Secret Messages And Secure Communications Part 2

Yet another passport:

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Your name itself isn’t enough to identify you, if your name happens to be John Smith there are 50,628 other people in the United States alone with that same name.

You real identity is a combination of the name you were given at birth by your parents, the place where you were born, your family tree, your citizenship, and where your permanent residence is. You can not change your family tree, the name your parents gave you ( given name ), or where you were born, and that makes that information more valuable then anything else about you. Never give away your family tree information, or where you were born, it can be used to steal your identity. You can however add too, or change out right everything else, even your name.

First, I would like to talk about citizenship . Citizenship comes with benefits, and disadvantages. Some of the benefits of Citizenship include opportunities for business, employment, and can carry with it certain rights that you can not get as the result of citizenship somewhere else like voting. Some of the disadvantages are being drafted into a war you don’t agree with, or paying high taxes. It’s the disadvantages and advantages combined that people consider if they should get a second citizenship, including the types of passports that are available to citizens. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Illegal immigrants are NOT exempt from the draft !)

Having a second citizenship might mean you have access to a passport, and there are many reasons to have a second passport. The first and most important reason is to help you avoid problems being identified with a country in conflict with a group of people. This means equally avoid being seen as a target of terrorists, or being labeled one yourself. A second passport should be part of every survivalists BOB .

There are what are known as camouflaged passports , their intend purpose is to avoid being kidnapped for more then any other reason. IMHO they are completely useless, although I have heard that they have been used in connection to a pen name to rent a P.O. Box successfully.

To get a second real passport there are many ways . The first most important, and easiest is that you might already have a second citizenship without knowing it. It is sometimes called the grandfather clause , but legally the label that makes you a citizen without you knowing is called ‘citizen by naturalization’. Many European countries have this on the books, and by proving you are a direct descendant from a citizen is usually all it takes to get your passport. You will need to get a certified copy of your birth certificate, and related documents to your family tree. Proof of identity will also be required, a criminal record check might also be required to ensure that you are not getting the passport to avoid prosecution.

Postal Services:

There are many ways to get snail mail , and it does not have to be in your resident country. Mail forwarding is the most common, but can get expensiveness. My strongest suggestion is to pick a service that is located in a country with strong privacy laws, countries that are known as ‘ tax havens ‘ are your best bet along these lines. But take note, laws in offshore countries that protect a persons banking, and business information, do not necessarily include privacy issues with postal services. Normally such strong privacy laws cross over to postal services, but to be sure to check with a lawyer familiar with the jurisdiction.

There are also options for travelers that are commonly used that you might consider on a short term basis while you set up your pen name to protect your identity. Th first one is the main post office near you itself. Deliveries can be made “ Poste Restante ” or “ General Deliveries ”, there is sometimes a small fee associated with this method, and you will need your certified ‘letter of identification’ from a ‘notary’ and photo identification. Note the standard practice to help protect your identity in Canada is to use the actual mailing address of the Post Office in question rather then it’s Postal Box service address. Persons who rent P.O. Boxes also can include the names of authorized persons that are allowed to receive mail at that unit’s address, this can of course include your pen name, or alternatively your real name, the name of your spouse, or even sometimes anyone with the same last name as yourself (such as all your children).

For example, if John Smith had a rented P.O. Box in Vancouver’s main post office the normal mail address would be like this:

John Smith
P.O. Box #1234
Station “A”,
Vancouver, BC
V6B 3Z7

However, if he was trying to avoid letting others know that it was a P.O. Box he could address it like this, and it would still show up in his rented box:

John Smith
1234-349 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 3Z7

And if for example John Smith was receiving mail at the same building as the above in downtown Vancouver care of the Postmaster the mailing address would look like this.

General Delivery
c/o The Postmaster
349 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 3Z7

Using Cell Phones:

There are basically two types of cell phone services, those that require a contract, and ‘ pay as you go ‘. In my option pay as you go is the better service, and the main reason has to do with privacy. With pay as go cell phones, you can prepay for all services, the phones themselves have to purchased in full in advance. For this reason, no identification papers are required for the purchase as you can buy these as a gift for your children, or friends. The activation cards, or chips can be also purchased separately and can be used on any phone from the same pay as you go service. There is no problem upon hooking up a service with your pay as go cell phone with using your pen name, and your P.O. Box.

At this point of these posts, you should have a registered pen name, a mailing address and a phone. The total cost of these items depends on where you set these up, and what services you have subscribed to.

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