catalytic stoves.)” – www.epa.gov

Non-catalytic Stoves:

Non-catalytic wood stoves have three main parts a firebox insulation, a large baffle, and pre-heated combustion air introduced through small holes above the fuel in the firebox. The baffle and some other parts of the wood stove will need to be replaced from time to time as they deteriorate with the high heat of efficient combustion. They have less heat output then Catalytic wood stove, but provide better atmosphere.

Catalytic Stoves:

Catalytic wood stoves exhaust their smoke and fumes through a coated ceramic honeycomb inside the stove where they ignite and burn. All of these types of stoves have a lever-operated bypass damper which is opened for starting and reloading. The ceramic honeycomb breaks down over time and needs to be replaced, it should last the average prepper six seasons (10,000 to 12,000 operating hours )as long as the stove is not over fired by burning waste. The ceramics honeycomb is usually coated with the metal palladium. The ceramic is often round, 5¾ inches in diameter, and 2 inches thick. One of the advantages of the Catalytic wood stove is an increase in overall efficiency by 10%, as well as a reduction in creosote production by 20 to 90% and a decrease in air pollution up to 75%. Items that will cause the catalyst reduction in life span to as little as two years include burning trash, coal, paper logs, treated wood, painted wood, and lighter fluid.

My experiment this year has taught me one thing about heating a home in the winter that I wasn’t expecting. This house is old, and is not insulated in any way, no fibreglass in the walls, and very little value to avoid heat loss with what walls we do have. With all the commercials on television about drafts from windows, the lack of draft barriers around our doors, single pane glass in our house, and a host of other things that allow this house to leak heat like a sieve, I thought our my experiment would last a week or two, not pay for Christmas. If we had wood stoves, I believe that the furance would rust in the basement and never be used. And the size of that wood stove, does not have to be the large ones we all dream about in the old fashion kitchen, in fact, I think it would be more efficient to have a few small, even tiny, wood stoves rather then one large one in only one part of the house.

I’m still looking into this idea and learning more. There are different grades of wood that burn more or less efficient the others, I even have charts that I am still going through. So one aspect i have to look for is the amount needed to heat an area, how long a supply will last, and how long it takes to grow. Then there is the whole area in wood stoves that I don’t think can really be learned by books, but has to be actually felt and lived with.

The farm my wife grew up on had a wood furance in the basement of the house, it was not a more modern version of the forced air ones you can find today, but it did the job it was intended. It did lack one thing however, ambiance. There was a farm my family used to visit when I was young, had a classic iron wood stove in the kitchen that I still think about today, it gave the whole farm house a feeling of warmth that had more to do with a feeling then actual heat, that is a major part of why I want a wood stove on the farm, nothing is better then warming your feet by the stove while your mittens dry.

More to come…

– Wolfe

Fire Proofing

Army Pvt. 1st Class Lucas Ternell, a volunteer firefighter, and a member of the 20th Military Police Company, Maryland National Guard, puts out a small debis fire in the yard of a house fire in Salisbury, Md., Aug. 27, 2011. Ternell was aboard Rescue 16, which was one of several fire and rescue engines that reported to the fire inside a residential neighborhood. Guard members and civilian first responders are providing area support during the Hurricane Irene response. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Darron Salzer)(Released)
Army Pvt. 1st Class Lucas Ternell, a volunteer firefighter, and a member of the 20th Military Police Company, Maryland National Guard, puts out a small debis fire in the yard of a house fire in Salisbury, Md., Aug. 27, 2011. Ternell was aboard Rescue 16, which was one of several fire and rescue engines that reported to the fire inside a residential neighborhood. Guard members and civilian first responders are providing area support during the Hurricane Irene response. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Darron Salzer)(Released)

Fire Proofing

We had a house fire a few years ago, and as I continue to pack for the move to the farm (96 days to go), I am amazed at the amount of junk we have managed to gather since then. Prepping is all about being prepared for disaster, that includes personal disasters such as a house fire. Making sure you have fire alarms, and fire extinguishing equipment that meets safety standards is vital to being prepared. But, if your like me, there are two things that occur to me in being prepared against a house fire. First, knowing how to make your stuff, and second, fire proof the hell out of everything.

So, the most common form of fighting a fire is either water and/or baking soda. It is important to remember, and to teach your children, that you never put water on a grease or oil fire, it will make it worse! Baking Soda should be placed beside the stove in the kitchen at all times, enough to not only put out a fire, but also more then is needed on top of that for baking, because you know that someone is going to use it for that.

Fire can be put out by removing one of three things. Either the fuel the fire is using to spread, Oxygen it is using for combustion, or heat it uses to maintain the reaction. Mason Sand mixed with Sodium Bicarbonate (ratio 3:1) will remove oxygen and cover any fuel, good for the horses’ stables.

