You might be an idiot if …

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Vitabello (CC0), Pixabay
  1. Your new girlfriend comes over for the first time and
    when she walks into the living room, the first thing that
    she sees is your collection of protest posters.
  2. You have more pets and plants then your landlord knows.
  3. Your dream vacation is walking into the woods, with only a knife… for days.
  4. You think Global Warming and TEOTWAWKI mean the same thing.
  5. You vote for the Green Party, but call yourself an anarchist.
  6. You worry about the extinction of every living thing on the planet, except man.
  7. You think protesting is going to change the world to be more green and anti-corporate, so you take your fossil fuel car to the protest you found out about on your smartphone.
  8. You hate Walmart, and other big box stores, because they kill jobs, so you shop on Amazon as a boycott.
  9. You think being Vegan is healthy.
  10. You think PETA saves animals.
  11. Your a vegetarian, because you think that if everyone did it, there would be more food.
  12. You know what monkey wrenching means, personally.
  13. You think that gun control means that criminals will have fewer guns.
  14. You think direct democracy is a good idea.