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Pexels (CC0), Pixabay

I get to have some fun. There are three types of gifts that really make me jump up and take notice. First, there is the whole wolf thing, I have a wolf coffee cup, t-shirts with wolves on them, and about a million wolves done in cross-stitch by my wife. I collect anything to do with them, it is what I get for xmas, birthdays, etc, and am very happy with this. The second thing that I like getting are non-fiction books, anything non-fiction, history, politics, and many many how-to’s fill my attic walls where my desk sits as I write this, I guess it comes with the territory of writing reports, and doing research, always nice to have that book you need right here at hand, rather then running downtown to the library.

Raw research, and reports are by far the best gift I get.

I went downtown yesterday to attend a FreeGeek meeting, and ended up having to leave a tad bit early to help out some friends. I knew the Green Party was moving almost next doorfrom Spartacus Books, where we were having the FreeGeek meeting, but didn’t realize there was going to be two trips, one yesterday, one today. So, after hearing this from Scott Nelson of Indymedia fame, we took off and helped out, even borrowed a dolly from Spartacus.

Turns out it was Adriane Carr‘s office we were helping to move.

So for the last couple of days, I’ve been busy with helping out, I even dragged one of my kids to help put desks together, and during all this the conversation came up of not wanting to toss out some research papers, two boxes of them, so … they are now sitting beside my desk, ready to be compiled as reports on the database of Northern Oracle. YIPPIE!

Thank you so much Adriane! They will be available as I get through them on the Open Databse (