Did you know that you can fire proof paper? It’s a simple recipe. Take one cup of Ammonium Sulfate (Mascagnite for you rock hounds out there), six tablespoons of Boric Acid (the same stuff you use to kill insects), 4 tablespoons of Borax (that’s your grandmothers laundry soap), and three cups of water. Mix the ingredients, and then either dip the paper into the mix, or brush it on. It needs several coats, so let each layer dry out first.

If your thinking of doing the same to your raincoat or something else made out of synthetic fabrics all you need is Boric Acid. By the way, for you preppers down in Nevada, Boric Acid can be found in it’s natural state (colemanite), and might be something to stock up on for long distance bartering. For the rest of us, we’ll have to figure out a way of distilling it from fruit. As for fire proofing synthetic fabrics just mix one cup of Boric Acid (1 US cup = 236.588238 ml) into one gallon of water (1 gallon = 3.785 liters). Soak the fabric, and wring out, then hang up to dry. Redo after washing. If you know how many gallons is in your washing machine during the rinse cycle this might work as well.

I’m a total classic camper, I use the old fashion Coleman lamps and stoves, and still have one of those old canvass tents, something I am likely not going to be packing for the farm. But I will likely keep my eye out for another one, or better yet, make one myself. The cotton canvass is a classic textile, it’s been used for almost a hundred years for those world famous 1950’s tents. Sleeping in a tent made of that thick fabric is better then staying at a holiday inn in my book. If you want to fire proof classic textiles like this you should get your hands on some Ammonium Phosphate (phosphoric acid with ammonia, do not try to make at home) and Ammonium Chloride (KEEP AWAY FROM ZINC!). Get a plastic bucket, not a zinc coated one, and put in 48 fluid ounces of water, and mix in half a cup of Ammonium Phosphate, and one cup of Ammonium Chloride. Soak your tent in the buck for at least ten minutes, then wring it out and hang up to dry. Retreat after it rains.

Every year, houses burn down during the Christmas season. Part of the tradition of Christmas in our family is getting a real Christmas Tree, part of the hazard of that is the risk of a house fire from the tree. Non-LED lights get hot, to many lights on the same circuit can cause the electrical wires to over heat, and then there is the fireplace giving off sparks, and maybe you have to use a candle or two if the power goes out during an snow storm. You give yourself a little more safety by fire proofing your Christmas tree with some basic mixing in the water you use to keep it green. Get your hands on some Ammonium Sulfate, more of your grandmother’s laundry soap (Borax), and Boric Acid. Mix up a batch in four liters of water (about a jug of milk), two tablespoons of Borax, half cup of Boric Acid, and a full cup of Ammonium Sulfate. Mix, and then spray the tree down with the mix, and the rest to the water reservoir under the tree in the stand.

If your looking for land like my family, there is always the option to build your own home. No home is 100% protected from all things that can happen, not even your dream fallout or bomb shelter, but a little extra added protection is always welcome. You can add some fire proofing qualities to the beams of your house yourself by mixing up a batch of chemicals you can get at any industrial supply. What you will need is Zinc Cloride (same stuff we used to make smoke bombs as kids), Ferric Cholride (check electronic supply stores, it’s used for etching circuit boards), Boric Acid (can be bought at some home improvement stores), Borax (check your local grocery store). Mix in these chemicals directly into 2 quarts of water, about half a cup of Zinc Cholride, a quarter cup of Ferris Chloride, 3 tablespoons of Boric Acid, and 3 tablespoons of Ammonium Phosphate. Use the mix like you are painting the beams, do four coats for best results. Be careful with the Ferris Cholride, it’s slightly toxic so use rubber gloves.

Lastly what would a post about DIY fire proofing be without home made fire extinguishing liquid? Your going to need Sodium Carbonate (try to get ‘washing soda’ rather then ‘baking soda’ if you can there exactly the same, but the washing soda is cheaper), Alum (Yes the same stuff your wife gets for cooking that you steal to trap bugs in), Borax, Potassium Carbonate (commanly known as Potash), Sodium Silicate (also known as waterglass, you can make this by baking soda ash and sand in a kiln if your a ceramic artist). It is important to start with the Sodium Silicate (waterglass), mix two cups of sodium carbonate into the waterglass, then add one cup of Alum, three quarter of a cup of Borax, and one quarter of potash. Mix it evenly, then three cups of the result into one gallon of water. Pour this into a hand sprayer, like the ones used for spraying crops with insecticides. It needs a coarse nozzle. WARNING: Potash is toxic (internally). Waterglass is an irritant, avoid skin contact.

If you liked this post on DIY Fire Proofing, you’d love the book I used to discover all these and more.

