Wishful thinking on my part?

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mohamed_hassan (CC0), Pixabay

Processed foods suck! My whole family is down with food poisoning. I don’t need to write these entries to get me motivated towards SEED. Eating city food will get me there all by itself. So I am going to fast today. Nothing but water, clear liquids, and herbal teas.

Almost every mourning, I have a online conversation with a hippy friend of mine named leafy, this mourning he suggested I get a copy of Mark Vonnegut’s “Eden Express” (see: http://www.semcoop.com/detail/1583225439 and http://www.duke.edu/~crh4/vonnegut/eden.html) an old hippy favorite. It about starting a commune in BC. So it will have to be looked up and read J

We started chatting up a storm about cookbooks and early hippy reading.

Makes me remember that the roots of my thought on “the way things should be” come from stuff like Jack Keroauc’s “Dharma Bums” and “On the Road”, and of course all the works by Abbie Hoffman.

Sometimes I look at the new hippies of today and think to myself these kids have no idea of what it is all about, but I’m wrong there. They do know what it is all about for them. The mistake most of us “old timers” make is the same our own elders in Rainbow make about us. But at the same time I feel they are missing out on some of the classic knowledge that came from people like Stephen Gaskin’s “The Farm”. ( http://www.thefarm.org/lifestyle/sg.html ).

The roots of today’s younger rainbows come mostly from media sources about the sixties, but in the sixties it came from the beat generation. The mind set is different. I look to ford car commercials and feel offended that they use a song that meant something to me. It is a perversion of the ideology in my minds eye.

But I have missed the point. The songs are being used by the ad executives because they are in the hearts and minds of the masses. That’s a good sign. It means that almost everyone has the same thoughts that theses songs cause us to think about running around in the back of their heads. Way better then the dreaded potato chip commercials of the 80’s.

SEED communes died out in the late 80’s because they were successful. The ideology of a SEED commune had evolved from the sixties mind set of what a commune should be to something that would work on a permanent basis. There just wasn’t enough people joining new SEEDs to make the chain continue to today. The original SEEDs are still around, but they have done their part of the chain, the owners are moving on to the projects and lifestyles they wanted when they first came across the idea.

I’m starting the chain again.

I do not expect this SEED we are doing to be the same as the ones in the 80’s, I don’t know what to expect. I do know that it will be new and improved over the ones that the idea comes from. And I know that in years to come, new SEEDs will be different and improved then what we create. But I hope to rekindle some of the concepts of the sixties, leave some behind, and find new ones. I predict an evolution, not a revolution.