The Formula Manual by Norman H. Stark [ Third Edition ] Stark Research Company

– Wolfe

A Really Late Monday’s Lessons Learned Sept 14th 2009

I sit here tired as a dog, every muscle in my body hurts even those little ones in my fingers. Well maybe it isn’t that bad, but I am feeling the effects of not working out every set of body muscles evenly for the last few years.

How did this happen?

In every majority city of the world there is a an intersection called commonly Cash Corner. It is used by illegal immigrants looking for work, or other that want to stay under the radar from big brother. The reason this continues, and has for so many years (there were cash corners in the the late 60’s that my own uncle worked at), is because legally it is called sub-contracting. There is how ever a very large underground economy that uses this legal loop hole to avoid taxes. But it is not limited to just one corner of a major city, Dianne Francis once work a very biased book called the underground economy in Canada which although IMHO was very lack in it’s fact finding, very right in assuming that lots of companies hire staff ‘under the table’. It is in this market that one will find the future of trade and barter after WHSHTF. And while the economy slips into the nether reaches of depression, you will not only find the illegal immigrant, but guys like me who still pay taxes on what they make in these jobs.

Times are tough people, and if you think they are going to get better your out of your mind. If you want to survive what is coming, get into that mind set which tells you it is already here. If you can’t go looking for a job that is more TEOTWAWKI safe, might I suggest you join a gym? TRUST ME IT WILL BE LESS PAINFULL LATER!

Anyway, I’m dead tired, still have a million things to do before bed, and have to get up early tomorrow for another day like today. We still want to move on Halloween night, so every penny counts right now.

Lesson Learned: You should work your body like your life depended on it, some day it might.

Primary Services

As I said before, there is more then one way to improve the world. But it occurs to me, that it might have to be done a little at a time. The problem with that is, some of my ideas depend on the others. And I am sure this is the same for anyone else that has come up with ideas to improve the world.

If you want to remove property tax, you have to include a way for primary services to be met.

Take schools for example…

My wife and I home schooled our kids while we were caravaning on the road for almost 13 years. We hope that some day we will return to that lifestyle, (Which is why I maintain this web page), but I think we’ll head out by boat rather then by motor home this time.

Anyway, as i was saying we home schooled for the most part while we were on the road. Now, I’m not saying this was a bad idea, however, we were not able to teach our own kids in the manner they needed.

Most of the time, when children are home schooled they surpass their peers. But if those children require special help, especially in a minute way. They fall behind. In fact, they tend to fall behind regardless if they are home schooled or not. Small hindrances to their development as students can go unnoticed by both parents and teachers.

The difference between home schooling and public school are the resources.

Now if you disagree because you home school, remember that I am referring mostly to those who home school “on the road”, caravaners tend not to have a local school who can help out when the going gets tough.

So my wife and I decided to settle down for the duration of the needed help.

Education, in all it’s forms and levels, is an essential service. It should be available to every citizen at no cost.

I am an anarchist, how do I suggest that the view I have in my political life, and my view on education meet on common ground?

I believe that if there is a need in a society it is the responsibility of the individuals in that society to meet the need. And I believe that individuals need to get involved with their responsibilities directly, not via a proxy.

In the same manner that you should care for your family’s needs. It is your responsibility to care for your communities needs.

If your brother needs food in the fridge to help feed his kids, do you not fill the freezer?

If your neighbor has broken his leg, do you not mow his lawn to help him out?

Education is food for the mind.

Our school here in BC needs the help of the parents to help teach the kids. The funding has been cut by the liberals so much that the school actually is forced to come out and ask for volunteers to teach the kids.

I think every neighbor, not just those with kids, should come out and help out, and not just with teaching. Help fix a window, paint a swing, buy a soccer ball.

This is where Volunteer Essential Services come from.

From the heart of the community.


No good deed goes unpunished

action, adult, checkered shirt
Pexels (CC0), Pixabay

So I went down to the bookstore today to find myself a copy of “On the beach” by Nevil Shute, but Robert didn’t have any left, so I picked up a copy of “The Rest of The Robots” by Asimov instead. Robert added the other to my growing list.

Stopped to have a coffee on the way back home at the local coffee shop, and read the newspaper. The bad coffee was my first mistake, reading my horror scope was my second.

It said … “No good deed goes unpunished”.

I should have know better then to leave the coffee shop at that point, should have stayed there till tomorrow.

So I left, walked towards the skytrain station in New West, and came across a guy looking at a map, looking totally lost. I asked, he said it was direction to his new job, that he was new, only been here in Canada 30 days. I had to help.

We went to the nearby corner store to borrow a map, and found where his new job was in Richmond, I wrote down some directions for him on the back of the map, wished him luck, and left.

As I was walking up to the train, I remembered … “No good deed goes unpunished” … dammit, I thought.

My train arrived, I got on, it left the station. Then stopped, suddenly.

I was tossed across the car of course.

I dusted myself off, and out loud said …

“That’s the second time my horror scope has been dead on.”

… people laughed. Now I sit here writing this, with a headache, my neck hurts, I guess I should stop reading the newspaper, there’s never any good news in it.

  • wolfe

Don’t bug us

vaccine, vaccination, cure
Tumisu (CC0), Pixabay

Not since the SARS outbreak has the Canada’s Health Watchdogs jumped. It appears that a group of  Japanese students have been quarenteened in Banff because one of their lot has a case of the measles. You remember the measles don’t you? That is the one that itches and gives you spots, pretty much dealt with a vaccine these days. Or is it?

The number of people who have contracted measles in Japan between the ages of 15 and 20 have reached a high record. The same thing is starting to happen in China, slowly the bug is making a comeback.

The classical symptoms of measles include a fever for at least three days, and the three Cs—cough,coryza (runny nose) and conjunctivitis (red eyes). The fever may reach up to 105° Fahrenheit/ 40°CelsiusKoplik’s spots seen inside the mouth are pathognomonic (diagnostic) for measles but are not often seen, even in real cases of measles, because they are transient and may disappear within a day of arising.

The characteristic measles rash is classically described as a generalized, maculopapularerythematousrash that begins several days after the fever starts. It starts on the head before spreading to cover most of the body, often causing itching. The rash is said to “stain”, changing color from red to dark brown, before disappearing. –wikipedia measles

The World health organization has developed a plan to reduce the bug by 2010. Currently immunization is only 85% effective in developing countries. This could be possible as long as responsible reporting on the progress is kept professional. In the case of bad media in the UK over the MMR vaccine in 1998 the reporter neglected to mention that the doctor who raised concerns that MMR might be linked to bowel disease and other similar problems was only from a case load of 12 children, not from a random sample of the population that had taken MMR.

So why did Canada’s Health Organizations jump on a bunch of students from Japan?

It appears that Canadians are heading down the path of not getting their children immunized due to fears that these immunizetion shots are not good for their children. This simply isn’t the reality. It is true that Canada’s standard for approval of drugs and medicine has changed in recent years. Pharmacy manufacturers have managed to pressure the government to reduce the effective levels of medicines from 80% to 20%, but this has more to do with terminology then actually change in safety levels, and effectiveness. Using the old standards most drugs and vaccines would still pass that pass under the new system, in fact, some wouldn’t pass that passed under the old. The reason for this is the level of interaction between semi-unrelated issues. If a drug was 80% effective before, it hasn’t changed under the new rules even if it’s score is now 20%, that’s because before 80% meant that 80 people out of a hundred would not have any ill effects of the drug who meet certain requirements such as not being HIV positive, or over weight etc. Now it means that 20% of the total population spread will not have any ill effects. The terminology has changed to reflect the reality that most people don’t even know if anything is wrong with themselves before taking a new drug.

Intelligence versus Smarts

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PublicDomainPictures (CC0), Pixabay

Not many people realize that they can learn anything; they think it requires a high IQ to attain certain knowledge; that simply isn’t true. Being smart is something completely different, and there are more people that are smart then are intelligent.

Take for example something as difficult as paying your bills on time. Smart people know there are penalties involved in paying late, so they pay on time, people with high IQ’s have the highest debt load, maybe they spend to much time trying to think of ways to come up with the money.

The misunderstanding that it is more important to have a higher IQ, then to use more common sense comes from those who not only have a high IQ, but have learned to use it wisely, they are also smart. Einstein, Steven Hawkins, and others have had the same problems as the rest of us; they just came to the answers faster, and also had the smarts to publish their results.

Students with high IQs fail more classes and subjects in middle and high schools, then those with below average rates. There are two reasons for this; the first main reason is that the pace of the lessons is so slow it literally bores the teen to tears. The second reason it that having a high IQ doesn’t mean you’ll develop good social skills, logic and reason have little to do with empathy, and you need that to create a network of friends. School can be a lonely place for someone who the rest don’t understand.

It is likely that your own boss has a lower IQ score then yourself, but remember, he is likely also smarter, you are the one doing the work. It takes more then a high IQ to learn certain things, not everything can be absorbed into the grey matter via a book. Practical know comes from years of hands on work, you just can not learn that you need to twist the handle of a pipe binder just so in order not to kink the pipe.

Imagine that an IQ test measures is the same as an acceleration test for a car. The better the engine can convert energy to speed the faster the car can go, an old clunker will still make it from Vancouver to Toronto, but the sports car will get there faster. IQ works the same way, if you score below average on an IQ test, you can still learn what you need to know to be an engineer, and the person that has a high IQ will just learn it faster then you.